Jollet, Jollie, Mas Oui!

How do you improve upon the dildo?

You vary the width and give it a strange, but wonderful, shape. A shape that can seem like it was just made to perfectly fill up your cunt. In fact…that’s exactly how it was made! It looks weird and that, combined with the girth, is exactly the reason I wanted these.

I have long coveted various dildos made by Jollies Pleasure Toys. I now own 2 of the 3 that I have craved. I have the Jollie and the Jollet. They’re very similar, identical in size and shape of the insertable part, but the designs past the insertable part are quite different.   And since the design of these dildos is so unique looking, I had to ask. Straight to the lady with the answers! Luze, the CEO of Jollies L.L.C., answered my email questions with amazing promptness. It’s the geek in me, I like knowing the hows and whys. It’s what drives me to bust apart my broken and dead vibrators, to see the innards and how they worked.


Top is the Jollet, bottom is the Jollie


Q. How did you arrive at the design of the dildo? It’s a pretty unique shape and almost seems as if it’s made from a mold of the vaginal canal.

A. You are correct! We molded several females and found that this was the way a woman was created… not the straight “man” type toys out in the market. The Jollie is made to sit in the vaginal canal and the “tail” tapped to create it’s own ‘vibrations’ where they are supposed to be…It is not meant to be an in-and-out type dildo. The handle – where you can stick your finger/thumb in to tap on the ‘tail’ easier – can also be used to hold a bullet.


Q. What is the difference between the Vibrating Jollet and standard Jollet? The size seems to be identical – is it just that one has a built-in vibrator and the other can accommodate a bullet?

A. Yes, that is the only difference.  We created the Jollet standard and people wanted more vibration….. so the vibrating Jollet came to life.

Q. The very few reviews I read of the standard Jollet seem to allude to a design fail because the “bumps” down near the base aren’t in a good position to stimulate the clitoris and therefore the vibrations seem unnecessary. It doesn’t seem to me that this design is meant for dual stimulation….is it?

A. Correct. Jollet is a lot like Jollie…. it’s meant to be where it’s supposed to be. We created this one because people thought that the handle “hole” in the Jollie was in the way for cunnilingus, so along came Jollet. We found that the knob type bottom was great when playing with a partner as they can turn this handle and find the ‘perfect’ spot for pleasure.

Q. Is there a particular wireless bullet that is recommended as a “best fit” for the standard Jollet?

A. Not really, any bullet that fits works… we have used different ones and as long as they are lubed they will easily go into the hole.

{As an aside, I found that the RO-80mm Bullet (or this one) is the perfect width and length and power. It’s a little bit longer than standard blunt-ended bullets like this one (on the left in the pic), and that length matters. If you put the typical wireless bullet down in the hole….even lubed, you can’t grasp enough to pull it out.}

jollet2 With a “standard” bullet in……

jollet3 And with the longer RO-80mm Bullet

Q. I see so few reviews of these toys, I’m not sure why. But a common gripe is that it’s too thick for some of the women who have reviewed them. Do you ever plan on making a slimmer version?

A. You know, we’ve gotten that question before… and no, we don’t plan on making a thinner version. The idea was to get women to understand that this is not an in-out- type dildo. They are not made to pump like traditional dildos; instead they are made to sit in the vagina… maybe turned … mostly tapped on or vibrated to make the woman feel good. That’s a big reason why they seem ‘too big’ . But well-lubed and ready, they slide in and “WOW”


“WOW” is right. These are not dildos to use as a warm up. These are toys you use when you’re highly aroused and have had something else smaller inside of you. Unless, of course, you’re me. For the first 10 seconds it’s an effort to get it inside my pussy and past the fattest part of the dildo – but then it’s settled in place and perfectly filling. Where the fat end pushes up into your g-spot, the tapered head slides on in under the cervix. Those two sensations combine to give a feeling of fullness and stimulation without needing to thrust. If you have a tough time accommodating toys that are over 1.5″ wide, then these might not be for you.While the whole thing isn’t this big, the widest spot is 1.75″ wide.

The Jollie I can actually leave inside me and walk around/sit with it in. My typical method is to use the Hitachi with it. I don’t need to move the dildo at all, or move the handle which so snugly cups my cunt and my clit to perfection. I just press the Hitachi to the Jollie. I’ve actually never been much for vibrating dildos because it wasn’t enough. But this? Holy mother of god it’s eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-my-head good.Move the Hitachi between vibrating the “tail” and the “handle” and it’s just fucking divine. Also because of the unique shape, when my cunt contracts hard from the strong orgasms, this dildo doesn’t get pushed out.

The Jollet is awesome to use with a partner during oral sex. I use the bullet in mine and find that, because again of the perfect pressure and fullness, even just the bullet vibe adds a delicious note and I can feel that on my g-spot. Just because the lower half of the Jollet is more “traditional dildo” style, please don’t thrust it. It’s just not meant for that, and you’ll likely find it uncomfortable. Clench down on it, rock it a bit. But no thrusting. I prefer to use my Jollet with a partner, because then they can turn it and also make sure that the g-spot bump is always turned up the correct way. Unlike the Jollie, this one can be turned all around.

ETA: Jollies, LLC the company went under a few years ago. The owners children, however, decided to breathe new life in and they are now making these dildos (along with other interesting silicone things) under Chavez Dezingz. Or something like that. You can view their dildos for sale at their Etsy store

Why yes, I can talk even more about these two toys!! To get down to a little bit more nitty-gritty, and all the specs and such, you can read my reviews located at EdenFantasys. The Jollie here, and the Jollet here.

11 Responses

  1. Bad Bad Girl says:

    This was a fantastic review. I really want one now… but I can’t decide which one!!!

    ~ I’d recommend the Jollie, especially since you own a Hitachi.

  2. Jake says:

    The RO-80mm is a good little bullet don’t you think?

    ~ ehhhh It’s decent. I prefer it better slipped inside a toy, than used directly on my clit. It’s too high-pitched of a buzzy for me to like it.

  3. Epiphora says:

    I can’t believe I never knew that these dildos weren’t really meant for thrusting. It totally makes sense, but I’d never heard it before. Great interview and reviews!

    ~ Thanks! Yeah its a common thing to think “thrust” when you see straight dildos.

  4. blueyeguy says:


    Excellent review. I think my SO will really go for these – especially since she enjoys g-spot stimulation and oral. Thanks for this insight!


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