Very important: Please read my policies page before contacting me. If you ask me a question that’s already answered on that page, my reply will simply be to send you the link to that page… so don’t waste my time or your own, and read it before you contact me! Thanks.

I can be reached via; you will also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I prefer to answer questions via email or my Zopim contact form that you’ll find hovering at the bottom of the page. I am also the gate keeper of the ToySwap Network and the Sex Blogger Co-op.





I reserve the right to publish via website, Twitter and/or Facebook part or all of emails
sent to
me. If you are a reader or fellow blogger, your identity will not be revealed unless said email
verges upon an abusive, ridiculous, nonsensical or illogical nature (i.e. if you’re behaving like a complete
jerk) but as always, the discretion is mine. If
a missive contains multitudinous spelling and grammatical
errors, crude references to sexual
behavior, uninvited images of genitalia, threats to consult a Legal
Counsel on retainer or to sue
for Defamation of Character, please expect to see that correspondence
mocked and derided
electronically and (possibly) physically set aflame in my own personal backyard. 


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