#SFS17 Pre-Game!

In just a few months I will be heading to the annual Sexual Freedom Summit put on by the Woodhull Alliance, thanks to SheVibe. It’s a few days of bonding and learning. This post is a big pile of info: a favor to ask of my readers; information on how you can get to the Summit if you’re low on funds; and information about a fun event for all the digital content creators who will be at the Summit.

Thanks to SheVibe being my sponsor again I’ve got my funding taken care of so I’m able to pay it forward for SFS17 – I’d like to get more bloggers to attend!

Help Two Trans Bloggers Get to SFS17

Sugarcunt set up a fundraiser to help send two trans bloggers to SFS17 – Taylor J. Mace of Feisty Fox Films and Insert Trans Here. We have gotten them over the 50% funded hump, but still need more help. Even small amounts can add up to a big help so if you’re able I know they would appreciate it. The community support, and learning, is so essential right now.

Blog Squad Scholarships

Last year when I was named Kinkly’s #1 Sex Blogging Superhero1 it came with a $500 prize which I was reluctant to accept – until I found that I could redirect it to Woodhull and create a few small scholarships. Woodhull very graciously is giving free registration to the winners of the scholarships. In addition, another member of the Blog Squad contributed $250 to add a THIRD scholarship to a blogger in need. One scholarship is earmarked for a blogger of color.

We’ve asked folks to write a short essay about “How do you use your blog to advocate for the fundamental human right to sexual freedom?” What should you write? Tell them about you and your blog, give examples of your social justice work on your blog, and tell them what it would mean to you to be able to attend with the help of the scholarship. The Blog Squad created this scholarship fund because we know that not everyone can get sponsorship for many reasons. Sponsors these days expect a return on their investment and often require more followers or traffic than many newer bloggers have. We hope that these scholarships will make the difference for you and turn a “I really wish I could come” into a “Yay, I’ll be there!”. 

No blogger will be responsible for choosing the winners – all essays will be read by the Woodhull panel. Go here to enter!

Free Registration  from Chaturbate

Chaturbate is hosting a giveaway for THREE free registrations which starts June 2nd! You can get more details about it here.

Digital Content Creator Meet n Greet

“Blogger Meet n Greet” rolls off the tongue a little better but we wanted to be more inclusive and reach out to those who are creating content in all ways – vloggers, podcasters, etc.  If you’re on the precipice of creating a space online for yourself, you should also attend! Not sure if you’re eligible? Email me or Suz/comment here. So many of us are creating content online – from sex toy reviews to social justice editorial pieces on Medium. And it seems like so many of us are also socially awkward / anxious / introverted. It’s hard to reach out – whether you’re the new person or it’s old hat but new-to-you people still intimidate you. My hope is that this will bridge the gaps.

A few months ago I had this idea and with Blog Squad help & input the idea has come alive. On Thursday, August 3rd, starting at 4:30pm, we’ll all gather for some relaxed hang-outs, networking, and skillshares. Because of the timing, we’ll be providing snacks and pizza — this is why we are asking you to RSVP. Registering for the Meet n Greet is not to keep people out but to help us plan and ensure there’s enough food. If you are late registering for the Summit and want to attend, just shoot me an email and we’ll make sure your attendance will be noted. Because the Meet n Greet is happening in Summit space we must restrict this to folks with a Summit ticket.

The skillshares (topics will be voted on soon by attendees!) are quick little 15-minute super-informal huddles – you can listen on the outskirts, actively ask questions, share your own related tips or ignore the whole thing and carry on with your conversations on the other side of the room. We want you to be comfortable!

I’ll be providing some blank business cards (limited supply) if you forget yours or cannot afford any but need to hand out your contact info. Retailer and manufacturer reps will be welcomed at 6:30pm for the last hour of the Meet n Greet to help you make connections that may grow into site sponsorships or sex toy reviews, or more!

We’ll also facilitate sign-up sheets for things like meals or evening events to make sure that you’re not alone if you don’t want to be. If you’re new and super anxious about all of this please reach out and we’ll assign you a “blogger buddy” to stick by you at the Meet n Greet and introduce you. 

How to RSVP: Use the Woodhull Eventbrite page to grab your free “ticket” and let us know you’ll be there!

If you’re attending: There will be five 15 minute skillshares throughout the evening. The topics are up for vote here. Please pick 1-5 topics.

Companies: I’m looking for a little help!

  1. Have any branded pens laying around? I’d like to have a small pile of pens for the blank business cards I’ll be setting out.
  2. I have a partial sponsor for pizza, but would appreciate a little more sponsored help for the packaged snacks, paper plates and napkins I’ll be bringing. If you’d like to help out with a sponsor amount of $100 please let me know ASAP! Got it covered! Thanks to Split Peaches!


YOU! YES YOU! Are you going to Woodhull? Will you be attending the Meet n Greet? Comment and let me know!!


  1. goin out on top – due to the extreme presence of Lelo on their site and their condoning the Hex condom, and I some other bloggers asked to be removed from their list so I won’t ever be a Sex Blogging Superhero again!

7 Responses

  1. Mary Q. Contrary says:

    My wife and I will definitely be there and are happy to help out as “Blogger Buddies” and help with set up if needed!

  2. Alexa says:

    I would definitely love a blogger buddy! It’s my first time going to an event where I don’t know anyone there, and everyone I know I know of from online. Thank you for offering this for first timers!

  3. I’ve got my ticket but am hoping to make lodging/travel happen. I’ve been DYING to go for years, crossing my fingers I make it. will DEFINITELY be at the meet & greet if so!

  4. Megan Ashley says:

    Hello, me and Tanya from TakeBackYourSex.com will be at the meet and greet! I didn’t know we had tickets to print out for the event, I will have to look again! Thank you!

  5. So excited to meet the winners of the scholarship!!!!!!

    You don’t have to print anything out. Just make sure there’s a sticker dot on the back of your badge at check-in.

  6. Carly says:

    If I registered when I got my tickets I’m good to go?

  7. Yep! See you there!