Dec 282011

Update 2014: The Lelo Tiani no longer exists. A court found that Lelo was infringing on the We-Vibe, and Tiani 2 can’t be sold in the US or Canada anymore. I’m not sure if it exists overseas. Lelo tried to come up with a “better” and different couples vibe, the Ida, but failed spectacularly. There is now the We-Vibe 4, which fits better, but the remote isn’t the best for public play.

One topic that I get asked a lot when I help people pick out sex toys is which wireless remote control vibrator I recommend for public play. Especially after the recent reviews of the Lelo Tiani and the We Vibe 3 people are hoping that finally something has come out on the market that isn’t the sex toy equivalent to what fast food really looks like – i.e. all hype with no delivery.

It saddens me that when people ask me to recommend a vibrator like this for public play, I can’t. And yes, I’ve seen them all. I played with a couple in the Seattle Babeland. I know how to read reviews1 and so far not one wireless remote controlled vibrator on the market does what they claim to do. If they claim to run “whisper quiet”2 then that is either an outright lie or it means that the vibrations are surface, buzzy and barely a tickle. Vibrating panties are pretty much always cheaply constructed and “one size fits most” which means the opposite. And for some reason the transmission from remote to toy is fickle at best. A lot of women like to actually insert these eggs internally (which I personally wouldn’t but that’s me) which means that now there’s not just fabric as a barrier between the remote and the toy, but flesh and bone.

A common complaint with many wireless remote controlled vibrators is that the remote control holder doesn’t have a damn clue what’s going on. They push a button and that’s it. Lelo, as you all know, set out to majorly change that and give the person holding the remote a much more active role in the process with their Sensemotion technology. The Club Vibe 2.OH from OhMiBod has a remote that kinda fixes that…except that it lights up, the remote is huge and it’s not at all discreet. The Club Vibe (both original and 2.Oh) is buzzy and weak, it looks uncomfortable and the 2.Oh has a button you must push on the vibrator to start it up and it lights up, too. I hope you don’t wear this in public with clothing that would show the lit up button through it! Many of these wireless remote controlled vibrators take batteries – weird batteries, lots of batteries and go through them at a rapid pace. Many of these sex toys also require the remote control for the vibrator to work (except for the We Vibe 3) so if that dies or gets lost, you’re out of luck.

Almost wireless remote controlled vibes are expensive. Really expensive. And thus far I’ve not really found one that justifies the price. The We Vibe 3 probably has the best type of vibrations, it doesn’t require the remote for use and the remote doesn’t required batteries plus the vibrator is rechargeable; however the range of the remote is a paltry 10 feet, it doesn’t do well through clothing unless it’s very thing and it simply wasn’t ever marketed/made to be a public use toy. The remote is no-frills and the remote holder won’t know what is going on. What about strap-on vibrators, like the stupidly infamous piece of crap the Venus Butterfly and the many variations? If you enjoy having a large animal-shaped hunk of TPR in between your legs that muffles the paltry bullet vibe and gives you untold frustration, go for it.



Black plastic bullet with control pack with velvety texture. Plastic vibrator kit that includes: a traditional vibrator, a pocket rocket, a bullet and controller and a 1 oz. water-based lubricant. Harmony Powerful waterproof bullet with two speeds


  1. You take them all with a grain of salt, you consider how jaded or new the reviewer is and also what their personal expectation levels are with sex toys and vibration strengths. You also look for “candy coating for a sale” tactics
  2. yet another sales-tactic weasel word
  • Kalt

    Curious to know if you saw ‘The Toy’ and if you had any thoughts on it?

    A bullet with a small pack containing the batteries and receiver might work?

    ~Yes, I’ve seen “The Toy” and I’m skeptical. There’s not been much said about it online for the last few years and that’s never a good thing. It’s pricey as hell, especially for US customers. All for something that I’ve not read enough reviews about and looks sketchy? No. I would not recommend it. Unless you’re a fan of dropping large sums of money on a gamble.
    I’m not sure what you mean by your second statement. “A bullet with a small pack containing the batteries and receiver might work?” That’s what I’ve been talking about here. Whether they’re wired or wireless, all of these things talked about have fit that generic description.

  • Garnet Joyce

    I have cautiously high hopes for the Extase remote bullet coming out soon-ish.

    ~ Since the two Extase products I’ve owned have disappointed me miserably, I have no hopes, lol.

  • Michael Samadhi

    The Vida Urja remote control vibe looked different, being anodized aluminum w/ silicone seemed unique, maybe a good value.

    After purchasing one, we discovered every one of the pitfalls you mention.

    Maybe somebody like FunFactory can solve the riddle of the proper remote vibe, they blow Lelo’s regular vibes away . . .

    Michael Samadhi

  • Remi

    I’ve been searching for a remote to use in public with my GF for a while, now. I’ve only bought a couple, but refused to buy any more until I could get someone to recommend one. The two I owned had such awful remotes that they wouldn’t transmit through flesh and clothes AT ALL; even if I’m standing right next to her!

    The We-Vibe 3 sounds like the “least awful” of those you’ve tried; is it at least reliable enough in public at close range? Say, if I brush up close to her for a moment, to press the remote’s button?

    Right now I’m sort of stuck choosing between the Tiani and the We-Vibe 3. In the end, maybe I’ll just have to say “no thanks” to both, and just wait until you can recommend a quality remote vibe.

    I hope you can recommend one soon! It would be great for going out on a special occasion!

  • Remi

    As to the first commenter’s suggestion: “A bullet with a small pack containing the batteries and receiver might work?”

    I believe what they are suggesting is a bullet with a wire coming out of it, which you can snake out of your pants and attaches to a battery pack in your pocket. From the pocket, you can receive wireless signals easier, and with more room for batteries you can ratchet up the vibrations.

    Seems like a good idea. I think in the end, though, the Bluetooth signal of “The Toy” are what we ultimately need to migrate towards; Bluetooth control and a smartphone app, so you never need to worry about losing the remote.

  • Ron

    Curious to know if you’ve tested a Mantric Miyakadori? It consists of a receiver/battery pack with a wired, plug in connection for a bullet vibrator, plus a wireless remote control unit. The woman can clip the receiver/battery pack to her panties/clothing and place the bullet where desired. As the receiver is not part of teh bullet, placement is not as critical, as reception is outside of the body even if the bullet is inserted. The remote can be used to control the vibrator. It is supposed to have good power and decent range. I believe it is primarily sold in the UK, but is available in the US through the internet. I’d be interested to know the power of the vibrator and the range of the remote. We did own at ne time an Oyster. It is a similar arrangement with the receiver being a separate module and the vibrator attached to that via a wire, plus a remote control. This unit worked decently, but would turn itself off every two minutes or so, which my wife found quite annoying! It was also pretty tame in terms of intensity of vibrations, though it is intended to sit right on the clitoris. However, it was not powerful enough to bring her to orgasm, which was disappointing.

    ~ Haven’t even heard of it. If it’s not something readily available to the States, then I can’t see me reviewing it since 60% of my traffic is US-based. That said….I’m not surprised that the vibrations are weak in this Oyster thing, also never heard of it. And you have to be questioning who it is that is saying that the first one is “powerful” – it’s subjective. I’d be willing to bet that it is not powerful enough for orgasm for many women. That is just simply the nature of the beast with these things.

  • Dangerous Lilly

    I’d say it’s probably good, but I’m not sure if it’s better than the We-Vibe 4 since I can’t personally try it. They can’t sell the Tiani here in the States. They supposedly made it a bit more powerful. As far as what you want to use it for I think it could work out. My doubts on it are to its intended use – during sex.

  • Regular Boy

    Have you heard of these new remote controlled (via smartphone) batteries? I think they just might solve the wireless remote control vibe issues, but I haven’t purchased any to test them out yet.