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Looking for a list of the best sex toys? This is my personal recommendation list, broken down into categories. To earn the title of “best sex toy” it has to get me off–and if it can get me off, it can get you off. As you can see, for vibrators, power is king in my book. I prefer rumbling, deep vibrations that don’t make you itchy or numb. You might also hear others refer to items I’ve listed as “moderately intense” to be very intense. It’s all relative. Once you’ve tried certain vibrators, you know what intensity really feels like!

If you’re not looking for powerful vibrations, then you should email me for a better recommendation. Most of these link directly to my review of the item. If I’ve not written the review, some will take you off-site to you’re new to sex toys (or even just at a loss on what to choose), and have question, please email me! I’ll gladly help you figure out what to buy and what to avoid. Contact me for help!

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Vibrators With Serious Intensity – External:

We-Vibe Tango: Versatile, travel-friendly, perfect vibrations. This is the vibrator I use 90% of the time. Doc Johnson Black Magic Bullet: Sometimes, you don't need to spend a lot. When it comes to handpack-style battery-powered bullets, the Black Magic is stronger - and has a deeper, more penetrating vibration - than most. For awhile this was my main bullet-style vibe, and remains my backup.We-Vibe Touch: New and Improved, the silicone is silky soft. It offers a more ergonomic grip over the We-Vibe Tango. It has the same motor as the Tango, with only a slight reduction in vibration intensity.
Vibratex Mystic Wand: When you talk about power, most wands have it. The Mystic line comes in battery-powered or rechargeable. It's not as overwhelming as the Magic Wand or quite as rumbly as the Smart Wand, but it's still a great power contender.Lelo Smart Wand Large: The Lelo Smart Wand, Large please, brings that gorgeous, rumbling, penetrating vibration to the party. Paired up with the Vixen Gee Whiz, a necessary accessory that harness the power, it makes for an excellent body massager, external vibe OR internal vibe. NOTE: There are issues with quality and longevity. Please see my updated review to read more about it.
e-sensual USB bullet: This inexpensive bullet packs a mighty punch and might just be the strongest corded bullet I've ever tried. Not to be mistaken for USB-rechargeable, this is powered by USB. Plug and play! No batteries! Just plain old USB via computer, wall, etc.
Leaf Fresh Plus: This little palm-sized vibe delivers a strong punch of pinpoint vibrations.
Je-Joue Mimi Soft: You can also consider the Mimi regular, but I think the vibrations travel a little bit better through that soft tip. Versatile, works for all bodies, silky smooth silicone.

 Vibrators With Serious Intensity – Internal:

 LeloSmartWandLargePlusVixenJeJou Uma: Not nearly as intense as the Smart Wand + Gee Whiz, but it's more intense than most. A firm, silicone-covered vibrator, the vibrations don't get lost in a surrounding pillow of squishy material. Deep, rumbling vibrations...of course! The slight curve of the not-too-wide body gives it great all-around appeal. I've even used it externally with great success.  No review written yet. Buy link will take you to Shevibe.Jopen Vanity VR6: The perfect-imperfect dual-stim vibrator. The VR6's internal arm has, hands down, the most powerful vibrations of the entire Jopen Vanity line. It's, actually, the only Vanity I like and just about the only Jopen I like. The clitoral arm isn't perfect, but if it fits your vulva, the VR6 will be bliss.


Vibrators that are Moderately Intense:
(for those who don’t need ultimate power, but still need enough to matter–these still work for me, but aren’t my upper tier favorites)

 LeloMia2Lelo Mona 2: A good-enough boost to the vibration intensity makes the Mona 2 a great vibe, and an improvement over the original. Fairly deep vibrations complimented by a gentle curve and slightly bulbous head make it great for g-spot or external stimulation. Review coming soon! Buy link takes you to ShevibeMinnaLimon
Picobong Moka: Very similar to the Lelo Gigi, the Moka is the slightly cheaper, battery-operated cousin. With decent vibrations and a defined, flat-bulbous head it's good for both internal and external play. Not quite as powerful though as the "2" line of Lelo, but close. LeloIna2


Straight or Harness-Compatible Dildos


G-Spot / Extreme Curve Dildos


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Best Men’s Toys


Best Affordable Sex Toys for Beginners ($50 or under)
These are where I’d recommend absolute newbies start.





I’ve reviewed a lot of sex toys. I have so many, in fact, that I have a backlog of items to review. You can find my complete list of reviewed items here.

You can easily buy sex toys online, but you have to do your research. Just reading the buyer reviews on the sites (if they have that) isn’t enough. I firmly believe that some sites forge those glowing reviews. Go with a site that lists reviews from both buyers and “pro” reviewers, such as EdenFantasys (and then buy from SheVibe). Better yet, search for your toy in question at Pleasurists and Sex Toy Society and read a bloggers review. Make sure you read more than one review because we all like different things, and, something I hate, somebody else could love! I review a toy based on how it performs in general but also how it performs for me personally. If my preferences don’t match yours, then my recommendations might not align to you – so hunt down a few others! A word of caution though: Some blogger reviewers will never publish a negative review and some seem to be a little too heavy-handed with finding a silver lining on even the worst toys while managing to absolutely adore every sex toy – you’re not real likely to get the 100% truth from these, so be sure to read more than a couple of their reviews before trusting their word.

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