Mar 292011

I’m sure there’s going to be sexiness on the blogs of those playing along though! So please go visit them and show them some love.

We spent two days at our new house this weekend, doing big important things. Like getting the keys, taking insane measurements, taking photos to share with impatient family members, buying appliances and oh yeah…a whole lot of driving and not enough sleep. It’s lunch break at work as I write this and I wish I were the type who could just lay my head down and nap, but it’s way too busy in our office. I’m exhausted, I’m aching, I’m hoping against hope that I don’t come down with whatever cold the husband has because I REFUSE to be sick for Momentum.

I put a new app on my phone, a countdown app. 31 days until my final day at this hell hole job, 37 days until the movers show up. On the one hand it feels like an eternity; on the other, not nearly enough time and I fear it’ll come down to the last week and a repeat of my packing job from the last move: grab random shit, wrap it half-assed, shove it in boxes with no rhyme reason or organizational logic and hope for the best. Of course that attitude led to me not being able to find things for months, sometimes years.

Luckily I requested off Thursday from work this week so I only have to work today and tomorrow. A day to rest and pack, and then driving down to DC for Momentum. I am sure that the conference will spur a bunch of posts next week after I process everything.

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  3 Responses to “Way too tired for this Wanton stuff”

  1. Awww Lilly, what a stressful time for you, I hope you have fun at the conference, maybe it will give you some renewed energy for the final big push!


  2. yikes! yes, stay healthy…that’s all you’d need is to get sick.

  3. Well, best of luck to ya on this….Look at it this way. Every day that passes the stress should be less and less.

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