Jan 152011
Ono Pleasure: Cleo Massager Review

Long ago and in a land far away I wanted a Cone vibrator. Eventually I read enough reviews that told me to avoid it. Sadly there were not enough reviews out when I asked for the Cleo that would have told me to stay away. In fact, nearly all of the people on EdenFantasys who’ve reviewed it already claim that it’s a lot of things that I claim it is not. Brass Tacks – What does it feel like? The number one thing that other people claim it is (to which I say “Are we using the same toy?!?”1) is Powerful. While I can agree that to some women  this might be considered “powerful” it isn’t to me and I have enough to compare it to to say that with confidence. Here’s the thing – a deep, rumbley sort of vibration can feel like it’s more powerful than it is. That’s why I tend to

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Dec 162010
Review: Lelo Mona

UPDATE: The links have been updated to the Mona 2. Until I can get an updated review posted of the Mona 2, I’ll fill you in on the changes briefly: The motor is more powerful. Not overwhelming, but very nice and more rumbly than before. The power difference is discernible and worth it. I would still highly recommend the Mona 2 over the Gigi 2. Mona 2 is waterproof, rechargeable, and composed of ABS plastic and silicone. Occasionally I purchase my own sex toys; lately for some reason most of my purchases have ended in disappointment. Except for the Lelo Mona. Yes, folks, finally a review of a premium/luxury vibrator that I do not hate!! I miss the styling of what I call the First-Gen Lelo line (Gigi, Elise, etc) but one of their changes to design was a lean towards bolder colors. I could be wrong but I was under the impression that they

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Aug 142010
Review: SinFive Burgono – A Suction Cup Dildo

Do you know how *few* sex toys there are out there that are both suction-cup AND body-safe material? Not many. Tantus has a suction cup modifier that could be used on their vibrators (remove the vibrating bullet and shove in the suction cup modifier and voila its a suction cup dildo). Some of the Fun Factory dildos have a suction-cup-esque base but I don’t know if it’s as good of a “hold” as a true suction cup. But the somewhat-upscale company from Germany called SinFive has two suction cup dildos that, while not quite the perfect material that is silicone, are still very body safe made from WTP material – read about this material type here. Today’s dildo, the SinFive Burgono, is their smooth, texture-free version. But wait. You’re wondering what the big deal is about having a suction cup dildo, aren’t you….. Credit link: http://bit.ly/aj5O6Q Credit link: http://bit.ly/bhoBxX Attach it to a window; tiles

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Jun 132010
Book Review: The Best of Best American Erotica 2008

There’s really four types of erotica books, when you get down to it. The first is kind of what many us grew up mocking….the Romance Novel that was really just word-porn disguised by a sappy plot and trite nicknames for body parts. Think Fabio on the cover, sort of books. The second kind is still a full-length novel but it’s more artistic in its prose. The thinking man’s erotica, I suppose. A real story, real believable emotions and situations. If you find flowing hair and ripped bodices in these it is only because the novel is a period piece. The third kind is a bit like the first, but in a short story anthology form. Of course, it only resembles the first in that there’s a lot of sex. A lot of raunchy sex. Which inspires you to either fuck yourself or fuck your closest most willing partner. The books that Rachel Kramer Bussel and

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Mar 282010
Shopping Sprees

You know, I don’t get ALL my sex toys for free. Sometimes I get impatient and just buy them. Sometimes I do a “buy out” for review at edenfantasys.com which means I get a discount but I still have to review it, such as the Devine Play Chest or the Fleshlight. But there’s things I purchased with my own money (err…I mean EF giftcards that I got from writing for Edencafe plus the commissions I got from affiliate sales at EF) recently that I want to talk about, both the good and the bad. So read on for my thoughts on the Toiboks Original, the Erosillator 2, a couple of toy storage bags, the Nobessence Seduction dildo, and the Wahl 7-in-1 2-speed Massager. Toibocks Original This is a pricey yet unique toy storage item for someone with a few bedside toys that needs total privacy and discretion. The Toibocks IS beautiful, a dark mahogany wood

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Mar 272010
Review: Kissa Glass Vibrator

There really aren’t many vibrators made in the wood/glass/ceramic area of sex toys. Edenfantasys decided to have their own line of products (the toy is made by Doc Johnson, though) and one of the first is this glass vibrator they gave me to review. It’s interesting. But am I gaga over it? Nah. I could honestly take it or leave it. Plenty of others love it though so don’t take my word as gospel. It’s just not for me. In order to make a glass vibrator, it’s really just a glass “sheath” over a traditional vibe. This lends a unique appearance to it, as the color of the inner portion is given neat reflections and appearance by being covered in textured, clear glass. However, the vibrations need to travel through a lot more material to escape to your skin. While I wouldn’t say that this vibe is weak, it isn’t, it’s just not something I’m

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