Mar 292011

I’m sure there’s going to be sexiness on the blogs of those playing along though! So please go visit them and show them some love.

We spent two days at our new house this weekend, doing big important things. Like getting the keys, taking insane measurements, taking photos to share with impatient family members, buying appliances and oh yeah…a whole lot of driving and not enough sleep. It’s lunch break at work as I write this and I wish I were the type who could just lay my head down and nap, but it’s way too busy in our office. I’m exhausted, I’m aching, I’m hoping against hope that I don’t come down with whatever cold the husband has because I REFUSE to be sick for Momentum.

I put a new app on my phone, a countdown app. 31 days until my final day at this hell hole job, 37 days until the movers show up. On the one hand it feels like an eternity; on the other, not nearly enough time and I fear it’ll come down to the last week and a repeat of my packing job from the last move: grab random shit, wrap it half-assed, shove it in boxes with no rhyme reason or organizational logic and hope for the best. Of course that attitude led to me not being able to find things for months, sometimes years.

Luckily I requested off Thursday from work this week so I only have to work today and tomorrow. A day to rest and pack, and then driving down to DC for Momentum. I am sure that the conference will spur a bunch of posts next week after I process everything.

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Review: Evolved Lucky 13 Vibrator

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Mar 202011

Garnet from thought I’d enjoy the rumbly power behind the Lucky 13 vibrator in Evolved’s Roulette line, and she was right. It is rumbly, it is powerful and even if the patterns on the silicone part don’t make sense to me I certainly appreciate how it all feels.

Evolved is infamous for their different approach to packaging. Some come in metal tins that latch; their “bottle rocket” line came in packaging that looked like a bottle, complete with old-style metal cap. This line comes in a clear hard plastic box that latches. Not exactly discreet and in the end it takes up more space than if you just found a toy bag for the vibrator. Other than the wheel-instead-of-buttons approach, I’m not sure what else they’re doing for this line to name them all after gambling terms/games. But I have to admit, the wheel in place of buttons is novel. It’s a plastic wheel with colored silicone stripes for easier gripping with lube-y fingers. The only downside is that during use you likely won’t ever turn the wheel the direction you actually want to go in, unless this vibe becomes an oft-used favorite.The wheel can be accessed from two sides of the handle so if you hold it right you can go up and down the speeds with just one hand.

The Lucky 13 vibrator is marketed as a g-spot toy because the end of it curves up a little bit. Personally it’s not the right shape or curve for my g-spot, but then again I’m picky. The shaft of the toy does have some bendability to it, particularly dead center so it could be made to curve even more by manipulating the handle once it’s inserted. The motor seems to be concentrated up at the g-spot tip which also means that this vibe can work nicely on your clit.

At lower speeds I found the noise level to be somewhat quiet but at the top speed it was pretty noisy. It’s a lot less noticeable though if you’re using it internally. I personally  just happen to prefer using this one externally so the noise won’t be masked at all. But I would never agree with the description that says it’s “amazingly quiet”. Really though, what vibrator worth it’s salt in power is going to be “amazingly quiet”? MyPleasure gives it a noise level rating of 2 but I’d even ramp it up closer to 4 at the highest speed when not used internally.

The insertable portion itself though is pretty girthy so even if it fails you on the g-spot angle it can be used as a great, rumbly-girthy vibrator. It’s around 1 3/4″ at the widest point.

While the insertable portion is the very easy-to-clean darling material silicone, the handle is hard plastic. A cleaning caveat is that the connection point between silicone and plastic leaves quite hiding spot for nasties and dried up lubes/fluids. The silicone isn’t the shiny/sticky variety so it won’t attract lint to rival a Swiffer, but it will require a little more lubrication than you might use with other toys. Follow the rules for silicone care/cleaning and lube use!

Mar 182011

I’m not on OkCupid these days looking for a hook-up or a date – but more for friends. So when I put in who I’m looking for, I selected “everyone”. So on my homescreen I will see updates from straight women, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, just…everybody!

Twice now I’ve messaged women on Okcupid with absolutely no intent of further contact – I just felt compelled to tell them something nice. The first girl was a little bit overweight, gorgeously curvy and came across as confident in her profile and photos. She had some photos up of herelf in outfits looking cute and sassy and proud of her curves and I just had to tell her, girl to girl, that her one outfit was fucking outstanding and she looked great in it. Her simple reply made me smile “Thanks, you so totally made my day!!”. How often do straight women, strangers no less, compliment each other? More often than not we’re likely either silently judging & jealous in our heads or thinking that it’s a great top/bag/shoes but never say it because it might seem weird. I’m the type who wouldn’t say these things to a stranger in person (I’m just too shy) but in this medium it gives me a boost – nobody else around to think “what a weirdo” or no “what a weirdo” look from the person I compliment.

The second woman was today. She recently updated her profile and part of it caught my eye, so I visited. All in all she sounded like someone I would be great friends with (pity she’s not in CT or I would have tried) but it was very obvious by her wording and such that she’d recently had her heart broken and was sick of dealing with idiots who weren’t reading her full profile.

Here’s what I sent her:

So this isn’t your typical OKC message.

Why? Because I’m not hitting on you :P

Sometimes I see profiles of women come across my homescreen because I selected that I’m “interested in everyone” and not entirely in a perverted way, either. And sometimes I see these profiles for women and I want to hug them. Like you. Whatever you’re looking for I sincerely hope you find it because, if your profile is accurate, you sound like a great catch for some lucky guy. I mean that in a non-creepy way, I promise. Don’t ever settle for just some jackass on here, or any jackass anywhere. You’re awesome and will find someone equally awesome.

And I agree….wtf did we do before Google and cell phones…man life was sucky back then, lol.

Have a good day :)

Her reply has ensured that I will be doing this again on occasion whenever I spot a hurting soul hiding behind clever words.
Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. I’m having a rough time today (just got out of an engagement a week ago) and your message really made my day.

Have an amazing weekend. =)

I’m so happy that she didn’t take it the wrong way and that I did indeed give her a little much-needed cheerleading. Do you ever spot someone out in public and can see the pain on their face but not want to intrude because they’re a stranger or you’re shy? Yeah, I know I have. But in this skeptical society with an ever-increasing population of rude, ill-mannered people I hesitate. I’m so fuckin empathetic that it’s a curse, sometimes. Last time we were at the vet I saw this woman with her friend/relative outside and she was crying about the prognosis of her cat. I so badly wanted to hug her but I didn’t have “the right words” and I nearly started crying myself just seeing her…..recalling what I must have looked like when we put our last cat down, as I flew out of the vet’s office past people, a sobbing mess.
It’s time to start being kinder to each other. Even if just for 10 seconds with a well-placed compliment or reassurance.
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Mar 172011

This is a ranty post, and it has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I blog about. But this day has been 467 kinds of shitty and after dealing with AT&T Wireless for 3.65 hours I really need aftercare. I guess this is my aftercare. I need to vent.


I’m placing a “read more” on this one. Only those who subscribe to the feed will be forced to see the whole sordid tale with their eyes, but you can skip it. I won’t be too offended. Today’s rant is about my job, my boss, my HR rep, AT&T Wireless, Comcast, Moo cards, my car, and other things. Read on if you dare. It’s disjointed and unedited and might not make sense and probably breaks 47 grammar rules. So if you really wanna read….click the “Read More” underneath the “sharing is sexy” bar.

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Mar 172011

Recently I reviewed the VR6, a dual-stimulator/”rabbit” style from the Vanity line. But the times that I wished I could just lop off the clitoral arm and use only the internal portion made me recently acquire the Vanity VR2 in a swap. I figured that at least one end of this long, mostly-straight version HAD to have the same gorgeous, Barry-White-esque pitch that the VR6 had.

Wow, was I wrong in my assumption.

The VR2 has a bit of a retarded design. In between the small end and the fat end it is very flexible. In fact, with the fat end inside of me I was able to bend the smaller end up to meet my clitoris, for the most part. Except that that ended up pushing the fat end towards the vaginal/anal wall and away from my g-spot. But the important part of this quickie review is that the VR2 motors are nothing like the VR6. They are buzzy and bland in the small end, and not very rumbly and not entirely powerful in the fat end.

Herein lies the most irritating design factor of the VR2: The buttons are located NOT in the middle, but on the fat end. The fat end that vibrates. The fat end that is the only end that would feel like anything at all inside of me. How the FUCK am I supposed to control the thing with the buttons buried inside of me?!? At least I never got to the point of orgasm with it where my PC muscles might have had a chance at turning off the motors, lol.

The more I read about Vanity/Jopen toys, the more disappointed I am. They had POTENTIAL, man. Real potential. But peel away the fancy cocktail dress and you still have CaliforniaExotics, and that really says it all. I won’t say that 100% of their toys are bad, because I’ve had the occasional decent one (in terms of vibration pitch and intensity, not necessarily quality/design). And of the Vanity line that I’ve seen, I can personally recommend the VR6 for lovers of deep, rumbly internal vibrations. I’m reluctantly recommending the Vanity VR3 rabbit because from what I read it seems to be similar to the VR6 but with the clit arm angled up instead of in, and the g-spot more bulby instead of curved – until I experience it for myself, if I ever do, I won’t say it’s got the same motors as the VR6 but if I take the word of the opinion of the on-site reviewer as being the same opinion as mine on the VR6 then yeah, same motor.

I’m seeing a lot of people raving over these and when we’re accustomed to the almost child-like designs of bunnies and butterflies and pearls and enough simultaneous action to appease the most ADHD masturbator, it’s understandable. But they’re NOT the perfect rabbit vibes. The VR6 is the closest I’ve come to a really awesome rabbit vibe, yeah. Perfect? Just not possible. But hey. The VR6 is better than the Zini Roae or the Je Joue G-ki, in my book both for power/pitch and function/design.

Pleasurists 120

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Mar 122011

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. For updates and information follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.

Did you miss Pleasurists #119? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #121? Be sure to read the submission guidelines and then use the submission form and submit it before Sunday March 13th @ 11:59pm Pacific.

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Scarlet Lotus

On to the reviews…

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