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Updates and Sales

It’s been a long time since I’ve last logged in here. I’ve become so overwhelmed with my work schedule and my various health issues that I didn’t think it had been 2.5 months, but...

And when it all goes to hell…

After a lot of consideration – this weekend and this past year – and careful examination I’m requesting that my affiliate account with Tantus be closed immediately. There is no one reason, or one...

The Giveaway, The Breakdown

Winners have been emailed, but are you curious about the answers people gave? Wanna know if you were right? Here’s the geeky breakdown!

Lilly’s ’10 Salty Years’ Giveaway

I heard you wanna win some sex toys? Well, celebrating 10 years of blogging is certainly an auspicious occasion deserving of a good giveaway! Often, my giveaways have a theme; if not a theme,...

Dear Readers: Care and Feeding of Your Favorite Bloggers

My last post was written more for bloggers, creators and businesses about Facebook Pages, but this post is for you, dear reader. Just like entertainers would be nothing without their fans, bloggers would be nothing without their readers. You literally make or break us. We are educating you, we are supporting you, we are letting you know you’re not alone but we need your help.

My Favorite Sex Toy Shop:

Whether it’s their above-and-beyond customer service, their support for smaller brands, their support of the blogging and sex ed community or their simple willingness to take advice or critcism and create positive change, the SheVibe team shines like a beacon. In a world where literally every month this year some company has made an egregious error in ethics or judgment I have the utmost faith that SheVibe will never be out of my favor. Empathy, humility, generosity, sincerity – these are the traits that come to mind when I think about Sandra and Thor.

Quick Announcement: I’m Being Impersonated!

Quick Announcement: I’m Being Impersonated!

I’ve finally made it? I’m taking a few days off social media (unrelated to this) so my hope is that prospective retailers do their legwork. There is an Australian person claiming to be me,...

Blog Squad - Truth, Justice and Caffeine

#SFS17 Pre-Game!

If you’re going to Woodhull’s SFS17, or trying to go, this is the post for you! Deets on free registration, Blog Squad Scholarships AND the Digital Content Creators Meet n Greet!