My Favorite Blogging Inspirations

As part of a new-to-me end-of-the-year series of posts, I’m telling you about my favorite things from 2017. There are so many bloggers and blogs out there that I love and admire but I simply couldn’t list everyone in this year’s post. I’ve focused on those who’ve influenced and inspired me the most this year be it through their blog, their social media, or their presence elsewhere.

Ducky DooLittle’s inspiring role-model status exceeds far beyond her scope as a blogger. As you may remember from earlier in the year it was my trust in her judgment and ethics, and her insider knowledge and assurances, that led me to remove Blush Novelties from my Blacklist and start promoting their silicone products. One of my favorite Ducky Things was a video she did for Tantus where she read off (and showed examples of) a list of shocking things people have put into their butts, and lost. I can’t tell you how many times I tell someone “if a bottle of pancake syrup can get lost, so can that plug and its paltry base”. This year Ducky has also battled cancer – opening up publicly on her blog about it – and is now battling the health insurance company for the coverage she deserves. She was one of the biggest supporters of a fundraiser I created this year to help a fellow blogger recover from the devastating floods in Houston, offering up everything she could to get more donations. Even with health insurance Ducky’s bills are astronomical so I’m working on a YouCaring fundraiser to help her out – so please watch this space. Follow her blog, or on Twitter.

Ruby’s inspiring role-model status also far exceeds beyond her scope as a blogger. On social media and off she is fighting alongside other bloggers against sexist, misogynistic, racist, ableist, body-shaming folks and companies in the sex toy industry. She uses her platform to help make the industry better while working for a company, Doxy, who aligns with our views and ethics. It makes me appreciate Doxy as a company even more that they’ve never tried to silence her on her personal blog and social media accounts. I mean, that shouldn’t be a rare thing but it seems to be. Follow her blog, or on Twitter.

If there’s a community project that needs to find a new home, just ask Molly. Or, maybe don’t, because she’s got enough on her plate! Serving platter might be a better term. Or kitchen table.  She’s taken on hosting numerous memes and blogging challenges; she took over e[lust] for me when I ran out of spoons to keep it going. She took over the Top 100 Sexy Bloggers list from another blogger who had to quit. She helps run Eroticon, a UK event for sex writers. And she has a family! She does things outside of blogging! Truly awe-inspiring, but I secretly think she has a time turner. Follow her blog, or on Twitter.

Kate has been blogging at GirlyJuice for years now and her writing just keeps getting better. Every time I don’t know how she’ll top herself – she does. I have such a crush on her writing! She is eloquent and funny, able to evoke solidarity and empathy in her posts about mental health just as easily as evoking affection and compersion for her sexual escapades. Not only is her writing consistently good, but it’s consistent. It’s abundant. She has endless ideas and nothing seems half-assed. AND she can sing beautifully. AND she is half of the dynamic podcast duo, The Dildorks. AND she writes a lot for publications outside of her blog. AND she keeps a spreadsheet of her sex life. What can’t Kate do?? Follow her blog, or on Twitter.

Another busy dynamo is Girl On the Net who has maintained a popular sex blog that is updated very frequently, has a gift for writing filthy words, has time for the blogging community and her readers, works with Eroticon and probably more – she’s kinda mysterious sometimes so you never know quite what’s up her sleeve. She’s supportive and helpful, funny and crude, and is a joy to know. In addition to the writing on her blog, she’s published a few books! Her views and opinions, while not always mimicing my own, always inspire me to give something a second look. Follow her blog, or on Twitter.

I can’t forget friends like Sarah, my saltner-in-crime who teaches us all so much about social justice and trauma-informed pleasure. Her posts this year about mental health and combining pleasure with political resistance are timely, necessary and empathetic. She is brave and bold and I can’t imagine our niche (or my life) without her, or her love of bread. Follow her blog, or on Twitter.

Then there’s Indigo, who has been an anchor for me in many ways from mental health to working out the nuances of gender & sexuality and how this cis queer person can be the most respectful. I first met Indigo at SFS17 because they were one of the volunteers for my Content Creator Meet n Greet, an event that really stressed me out. But Indigo was like a calming beacon of help and I would have had a lot less sanity by the end of the event without them. Their baby blog is growing wonderfully and I’m so excited to see where it goes. Follow their blog, or on Twitter.

I also think about Taryn, for bringing her SEO knowledge to us and creating a hell of a great blog on asexuality, sex toy reviews and other essays plus being an all-around awesome person to know. She’s inspired me to brush up the back end of my blog and do better with it. It’s hard to believe her blog is just shy of a year old because it feels like she’s been with us for awhile now. She’s just so easy to adore! Follow her blog, or on Twitter.

I have endless admiration and awe for Lunabelle, in general and especially for things she has gone through in her personal life this year. She is strong and brave, a fighter and a fabulous friend. She advocates loudly for large dildos, strange dildos and large and strange dildos. She is hilarious and helpful and is doing all this while raising three smart, funny feminists. Follow her blog, or on Twitter.

And I can’t forget the respect and reverence for Epiphora as she hit a huge milestone this year with ten years of reviewing. She’s probably the most professional, hard-working reviewer I know. I was super proud to share the SheVibe cover with her a few months ago. Follow her blog, or on Twitter.

Last, but almost certainly not least, is Bex. They’ve been transitioning this year and blogging about that, their mental health, and their kinky relationships with such eloquence and intelligence and wit all while being the other amazing half of the podcasting duo The Dildorks. Bex is an amazing person and I’m so thankful to know them. I have learned so much from them this year. Follow their blog, or on Twitter.



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  1. molly says:

    Aww Lilly thank you. I am in fine company here indeed. As for how much I manage to do, it takes a hell of lot of planning and organizing and I couldn’t manage it without my amazing hubby.