Mar 172011

Recently I reviewed the VR6, a dual-stimulator/”rabbit” style from the Vanity line. But the times that I wished I could just lop off the clitoral arm and use only the internal portion made me recently acquire the Vanity VR2 in a swap. I figured that at least one end of this long, mostly-straight version HAD to have the same gorgeous, Barry-White-esque pitch that the VR6 had.

Wow, was I wrong in my assumption.

The VR2 has a bit of a retarded design. In between the small end and the fat end it is very flexible. In fact, with the fat end inside of me I was able to bend the smaller end up to meet my clitoris, for the most part. Except that that ended up pushing the fat end towards the vaginal/anal wall and away from my g-spot. But the important part of this quickie review is that the VR2 motors are nothing like the VR6. They are buzzy and bland in the small end, and not very rumbly and not entirely powerful in the fat end.

Herein lies the most irritating design factor of the VR2: The buttons are located NOT in the middle, but on the fat end. The fat end that vibrates. The fat end that is the only end that would feel like anything at all inside of me. How the FUCK am I supposed to control the thing with the buttons buried inside of me?!? At least I never got to the point of orgasm with it where my PC muscles might have had a chance at turning off the motors, lol.

The more I read about Vanity/Jopen toys, the more disappointed I am. They had POTENTIAL, man. Real potential. But peel away the fancy cocktail dress and you still have CaliforniaExotics, and that really says it all. I won’t say that 100% of their toys are bad, because I’ve had the occasional decent one (in terms of vibration pitch and intensity, not necessarily quality/design). And of the Vanity line that I’ve seen, I can personally recommend the VR6 for lovers of deep, rumbly internal vibrations. I’m reluctantly recommending the Vanity VR3 rabbit because from what I read it seems to be similar to the VR6 but with the clit arm angled up instead of in, and the g-spot more bulby instead of curved – until I experience it for myself, if I ever do, I won’t say it’s got the same motors as the VR6 but if I take the word of the opinion of the on-site reviewer as being the same opinion as mine on the VR6 then yeah, same motor.

I’m seeing a lot of people raving over these and when we’re accustomed to the almost child-like designs of bunnies and butterflies and pearls and enough simultaneous action to appease the most ADHD masturbator, it’s understandable. But they’re NOT the perfect rabbit vibes. The VR6 is the closest I’ve come to a really awesome rabbit vibe, yeah. Perfect? Just not possible. But hey. The VR6 is better than the Zini Roae or the Je Joue G-ki, in my book both for power/pitch and function/design.

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  1. Since handling a few of the toys now I’ve noticed that they behave in very different ways from one VR to the next. It’s strange and frustrating. I recently had access to 2 of the dual action vibes that charge in a docking station. The shaft on both of them are supposed to rotate. One of them rotated okay – not big or fast circles, but okay. The other made circles so small and slow that it was almost impossible to see them. And because there is no vibrator in the shaft it all seemed kind of pointless to even have the two motors.

    Now that I have a closer relationship with CalEx and know more about their company I actually do want to like them, but I have such a hard time with such quality issues. I don’t think anyone should spend $200+ on a rabbit vibe that doesn’t twirl adequately.

    If anything I’d suggest trying the 9. You may enjoy the fat end on it and the controls are in the middle.

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