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(p.s. – In case you haven’t noticed yet, this blog is currently inactive. I don’t have a return date)

Welcome! While this blog was more of a personal blog in the beginning, it’s now taken on the role that I feel fits me best – educating and informing on the topic of sex toys. If you want the truth, you’ll find it here. I don’t sugar-coat my reviews, and I don’t ignore or gloss over really bad aspects of a sex toy. In fact, I don’t even like most sex toys on the market. But when I do, you can trust that it’s awesome. I firmly believe that everyone should have access to safe, wonderful sex toys that get the job done. In fact, I’ve decided that “sex toy reviewer” just doesn’t quite cut it. I’m a sex toy critic.
Companies, please note: I’m an American blogger.

Why I’m Doing This and What You’ll Find Here

I’ve been here since June 2008, and have critiqued and owned hundreds of sex toys. Because I know that there are other women out there built like me with similar vibration preferences as me, I write my critiques from that point of view – mine.  When you read a sex toy review here, there is an even mixture of subjective and objective writing. If you feel that we’re alike in our preferences and build, then you’ll be the person to find my reviews the most helpful. It’s all about the context, right? Years ago I became frustrated when reading reviews from users who thought that the vibrator in question was ultra-powerful, whereas I barely felt a thing. That is why I started reviewing.  I also noticed that readers were arriving at my site with some very concerning search terms, and so those terms prompted me to do more research (like why would a vibrator make you itch?). This research has led to many posts revealing the truth of the sex toy industry – truths like “jelly sex toys are dangerous” and “silicone won’t melt”.
Should you find that my criteria on whether or not a sex toy is going to work for me personally doesn’t match yours, check out the Sex Toy Reviewer Directory. It’s not “the best” reviewers or a ranking. It’s an attempt to show a variety of reviewers whose needs are different than my own and each others.

Why I Started This and How It’s Changed

I started my blog in June 2008 after being introduced to the blog of Ellie; I was talking to her boyfriend via OkCupid because I asked on the OKC forums if anyone had ever used a few certain sex toys. I was fed up with the worthless little one-liners I was finding. I hadn’t yet found EF or Lovehoney, who had been doing the more detailed user reviews for awhile (Lovehoney a lot longer than EF).  I was so very intrigued by the idea of not only a sex blog, but the fact that she was given sex toys FOR FREE (!!) just to write about them.  The niche I made a home in was more about “sexy” blogging – writing sexy things, writing about your sex life, your dating life and posting sexy pics through the weekly meme HNT. It seemed to be the sort of blog, too, that was catching the eye of the sex toy retailers wanting reviews.  Tinynibbles, the home of Violet Blue, was my second stop before I made the leap. Violet’s blog showed me that you could just TALK about stuff, it didn’t have to be an erotic story.  I, and therefore my blog, has changed a lot since the first 6 years.

In 2018, burnout happened. My physical and mental health were on a big decline. By 2019, I still couldn’t find the fucks to give to come back and review/write. Then, the pandemic happened. It’s 2022 and it’s still happening. As a disabled, neurodivergent person I only have so many “spoons” and don’t have any for this site. The website will remain, and if I have time and energy I’ll make updates to old posts but don’t expect anything new.

New Here? Not Sure Where to Start?

A great place to start here is my Toybox page. This corrals all of my reviews, plus my important educational pieces as well as shopping guides.
I’ve written a lot of guides – from shopping guides to material education guides, to guides just for bloggers. One of my biggest aspects is that I care a lot about what I put into my body in the name of pleasure, and I care about what you put in your body. If you want to learn more about sketchy sex toy materials, start with the Definitive Guide to Toxic Toys. If you’re absolutely shocked to learn that most lubes are really not that good, or good for you, get on over to the Big Lube Guide.
If you want to know more about how I run the site, how to contact me, how I feel about certain things, visit my Policies Page. A lot of questions you may have (especially if you want to do business with me) can be answered there.

Accolades and Nice Shit People Have Said About Dangerouslilly.com

Dangerous Lilly’s Toxic Sex Toys page is highly recommended. It’s an incredible resource for toxic toy awareness, articles about sex toy materials, even info about toys that smell weird out of the package.

~ Violet Blue, Tiny Nibbles – Life-Saving Resources

Dangerous Lilly website is an indispensable resource for sex toy… everything! Reviews, sex toy culture, info about shops, a hyooge article and reference area for questions about toxic sex toys, care and cleaning of toys, body-safe toys, a sex toy reviewer directory and much more. I honestly don’t know how we survived before Lilly’s blog came along!

~Violet Blue, Tiny Nibbles – Recommended Blogs

Lilly is all the things you want in a sex toy reviewer; honest, smart, dedicated, and knowledgeable. Her no nonsense writing is engaging and informative and damn can she make me laugh. This woman really knows her stuff, and she is my go to site when when I want to get an opinion on a sex toy. She is one of those bloggers who comes across as being totally and utterly herself and her blog is possibly one the best designed and easiest to navigate on this whole list.

~ Molly Moore, Molly’s Daily Kiss (#4 Rank of 2015’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers)

This site gets points for pure sex geekery. Lilly reviews toys from every possible angle, providing both her subjective experience and an educated, objective look at each toy she reviews. She’s also a fierce educator, and has been known as a leader in education on toxic sex toys.

~ Kinkly, #7 Rank on their 2014 Top Sex Blogger list

I’ve been following Dangerous Lilly from the very beginning, and I love the transformation she’s gone through. While she started as a more general sex blogger, today she is a champion for safe sex toys. I admire her for not being afraid to call out companies who are selling unsafe toys, and for doing the hard work it takes to test toys so she can educate us about which toys we should be buying. Plus, she’s extremely supportive of the sex blogging community, which I love.

~ Rori, Between My Sheets, (#8 Rank of 2014’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers)

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