Mar 052011

The blandly named Vanity VR6 by Jopen has shattered two really big “never” statements for me:

  • 1. I don’t like “rabbit”/dual stimulator vibrators
  • 2. Internal vibrations never do a damn thing for me

The second statement is actually the biggest ear-turner for me because it’s far and away the part of this sex toy that I love the most. Something about the internal portion’s motor on this toy acts kinda like the Pure Wand – as a direct link to my clit from the inside. It makes my clit more sensitive, it makes orgasm easier and the vibrations make my g-spot so very, very fuckin happy. And I know that it’s the motor to credit here because if I insert the toy with only the clitoral stimulator’s motor running, it’s very “meh”.

The internal portion has a very nice girth and curve, quite similar to the Lelo Mona – except that because of the clitoral arm, I can’t utilize just the shape and size of the VR6 to stimulate my g-spot. The vibrations are quite necessary. They’re strong and holyshitRUMBLY. I’m serious it’s like it vibrates my clit from the inside out, really and truly that’s what it feels like for me. Like its going beyond just g-spot stimulation and hitting the long internal portions of the clitoris.

But being a dual-stimulator means that it’s not a Holy Grail item because it’s not going to fit every woman’s anatomy, or even most women. At first glance when looking at the Vanity line , I was impressed by the range of similar yet different dual stimulators. It’s like they finally listened and took the same basic toy but just changed lengths/widths/arms/etc. The reason why I say that it’s not going to be universally liked is because of that clit stimulator arm. Even I’m not 100% sold on it but it does get me off wonderfully overall. The arm is a bit….clampy if it doesn’t hit you in the exact right spot without the toy being inserted to the hilt. That’s the best way I can describe it. I needed the toy to go inside of me just a little bit further than it seemed the arm naturally wanted to go, so I had to lift up the arm manually and press the toy in to just the right spot for both inside and out. And that is when the arm got “clampy”. If you need to do this to the toy to make the clit arm reach your clit in the spot you like, then to like this toy you have to enjoy pressure on your clit. And I do. I really do. The arm IS flexible (at the joint) but not floppy. In the photos below you can see how far I can lift up the clit arm, but I’ll be honest it requires some hand strength (says the girl with a weak grip and carpal/cubital tunnel syndrome) to keep the arm from clamping your clit. Perhaps for a woman with a less “fleshy” mound/outer labia it won’t be quite as clampy as it was for me when the toy was fully inserted. Again, let me say this again: Unless you need the toy to be inserted as far as it will go, it’s not clampy and that arm does not put on a lot of pressure but there is some. If you have preferred the fluttery whispers in the past of rabbit ears or butterfly antenna then this style isn’t for you.

Sadly the clit stimulator’s motor is not the same delicious, strong rumbly pitch of the internal portion – it’s not exactly buzzy, but it’s not my perfect pitch, either. It’s not weak, but it’s not wow-strong. For me though it doesn’t exactly need to be because of how strong the internal portion is and what it does for me overall. As I said before, if I turn off the internal portion the whole thing is very meh and wouldn’t be able to get me off. Occasionally when I’m having trouble crashing over the edge of orgasm I end up pulling the clit arm to the side and applying a different vibrator that has the correct pitch and intensity to please my clit completely. This makes things a bit awkward and can make it difficult to keep the internal portion in the right spot.

Since all of the VR line is “Powered by Powerbullet”, you’d think that all of the VR line would be as powerful as the VR6 – naynay, I say. At one point, even Powerbullet admitted that the VR6 was THE most powerful, above and beyond the others in the line. The exact page where it’s talked about has been updated and it is no longer stated as such, but you can see on the Wayback Machine that it was once the claim.

One method I like with this is to get it all in the right spot and clamp my thighs together. A slight rocking of my pelvis is enough to massage both my g-spot and my clit and get everybody happy or at least at a high enough level of endorphin-producing happiness just before orgasm that even if a pinch-hitter is required for my clit, it’s still all good.

The buttons on this thing are a little weird. To increase the intensity you don’t click-click-click, you just click and hold. While it’s on, a single click to the button will turn off that motor instantly. It’s a little weird to get used to at first, but for someone like me who just goes straight to the top level of power it’s fine. There’s one button for the clit portion and one button for the internal portion.

For being a slightly-veiled line of CalExotics (which surprised me at first), it’s a little bit pricier than I think it should be. Sure, it’s rechargeable and all rechargeable vibes get a big price bump. But unlike other luxury brands, the packaging is average and it’s not “perfect”. No dual-stimulator is, nor is any vibrator perfect for every woman but I’d feel better if the Vanity line were closer to $100 or a little less. Yep it’s silicone, and a nice velvet-y silicone at that (meaning, if you’re not soaking wet, use a little lube as this type tends to create friction) and it’s classy-looking because of the simplicity in design but it still might not quite be worth the price tag. It’s waterproof despite having no cover on the charging port (but it looks to be the type that has only a tiny slit that kind of “seals” back up) and the buttons can be locked for travel. The bag is average but at least it’s huge; way bigger than necessary for the VR6 but I presume it’s because they made only one size and it will fit even the larger VR11 types.

Of course, to feel that kind of vibration on my g-spot, I disagree on it being over-priced (somewhat). But then I waffle because it’s almost-but-not-quite-perfect for me. That clit arm can give me trouble and sometimes I wish I could just remove it and use my own bullet vibe. And then I waffle back to the giddiness I get when I feel that vibration on my g-spot; it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt. I’d be much more inclined to recommend this over the Zini Roae or the Je Joue G-Ki if power is something you like, if you prefer rumbly vibrations to buzzy. I also think that the internal portion on this is more g-spot worthy than the Roae or G-Ki, as well. I’d be tempted to recommend the VR9 but I have no idea if the motor on that is identical to the internal portion’s motor on the VR6. Also for some reason I had a really hard time getting an accurate photo representation of the purple of the toy. It’s not Royal Purple like the photos on the site, it’s more of a reddish-purple. Not quite magenta, more of a Barney Purple.

 Update: After recently owning the Lelo Ina and Ina 2, the design on those is similar to the VR6 but less intense  – both on vibrations and the “clampy” factor of that clitoral arm. The Ina 2 has enough power to satisfy nearly most users (I was able to orgasm, eventually, so that says something decent), and the clitoral arm is less clampy and more moveable than the VR6.

  3 Responses to “Review: Vanity by Jopen – VR6”

  1. What a great in depth review. Thanks for all the info!

  2. Great review. I’m buying a couple of the VR toys, and I’m hoping they’re as rumbly as you say they are. :)

  3. back when I used to work at an adult store, I scooped this one up, also with the overarching dislike for rabbit-styled vibrators. but between the deep rumbles, the nearly airtight recharging port, and the silicone which seems to be actual fucking silicone, I had to give it a try, and at a 50% discount it was worth it. that was seven years ago. this thing is still going strong. it taught me how to squirt. when my charger was stolen during an unfortunate incident living in the bay area, jopen (can’t bring myself to acknowledge the calexotic bit sometimes) sent me a new one for free. it’s still one of my favorites to this day.

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