Mar 032018
What is a Body-Safe Sex Toy?

Toxic. Non-porous. Body-safe. Skin-safe. Non-toxic. These are all terms you will see used to define sex toy materials. Toxic, non-toxic, and non-porous are all pretty self-explanatory terms but we’ll go over them here. The term that seems up for debate is body-safe, so today I’m going to give you various answers on what a body-safe […]

Feb 132018
A Great First Vibrator - The Gaia Eco

You are probably wondering why a reviewing veteran like me is talking to you about a $10 vibrator and the answer is: the material, the vibrations and the sheer novelty of liking a $10 vibrator. The Gaia Eco is *biodegradeable* and *recyclable* which is rare for sex toy materials. When this first came out and […]

Jan 282018
Zumio Review

In theory I should love the Zumio – intense, pinpoint clitoral stimulation seems to be my bag. But it turns out that the differences between the Zumio and traditional vibrators is the difference, for me, between satisfying and boring orgasms. Between the ease with which I was able to break my Zumio in two different ways, ways that aren’t covered by the warranty, and my dislike for the design I’m reluctant to give this a passing grade.

Jan 142018
Dear Readers: Care and Feeding of Your Favorite Bloggers

My last post was written more for bloggers, creators and businesses about Facebook Pages, but this post is for you, dear reader. Just like entertainers would be nothing without their fans, bloggers would be nothing without their readers. You literally make or break us. We are educating you, we are supporting you, we are letting you know you’re not alone but we need your help.

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Jan 122018
Bloggers and Businesses: Is it Time to Give Up on Facebook?

As a blogger, and especially as a sexuality blogger, I’m forever frustrated with Facebook. We all are. From their “real names” policy which wasn’t just about threatened the safety of trans folx, drag performers, and even abused spouses, to how they nerfed Pages once already and how they’re so incredibly sex-negative they’ll consistently tempt you […]

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Jan 062018
Je Joue Bullets Review

When I first saw the new Je Joue bullets I had two thoughts. First: Oh god, more bullets. Second: Well, it’s Je Joue and except for that other extremely unfortunate line, I’ve really enjoyed every vibrator of theirs that I’ve tried and tend to recommend them highly. Also: that teaser video they put out for […]