Apr 032018
Lelo Sona Cruise Review

Years ago I swore I’d never review another Lelo sex toy, but my commitment to trying most of the Womanizer and Satisfyer toys meant that I had to try the Lelo Sona Cruise, much to my dismay. For now, I can’t compare the Lelo Sona Cruise to the regular Sona but I feel like my […]

Mar 152018
Investigating Vamp Silicone and Tulip Toy Gallery

Last July it appeared that Tulip Toy Gallery and sister company Vamp Silicone were gone for good – various people reported that a few Tulip Toy locations were shuttered, and the Tulip and Vamp websites were down. The phones were down. Customer emails weren’t being answered, either; a fact that by itself wouldn’t lead us […]

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Mar 062018
Coconut Oil and Silicone Sex Toys

The world is divided on their feelings about coconut oil as lube, but I didn’t know that people truly believed that coconut oil and silicone sex toys were incompatible. It doesn’t work well as a lube for everyone; it’s not the perfect lube (there isn’t one perfect lube). But it does work well for many […]

Mar 032018
What is a Body-Safe Sex Toy?

Toxic. Non-porous. Body-safe. Skin-safe. Non-toxic. These are all terms you will see used to define sex toy materials. Toxic, non-toxic, and non-porous are all pretty self-explanatory terms but we’ll go over them here. The term that seems up for debate is body-safe, so today I’m going to give you various answers on what a body-safe […]

Feb 132018
A Great First Vibrator - The Gaia Eco

You are probably wondering why a reviewing veteran like me is talking to you about a $10 vibrator and the answer is: the material, the vibrations and the sheer novelty of liking a $10 vibrator. The Gaia Eco is *biodegradeable* and *recyclable* which is rare for sex toy materials. When this first came out and […]

Jan 282018
Zumio Review

In theory I should love the Zumio – intense, pinpoint clitoral stimulation seems to be my bag. But it turns out that the differences between the Zumio and traditional vibrators is the difference, for me, between satisfying and boring orgasms. Between the ease with which I was able to break my Zumio in two different ways, ways that aren’t covered by the warranty, and my dislike for the design I’m reluctant to give this a passing grade.