Blogger Disclosure

Sex Toy Reviews

It should be pretty clear that I review sex toys / adult sexuality products. Retailers (and sometimes, manufacturers) ask me to review products that they sell – they give me the product to try and keep (because obviously they wouldn’t want it back) and in turn I write a post about the product with some links back to them. I want to be really super clear on this next bit: Just because I get the item for free, doesn’t mean that my review is any less real and true. In fact they could even pay me money PLUS give me the toy for free and I still wouldn’t spout off flowery false statements. But that’s me. Occasionally I review sex toys that I purchased on my own, as well. Reviews where the product was provided to me will be noted as such at the end of the review.

Affiliate Links

Most of the companies I work with for reviewing are also companies that I am affiliated with. This means that any time you shop with my affiliate links to Shevibe, Smitten Kitten, or Early to Bed I earn a commission of the sale at no cost to you — you pay nothing to help support me, but it’s a big deal for you to do so, and I’m always grateful. To thank you for shopping through my links I am *more than* happy to offer up my services as your personal shopper and give you my time and opinions on what would be best to buy for you and/or your partner. Why? Because there’s a million sex toys on the market and choosing something that isn’t a piece of crap is like shooting fish in a barrel. I don’t support all sex toy shops; to find out who I recommend, go here.  Canadians can help me out by shopping through my link for Come As You Are, which is a great co-op store that carries a range of items for all genders.

The possibility of affiliate commissions does not affect my opinion of a sex toy. If I don’t think you should purchase it, I won’t recommend it even if I could earn commissions from those sales. That’s not how I do things. I’m not willing to earn money at your expense and while I know I can’t put any guarantees on you liking items that I also like and recommend, my ethics remain in tact.

Site Sponsors

Since the affiliate commissions are spotty I have paid advertisers sometimes. There are banner ads in my sidebar under the title of “SITE SPONSORS”; these are paid for by the company and are not necessarily a site that I personally endorse or have ever worked with past the advertising contract. If you ever want to know which companies I am affiliated with and which companies I let advertise here (and what the difference is), all you have to do is ask me.

There may also be sponsored posts. Sponsored posts will have links to sites that I don’t necessarily endorse; the sponsor paid for those links as a way of advertising. The posts will always be written by me and contain my views.

Sex Toy Review Stipulations

I take my role as reviewer seriously, and so have had to devise a set of stipulations and rules that both I and the company I am reviewing for must follow and agree upon before an item is sent to me.  These are laid out publicly on my policies page.