Aug 202017
Why I've Removed Blush Novelties from my Blacklist

My Blacklist of companies I don’t support is long and growing – companies seem to only be added, not removed. Until now. So why now, why Blush Novelties? The answer is complicated, yet simple. The answer is Ducky Doolittle. She recently started working there and she is a long-time sex educator that I have immense […]

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Aug 172017
Which Crave Vibrator is Right for You?

As I was working on my review of the Crave Bullet and contemplating the reviews of the Crave Solo and Crave Flex I realized I was going to spend a lot of time comparing them to each other in addition to comparing them to other compact vibrators – so why not just do a big […]

Jul 032017
Dame Fin Review

Before I talk about the Dame Fin, I need to talk about the company, Dame Products. This first section, while not being about the Fin per se, will still help give you some insight to what the hell is going on with Dame Products and help you determine if you should try the Dame Fin […]

Jun 222017
Womanizer 2Go Review

The Womanizer 2GO is over-the-top femme and ridiculously large. To accomodate a “travel” product style there are function and motor changes that I’m having a lot of complicated feelings about. If the Womanizer 2GO were priced more reasonably I could be less picky.

Jun 202017
Womanizer Plus Size Review

The Womanizer Plus Size information was up on the Womanizer website for months before I could get my hands on it, but I was excited – a sex toy designed for plus size people?? Could it be?? When I noted last month that the Womanizer Plus Size marketing campaign seemed to be a bit light […]

Jun 112017
Crave Bullet Review

Some sex toys are multi-purpose, and others are good for just one thing – the Crave Bullet is a very decent bullet if you’re buying it to replace the short, watch-battery cheap bullets that come with things like cock rings, dildos, etc. But if you’re looking for an external, rechargeable vibrator? You can do better. […]