Mar 022011

The planets aligned, the decisions have been made and plans are starting to congeal.

Wait, that made me think of jello. Or gravy.

Bad word.

Anyways. I decided on which is my last day of work here at my hell job and as of May I will be  a FREE WOMAN! My sentence is over. The light is at the end of the tunnel. Etc etc. I can’t wait to leave, for so many reasons.

I have so many tentative and hopeful plans for my future but I hope that I don’t ever have to go back to a job like this again. Will I get online jobs, like copy writing for sex toys or PR/consulting for sex toy related companies? Will my sex toy ed parties actually come to fruition? I’m trying, I’m hoping. I’m hoping e[lust] will get better, I’m hoping to do something “more” with Wanton Wednesday, I’m hoping my blog will get better. But we got the house, in case you didn’t see my gleeful announcement on Twitter. We’re renting an entire house with a driveway big enough to accommodate a small party on the weekends.

For now though I’m going to concentrate on packing; finishing up old reviews and hope that I inspire people to buy sex toys through my affiliate links *ahem* so that I have seed money for my parties; hope for new advertisers to add to the seed money; and keep up as best as I can online. Going to MOMENTUM in April has a new angle now for me, even more sessions now will be appropriate for me and what I hope to do with my life.

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  6 Responses to “The Parole Board has Spoken!”

  1. Well congrats to you for taking the leap of faith!

  2. Congrats on taking this exciting step! Have fun and good luck!

  3. congeal is one of those words isn’t it?

    hoping for only the best

  4. What did you do?

    ~ I have no idea what you mean

  5. Sounds like you have a wealth of opportunities to explore. I’m happy and excited for you!

  6. I’m very happy for you!

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