The Best Sex Toys

Looking for a list of the best sex toys? Well, there is no “best” because we’re all so different, with vastly different needs. But this is my personal recommendation list, broken down into categories. To be on this page it has to get me off–and if it can get me off, it can probably get you off. As you can see, for vibrators, power is king in my book. I prefer rumbling, deep vibrations that don’t make you itchy or numb and I respond best to pinpoint vibrations. You might see others refer to items I’ve listed as “moderately intense” as “very intense”. It’s all relative.

If you’re not looking for powerful vibrations, then you should email me for a better recommendation – I love powerful, rumbly vibrations so that’s what I’m showcasing here. Most of these link directly to my review of the item. If I’ve not written the review, some will take you off-site to If you’re new to sex toys (or even just at a loss on what to choose), and have questions, please email me! I’ll gladly help you figure out what to buy and what to avoid. Contact me for help!

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My Top Picks for External Use Only:

We-Vibe Tango: Versatile, travel-friendly, perfect vibrations. This is the vibrator I use 90% of the time. Doc Johnson Black Magic Bullet: Sometimes, you don't need to spend a lot. When it comes to handpack-style battery-powered bullets, the Black Magic is stronger - and has a deeper, more penetrating vibration - than most. For awhile this was my main bullet-style vibe, and remains my backup.We-Vibe Touch: New and Improved, the silicone is silky soft. It offers a more ergonomic grip over the We-Vibe Tango. It has the same motor as the Tango, with only a slight reduction in vibration intensity.
Vibratex Mystic Wand: When you talk about power, most wands have it. The Mystic line comes in battery-powered or rechargeable. It's not as overwhelming as the Magic Wand or quite as rumbly as the Smart Wand, but it's still a great power contender.
Je-Joue Mimi Soft: You can also consider the Mimi regular, but I think the vibrations travel a little bit better through that soft tip. Versatile, works for all bodies, silky smooth silicone.


My Top Picks for Internal, Multi-Use, or Dual-Stimulation:

 The L'amourose Rosa Rouge is great for external stimulation or internal; g-spot or prostate, clitoris or vulva. The base vibrates lightly so that it can act as a dual-stimulator for certain people but the sheer force of power lays in the arm. The Rosa Rouge also heats up to help bring increased bloodflow to the genitals, increasing arousal and making orgasms easier. This is a seriously powerful and rumbly vibrator!The L'amourose Denia is very similar to the Rosa, but has a clitoral arm added. Denia doesn't warm up like the Rosa Rouge, but the sheer power is still the internal arm. The external arm's power is also pretty damn decent, making it a fabulous dual-stim vibrator if it fits your vulva. Review coming soon!

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 Still Awesome (but less intense):

 MinnaLimonPicobong Moka: Very similar to the Lelo Gigi, the Moka is the slightly cheaper, battery-operated cousin. With decent vibrations and a defined, flat-bulbous head it's good for both internal and external play. Not quite as powerful though as the "2" line of Lelo, but close.


Straight or Harness-Compatible Dildos


G-Spot / Extreme Curve Dildos


My Top Picks for Kegel Exercisers


His Favorites for Penises or Prostates

TengaEggTengaFlipHoleBlackThe Pulse is a vibrator rather than a masturbation sleeve, and it works really well. The vibrations are intense and deep. Let the vibrations rest on your frenulum or use it to aid in stroking, either way you'll end up with an intense orgasm.

Best Affordable Sex Toys for Beginners ($50 or under)

I recently expanded upon this section and wrote a whole post, which lists out 35 Sex toys for Under $35 and then has a section in it for some “upgrades” that are available if you can spend up to $50.

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