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It’s a well known fact around here that I’m a huge huge fan of my Silver Bullet vibrator (both incarnations of it). One of the biggest reasons I’m a huge fan is the way and reason that I use bullets – in stealth mode. Masturbating when and where I “shouldn’t”, like at work. Bullets offer me this opportunity because they can be largely hands-free. I can tuck a bullet against my clit and it stays there, held in place by my cunt lips and panties.

And while I do so love these very inexpensive silver bullets, they’re a very cheap sex toy. Multi-speed with a powerful motor and the right kind of vibrations but the wires that the design is dependent upon are ultimately the death of them sooner or later. Ever since my first silver bullet I’ve been on a quest to find a better version – one that is made better and will last me longer. And I need to find one before my current SB dies! I can’t be without one again, I learned that lesson the hard way.

One of the main reasons that I chose this bullet in particular was because of fellow reviewer, Epiphora who couldn’t say enough good things about it. She was so sure that it would turn my opinion the other way in regards to CalExotics as a whole.

More bullets are coming on to the market where the bullet cord plugs into the power pack. What good does this do you? Well, not a whole lot unless you own 3 or 4 different ones. They all have the same jack so they are interchangeable. I switched around two such bullets that I own, one made by Topco and this one, and it did work. Did it make a difference? Yeah, it did. One power pack was a little more powerful.

However, this made me learn something. There’s two things contributing to the vibrations of the bullet. The motor, which is inside the bullet/egg, and the powerhouse capabilities of the handpack. If the motor of the bullet doesn’t deliver the *type* of vibrations that you like, giving it more power might not make any difference. I know that for me, it doesn’t. If a superficial buzzy vibe is made more intense it doesn’t quite matter to my clit. Sure I might get off eventually but it’s not what I *like*.

Onto the Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet. It employs colors that are different and perhaps more pleasuing – deep purple and lime green. The handpack has grippy sides. Different patterns in addition to speeds and controller buttons for both. One BIG plus is that aside from the up and down buttons for speed and pattern, it has an on/off button. Nothing is more annoying that having to cycle through 7-10 patterns on a vibe just to turn it off; if you’re in a hurry, you might miss the click for ‘off’.

The bullet itself is bigger than I’m used to. Not wider, just longer, and with a hooked/curved tip. It is meant for G-spot use; many toy manufacturers feel that a straight-bodied toy is automatically G-spot friendly if they add a 45 or 90 degree curved little pointy tip to it. Well, my G-spot is bigger around than these little tips and so it actually makes it more difficult AND it doesn’t hit my entire spot.

But given that I didn’t intend for this to be used as a G-spot toy (too short, too narrow and the shortness and the cord mean I can’t really angle it and apply pressure to my g-spot with it), I guess that tip doesn’t matter here. Well, it still does. Again, my body just doesn’t like tiny vibrating tips. My clit doesn’t like it, it likes a wider contact spot. The length of the bullet made it damn near impossible for my “stealth mode” use. It just didn’t fit.

On the downside to the many nice features of the handpack is this one:

Am I going to communicate with aliens? Land a plane? I don’t know and I’m not sure I want to know. Perhaps the light show would be more appreciated if I were jerking off while not sober? Either way…’s not very discrete. And it doesn’t seem to serve an actual purpose. If you really need the light show to tell you what setting you’re on, then you have a bigger problem that I cannot solve with sex toys alone.

I personally had issue with the power level (just shy of “enough”) and also the fact that at some angles of the wire, it would stop working for a few seconds. If I moved it, shook it, it started vibrating again. But as you all know, when you’re thisclosetocoming……”We interrupt this service” is the worst thing ever, even if for just a second or three.

CalExotics does offer three other Xtreme Pack bullets. Perhaps I would like it if the bullet shape were different…..but then I read the reviews and see that perhaps not all Xtreme Packs are created equal (I’m not sure why or how not, since they all appear to be the same but with different colors) and I might be even more disappointed.

You would like this if:

  • You like pinpoint vibrations
  • You like slimmer insertables
  • You have the privacy for a light show
  • Or you’d like to alert the tri-county area to the fact that you’re jerking off
  • Your clitoris isn’t a picky bitch
  • You love patterns

Skip this and buy 2 cheaper silver bullets if:

  • You prefer the contact point of vibrators to cover a little more surface area
  • You want a clitoral bullet and not a G-spot bullet
  • You use it for a purpose like mine or similar
  • You could give a hang about patterns and instead you go for high-speed full-on

Either way, take a look around at their other bullet & egg vibrators to make a more informed choice. I *personally* don’t feel that this bullet is worth the cost, but you might feel differently. Others do!

  4 Responses to “Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet”

  1. First things first. I didn’t think it would make you change your entire opinion of Cal Exotics. I just thought it would prove that not everything they make is a piece of junk. Seems like you got a piece of junk bullet, though, because the one I had for 1.5 years never shorted out like that until its very last days.

    I have started plugging my Xtreme Pack G-spot bullet into a different battery pack that takes 4 AAs, and it is much better. However, that pack doesn’t have an OFF button, so I cry whenever I want to turn it off.

    Also, apparently I have a problem, because I do look at the lights to know which steady vibration setting (1-5) I’m on.

  2. The Gspot curve looks a bit sharp, I can’t imagine that it would feel nice. lol Maybe you will have better luck next time :)

  3. Girl, you put together one entertaining review! The best part: the video of you communicating with aliens via the lights on your Xtreme Pack. Classic. :-)

    My Xtreme Pack bullet bit the dust here recently. I’ve only had it since March, I think. I’m going to try plugging in another bullet to the controller because I think just the bullet is dead. Either way, that’s the first toy I’ve ever had totally crap out on me.

  4. I totally agree about lights on controls. I don’t need them and even if I did, they’re usually not helpful.

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