Review: Bare Essence Gift Box

With this review I decided to try something different – the mysterious world of lab-created pheromones. We know that pheromones are something that is excreted in sweat that attracts people on a base level, but the sciences behind them seem to vary especially when it comes to products containing Androstenol. When I researched it I couldn’t find any definitive answers online.

So the main test then would be using it. Did it work? Since I didn’t do a formal study I’m not sure that I can say one way or another. I know that I’ll continue to use it and try to be more “scientific” with it. The Bare Essence Gift Box gives you three methods of delivering the pheromone – a candle, a bar of soap and a perfume.


I do want to mention that the bar of glycerin soap that was in my package was a much darker color – more like slightly-diluted Coke. I assume though that the color is no indicator of a scent variance.

The perfume is dispensed a roll-on style glass tube because the consistency is that of body oil. The perfume is a nice vanilla-musk scent, not overpowering and not cloyingly sweet. I’m extremely picky when it comes to perfumes/colognes and I liked this one. The soap claims to be skin-softening and pure glycerin – the scent is more musky than the perfume and wasn’t all that great in my eyes but yet not offensive. Perhaps I’m not a fan of glycerin soaps (I much prefer my bodywash) but I wasn’t thrilled with the way my skin felt when I rinsed off the soap. Afterwards though my skin didn’t feel any different from normal. I also couldn’t detect a scent on my skin after the shower. The candle is scented more like the perfume, and comes in a nice tin – great for the bedroom and a very safe containment system for burning wax.

I used the perfume the most. My husband did seem to be all over me when I first brought out the soap (and left it in the shower caddy where he could smell it while bathing) but again I can’t say definitively that his heightened interest in me was because of these products.

From what I have read online, the pheromone won’t turn people into drooling lust-crazed baffoons – but it will relax them. One article said that if your natural personality is a bit abrasive then this pheromone will make people more relaxed around you; I guess it makes them view you as less abrasive and brings an overall peaceful feeling to those who sniff it. I have only ever tried one thing prior to this that claimed to have pheromones and that was a lube – and the scent of it was offensive to me.

So all in all, this is a review without an opinion. I can’t say for sure that it does or does not do what it claims to do. I will most certainly continue to use the items though. When I have a better, firmer opinion I will post an update! My recommendation is that I am inclined to tell people to try it. I’m not backing it 100% but I am saying that it’s worth a shot. Thank you to EdenFantasys for letting me try this out! They’ve got a lot of other bath & body products, some sexy and some romantic.

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  1. blueyeguy says:

    The question here is what were you wearing (or not) at the time??? That little extra variable might skew the scientific results of this study… :)