Womanizer Plus Size Review

Womanizer Plus SizeThe Womanizer Plus Size information was up on the Womanizer website for months before I could get my hands on it, but I was excited – a sex toy designed for plus size people?? Could it be?? When I noted last month that the Womanizer Plus Size marketing campaign seemed to be a bit light on “plus size” people a rep for Womanizer made it sound like they weren’t interested in this being something specifically for plus size people1 and in fact the “name is wrong on the site” (i.e. they’re changing a product name after the fact, again) and it’s just going to be called the Womanizer Plus – actually, it’s been styled as Plus (+) which is utter horseshit for SEO. The “Size” is referring to the literal size of the product – it’s longer. I’m pissed about a lot of this, but I’ve already ranted about it.

So yeah – I waited with excited anticipation for months, sure that this would be my favorite Womanizer model. My excitement was dampened a lot when I found out the price would be the same as their high-priced Deluxe / W500 model$219 at SheVibe. Yes I love the Womanizer tech, but, that price is fucking ridiculous.

Womanizer Plus Size Design

I love the longer handle of the Womanizer Plus. LOVE. LOVE. It’s almost perfect. It brings the buttons within easier reach  – most of them.  The buttons you’ll use the most often, the increase and decrease intensity buttons, those are up at the tip of the handle and within easy reach. But if you’ve read my other reviews you’ll remember that Womanizer has had a feature I’ve used extensively – the ability to hit the power button once to quickly bring the intensity back down to the lowest level which allows me to leave the Womanizer in place during orgasm – and even continue using it for a second orgasm without stopping. With the Womanizer Plus Size this feature is mostly useless for me because the power button is placed all the way down at the head – practically out of reach for me. It’s the dumbest design and damn near ruins it.

Womanizer Plus Size vs Womanizer Pro40 vs Womanizer Deluxe W500

Womanizer Plus Motor and Intensity

12 Levels! I worried about this at first – the upper levels are already so incredibly intense!! But instead they’ve added more levels at the lower end. I thought that I was having an off day because I needed to quickly  increase the intensity a lot more levels than I usually can tolerate!

I can’t figure out what the difference could be chalked up to but the sensations feel different. All other Womanizer models that came before it – PRO40, W100, W500/Deluxe – have lower levels that feel gloriously “thuddy” – it’s like a ghost tapping your clitoris2. You could feel each puff of air and it was amazing. But the Womanizer Plus Size feels lighter, less intense and maybe slightly…buzzy? It’s not as annoying as the Satisfyer motor but the change means it takes me longer to get off with the Womanizer Plus Size than with the Womanizer Pro40. I actually prefer the motor on the Pro40.

I still like the Womanizer Plus Size motor over the Satisfyer motor, though. I think that folks who may worry that the intensity could be too much for them should consider this model over other models.

What Else?

The Womanizer Plus Size does come with an additional head, the larger size, like most models do. It also includes a simple drawstring storage pouch. It’s USB-rechargeable but requires a less common charging cable – unlike other versions which are micro-USB ports. This means I have to keep track of another cable.

Looks-wise it’s a more “elegant” design but the overall construction doesn’t feel like a $200+ sex toy – the seams between the plastic pieces, for example. The fact that there’s no travel-lock – or even just low-level accidental-turn-on barriers like requiring a longer press of the power button – also irritates me for the price.

The Good News: That 30-day money-back guarantee that Womanizer has had since the early days does apply to the Womanizer Plus Size – and of course there is a warranty.

Womanizer Plus Size vs Womanizer Pro40Despite how much I love the added length of the Womanizer Plus Size handle I still have to choose the Womanizer Pro40 as my favorite model. I wasn’t expecting that. If the power button on the Plus Size were not down at the head, maybe I’d feel different but I have to go with overall comfort and ergonomics and that makes me lean to the Pro40. Combine that with the better motor and Pro40 having a more manageable retail price, and the choice seems obvious to me. The difference between the two motors is minor, but enough – you’ll only know this if you have them to compare, of course. If you have been waiting for a more accessible (in use if not price) version of the Womanizer and don’t care about the placement of the power button like I do, the Plus could be the one for you. If you can’t bring yourself to spend that kind of dough, however, catch the Womanizer Pro40 when it’s in stock at SheVibe – it seems to be so popular that they’re frequently waiting on new stock! Even with the recent price hike from $99 to $129, the Womanizer Pro40 is much more reasonably priced.


Thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Womanizer Plus Size in exchange for my honest review!

Wondering how the Womanizer Plus Size compares to the other “pressure wave” sex toys and other Womanizer models? Check out the Womanizer vs Satisfyer Comparison Guide.



  1. He claims that their marketing uses “all shapes and sizes” when in fact they do not – there are literally only 2 images of very slightly plus-size folks in ANY of their marketing, and those people appear on the page for the Plus Size. They also seem to use exclusively white folks, as far as I can tell. If I’m being generous I may assume there’s a Latinx in there or two
  2. No, I have never had a ghost tap my clitoris. I’m not sure where I pulled this extremely strange analogy from but I’m sticking to it for reasons I also cannot explain

2 Responses

  1. Tzipora says:

    At this point I don’t understand why the heck Womanizer and Satisfyer both keep throwing out so many random models. (and it legitimately does seem random. Who the heck thought putting the power button there on this one makes sense?). I like to hit the power button the same way you too to be able to keep going and tolerate it while/just after orgasming. I imagine many others like that feature as well so whaaat?

    Two Womanizer questions though my apologies because they’re not specific to this model.

    1. All the Womanizers come with the same size heads, right? The standard one already on the toy and the slighter larger one? Personally I’d love to see them come out with a couple of different sizes. Obviously everyone is shaped differently but I find for me after I’ve been using it awhile (not necessarily after an orgasm, just beyond a certain point of arousal), my clit is too swollen to fit right in the smaller one but the larger head never seems to feel as good and won’t work right at all in the beginning before I’m really aroused/swollen. I basically find I have to swap heads or reach a weird point where the toy just doesn’t seem to fit right or work as well for me. And I don’t know if it’s hormones or what all goes into things but some days are better or worse than others. But yeah my clit is like between sizes. No idea if that’s common though. Haven’t heard anyone else really discuss the sizing of the heads. The smaller one works awesome to an extent then I’m too swollen and I can’t get the same feel.

    2. With your Pro40 does your motor do a weird thing around maybe the fourth level of so? I don’t know how to describe it but that level seems to change with mine. Like I’ll click up to it and maybe 30-45 seconds later sudden the motor kind of revs (it gets noticeably louder) and the level becomes more intense. Same sort of thing happens if I go backwards through the levels but in reverse where the motor seems to settle. I don’t know if I’m just clicking too fast or if maybe mine is faulty or what. But every time I use mine I notice this. I’m pretty sure that’s not an intended effect either. It just seems to have a really big power difference around that point and it happens well after I’ve stopped clicking. In all other ways the toy seems fine and seems to work great. So I’m not sure what’s happening there or if it’s just mine.

  2. I’mma be honest with you and say that I RARELY reach the 4th level on the Pro40 so I sadly cannot answer this but I’ll go turn it on for a while just to have it on and see what happens.

    Yes, all of the ones currently on the market have the two heads (the W100 didn’t). The 2GO is a very different shape and design and size, but it’s extra powerful. Since you’re using level 4 you may not mind it? But it’s a single-button operation and the only way to get down to level 1 is click-click-click through. Although blessedly they’ve not used the Satisfyer method of going up the levels and then down the levels, it’s up and then start over. 2GO review will be out tomorrow or Thursday.

    I also don’t understand the models. Satisyfer is coming out with MORE changes, too, and I’m dreading it.