Sep 262009

On my quest to find a better bullet/egg vibrator – one that’s powerful and also well made so that it will last long – I’ve had a few duds and a few that were not bad but just not right. In a way I feel like Goldilocks. Goldilocks and the 100-acre Sex Toy Store. Wait no, I’m mixing my childhood stories there.

Sadly Goldilocks (Lillilocks?) has not yet found her “just right”. The Silk Touch Egg Vibe had potential but it floundered and then finally failed completely. I had thought that it was just mine and that I somehow got a dud, but my dealer (Drew) hunted and found out that more than half of the people who reviewed it had the same problem or similar. So for that reason alone, I can’t recommend this vibe – especially at a price tag of $27.99 at the time of this writing. For the quality of the item, the price should be half that. This vibe will just *poof* stop working. Click the big button and it turns back on, for half a minute. Sometimes only half a second.


There are other reasons though why this vibrator is just not up to par. For starters, that big shiny button in the center reminds me of something for geriatric people. However on the flip side of that thought I suppose I wouldn’t want to fumble for the right button when I’m climbing towards orgasm. But the button is very clicky-sounding and a bit loud. The button turns it on, then cycles through 7 different patterns, then turns it off. There’s a wheel underneath it that controls the intensity.

The intensity is likely the only good thing about this vibe. But since I couldn’t get it to stay on long enough to orgasm, that’s a hard call. It kept shutting off – a shake of the egg or a click of the button might turn it back on. Or it might not. Or you might get 2 clicks in and it decides to turn off. Really, it was possessed.

Other downsides include: the spiral telephone-like cord (good in theory but not in practice); the bizarre shape of the bullet (I prefer the smooth uniform bullet/egg shape, this one means less surface area to contact your bits); the noise level (not as quiet as my original Silver Bullet); and it takes AAA batteries (not a huge deal but it can be an inconvenience, as I mostly keep AA’s around).

I won’t give up, I will persevere and together and I will find the (almost)perfect bullet/egg vibe someday!

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