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Dear Readers……

Often, many sex toy reviewers combine an objective review with a subjective review – we tell you if it worked for US, for our body type and orgasm needs. But what if you aren’t like me? If your body type is nothing like mine, if you can achieve orgasm easily without the aide of a vibe? My reviews may not be as helpful to you beyond my criticisms of the toy that are quality-based. While this site is my livelihood and of course I’d really appreciate if you would buy from my affiliate links, I’m not so arrogant that I think my reviews are the be-all end-all. I could love something that you would hate, and vice versa. So I’m working with my community and directing you to people who can help you better than I, if you and I aren’t a good fit. Please continue to check back, as this list will hopefully be added to; I’d like to have a very broad range of people here so if you know of a reviewer who seems different from the people already listed? Have them contact me!

List Inclusion Criteria

My criteria for people on the list is that they need to not be afraid of writing a negative review. I need people who can be critical as well. I also needed this list to contain people who include plenty of personal information in their reviews and tell you how well it worked for them and their body, as much as possible. If they review it in 90% generalities then it’s going to be harder for you to determine if their opinion would mesh with yours. One other criteria is that the reviews should be “accessible” which means if it’s a video review, you should also do a written post or transcript for HOH/deaf folks.  Because the reviewers I know and read do not review or recommend porous materials, I didn’t think to mention that here as a criteria but it is – I don’t recommend porous insertables but if I must due to no other options, then I educate the reader heavily on the problems with porous toys, the issues with the material breaking down, and the possibility of toxicity (even if they’re marked phthalates-free, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re non-toxic). So if you’ve had to review porous stuff, then I’d like to see warnings and education about the material. I’m a big advocate for truly body-safe (non-porous) sex toys so I can’t send my readers to someone who easily recommends porous insertable toys. Simply recommending condom coverage of an insertable toy isn’t enough, or accurate. It’s anecdotal and not proven at all to be any decent barrier.

Linking and Sharing

Just because you’re on my list, doesn’t mean you have to share it on your own blog. If you want to, though, you have a few options. You can simply link to this page; you can link to the Google Docs spreadsheet version (coming soon); you can republish the page from the next section (Scales) on down with three stipulations: You can’t change anything or leave anyone out; please link back to this page and provide credit to me as the writer of it.

1 -5 Scales Guide

(note: some people prefer the option to go bigger/stronger, but don’t NEED it to orgasm – I’m trying to focus here on what is NEEDED to orgasm rather than what they prefer to have as an option)

Vibrations– 1 = least intense 5= bone-shaking Magic Wand type 

Orgasm ability without toys – 1 = easy and consistent, 5 = never or very rarely & only with much patience. Scale yourself accordingly between those two.

Stimulation scale – Applies to external use vibrators the most probably – 1 = super pinpoint stimulation 5 = very broad stimulation. Scale yourself accordingly from 1 to 5.

Size  scale – Width
Size scale – length

(1)1.25″ and under
(1)3″ and under

(2)1.25 – 1.5
(2) 3″-5″

(3)1.5 – 1.75
(3) 5-6″

(4)1.75 – 2.0
(4) 6-8″

(5)2.0 +
(5)8″ or more OR toys with a long handle


Dangerous Lilly

  • Vibrations: 4
  • Stimulation: 2.5
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 4 Length: 5
  • Body: Fat body, heavy midsection, full outer labia & mons, buried clit
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Disabilities: Reduced strength, mild arthritis, fibromyalgia, extra weight in midsection, issues with flexibility & reach mean I need longer-handled or C-shaped vibes and dildos
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 5
  • Partner reviews: prostate stimulators and masturbators (penis size: larger than average in girth and length), cismale POV
  • Favorite toys: We-Vibe Tango, Njoy Pure Wand, Je Joue Uma, L’Amourose Rosa Rouge
  • Orgasm preference: Clitoral
  • Keywords: Rumbly vibrations a necessity; sex toy guides; safe sex toy material advocate & educator; very picky clit-o-steel!

A Couple of Kinks (Rebecca)

  • Vibrations: 2-3
  • Stimulation: 2
  • Size Vaginal- Width: 2 Length: 2-3
  • Size Anal- Width: 1 Length: 1
  • Vulva: Pubic hair, small inner labia, exposed clitoris. 
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Disabilities: None
  • Orgasm Ability without toys: 3
  • Partner reviews: Cis male (Andy)- reviews mostly masturbators and some pegging toys. Average penis length, larger than average girth, uncircumcised.
  • Favourite Toys: We-Vibe Tango, Fucking Sculptures Corkscrew, Lovehoney Wand Vibrator, Blush Novelties’ Helio
  • Orgasm Preference: G-spot and Clitoris both need to be stimulated in order to achieve orgasm. The G-spot is the main focus. 
  • Keywords: G-spot stimulation, lower-intensity vibrations, partnered-sex, discovering kinks, sex adventures

Artemisia FemmeCock

  • Vibrations: 3
  • Stimulation: 2-3
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 3-4 Length: 3-4
  • Size – Anal: Width: 2 Length: 1-5 (depending on the type of toy)
  • Body: pronounced labia, easily accessible clit, prominent pubic bone
  • Gender: cis woman
  • Disabilities: n/a
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 3
  • Favorite toys: We Vibe Tango, Magic Wand Rechargeable, New York Toy Collective Shilo and Carter, Njoy Eleven
  • Orgasm Preference: clitoral mixed with internal
  • Keywords: queer, femme, kinky, strap-on, packing, sex toy photography, vegan sex and kink gear

Bex (Talks Sex)

  • Vibrations: 4
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 4 Length: 3
  • Size – Anal: Width: 1-2 Length: 1
  • Body: Large outer labia, very small inner labia, small clit.
  • Gender: Female
  • Disabilities: N/A
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 5
  • Partner reviews: N/A
  • Favorite toys: Vixskin Mustang, Lelo Mona 2
  • Orgasm Preference: G-Spot/Blended
  • Pinpoint vs. Broad: 3
  • Keywords: Lots of pressure, G-spot easily found/stimulated, Safe Toys

The Big Gay Review

  • Vibrations: 4
  • Size – Penis: 6” length, 5.6” circumference
  • Body: A few extra pounds, 6ft 1
  • Gender: Male
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 2
  • Favorite toys: L’Amourose Rosa, LELO Hugo, Fleshjack (Various), TENGA (Various)
  • Keywords: Anal Toys, Prostate Stimulation, Rumbly Vibrations, Masturbators, Male Reviewer UK BASED

Blissfully Orgasmic

  • Vibrations: 4
  • Size – Vaginal: Width – 4 , Length – 5
  • Body: Plus Sized and Tall 6ft 2, so I have a longer reach. Fuller Labia, Large buried clit.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 4
  • Favorite toys: We-Vibe Tango, Icicles 52, We-Vibe 4 Plus
  • Orgasm Preference: Clitoral
  • Keywords: Powerful, Body Safe toys. UK BASED


  • Vibrations: 4
  • Size- Vaginal: Width- 3-4 Length- 4
  • Size- Anal: Width- 2 Length- 2
  • Body: Pear shaped with large hips and thighs. Full outer labia and exposed clitoris. Inverted nipples with no nipple sensitivity
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Disabilities: Fibromyalgia. Mild arthritis in hands and wrists. 
  • Orgasm Ability w/o Toys: 4
  • Partner Reviews: Cis male reviews for strokers and cock rings (Above average length, average width, circumcised)
  • Favorite Toys: We-Vibe Salsa/Tango, Jopen Lust 2.5
  • Orgasm Preference: Clitoral
  • Keywords: Young married couple slowly exploring different aspects of kink

Confessions of a Sex Toy Rep

Mary Q. Contrary

  • Vibrations: 3
  • Stimulation – Clitoral: 3.5
  • Stimulation – Vaginal Texture: 2
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 3
  • Size – Vaginal: Length: Solo: 5 (handle preferred) Partnered: 2
  • Body: Fat body, heavy midsection, little flexibility, fuller labia & mons, easily accessible clit
  • Gender: Cisfemale
  • Disabilities: inflexible/reach issues, back injury and off-center kneecaps mean I won’t be getting in any swings or riding any Sybians on the floor or trying any weird positions, bipolar 2
  • Orgasm ability without toys – Solo: 4
  • Orgasm ability without toys – Partnered: Oral: 1 Manual: 3 Intercourse: 2.5
  • Favorite toys: Hitachi Magic Wand, Bad Dragon Slepnir, Tantus Bound, Tantus Echo Handle, Lelo Ina 2
  • Orgasm preference: Clitoral usually
  • Keywords: dildo peddler, educator, and coach in real life; body safe sex toy advocate;  think pieces; sex toy party stories; kinky switch; FemDom; #teampegging

Harry V. Contrary

  • Vibrations: Not necessary to orgasm
  • Stimulation – Penile texture preference: 1.5
  • Stimulation – Anal texture preference: 1.5
  • Size – Width: 2.5
  • Size – Length: 3
  • Body: Fat body, very flexible, great balance, sensitive nipples, smaller penis, average prostate depth
  • Gender: Genderfluid
  • Disabilities: Depression (can interfere with desire)
  • Orgasm ability without toys – Solo: 1
  • Orgasm ability without toys – Partnered: Oral: 2.5 Manual: 5 Manual Prostate Massage: 3 Intercourse: 3.5
  • Favorite toys: Tantus Bound, Bad Dragon Slepnir, Tantus Plunge Paddle, Tantus Juice, Homme Mystere lingerie
  • Orgasm preference: Prostate
  • Keywords:  non-binary; #teampegging; BDSM – submissive; anal play; prostate play; nipple play; body safe materials only


  • Vibrations: 3
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 3 Length: 3
  • Size – Anal: Width: 2 Length: 2
  • Body: Slightly over weight. Exposed clitoris. Small inner and outer labia.  There are pics of my vulva on my blog.
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Disabilities: Depression, Anorgasmia
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 5
  • Favorite toys: Eroscillator Top Deluxe, Pure Wand, Je Joue Uma, We-Vibe Tango
  • Orgasm preference: Blended – from simultaneous G-spot and clit stim.
  • Keywords: safe sex toys, no sugarcoating, prefer rumbly vibration


  • Vibrations: 3
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 3 preferred, 4 sometimes Length: 3
  • Size – Anal: Width: 2, Length: 2
  • Body: 5’4″, 135 lbs, pubic hair, fairly accessible clit
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Disabilities:  None
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 4.5
  • Partner reviews: the rare masturbation sleeve review from a cis dude
  • Favorite toys: LELO Mona 2, NobEssence Seduction, Vixen Creations Buck
  • Orgasm Preference: Clitoral with a G-spot toy inserted vaginally for added internal stimulation. Sometimes blended (clitoral and G-spot at the same time).
  • Keywords: discerning, G-spotting, body-safe toys, vibes with range

Erika Lynae

  • Vibrations: 3
  • Stimulation: 3
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 3 Length: 3
  • Body: Petite, pubic hair, buried clit
  • Gender: Cis woman
  • Disabilities: Anxiety, ADHD, and depression. Changing med combinations can affect my arousal and orgasm ability.
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 2.5 
  • Favorite toys: LELO Mona 2, We-Vibe Rave, Tantus Vamp
  • Orgasm preference: Clitoral w/ some internal stim
  • Keywords: Video reviews, sex ed, body-safe toys

Girly Juice (Kate Sloan)

  • Vibrations: 3
  • Stimulation: 3
  • Size – Vaginal: Width 4 Length 3; Anal: Width 2 Length 2
  • Body: chubby belly/thighs, hooded clit, big inner labia
  • Gender: cis female
  • Disabilities: bad/inflexible knees and hips, anxiety disorder, bipolar II
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 3
  • Partner reviews: currently N/A but have had cis male partners review things for me in the past
  • Favorite toys: Fucking Sculptures Double Trouble & G-Spoon, Njoy Eleven, We-Vibe Tango, Eroscillator, Magic Wand Rechargeable, NobEssence Seduction
  • Orgasm preference: blended clitoral and A-spot
  • Keywords: rumbly vibrations, A-spot (anterior fornix/AFE zone) stimulation, external G-spot stimulation, femme, queer, submissive, kink (esp. spanking/impact play)

Gritty Woman

  • Vibrations: 4 or 5
  • Stimulation: 2.5
  • Size (Vaginal): Diameter: 3. Length: 3
  • Size (Anal): Diameter: 1- 2. Length: 1-2
  • Body Information: Short (5ft 1) Average to Curvy body shape (size UK 14). Vulva description: Medium sized labia. Clit not exposed with my legs closed, but exposed easily with legs open. Clit extremely sensitive to direct stimulation on the very tip. Prefer stimulation at the side of the clit (Clitoral shaft) instead.
  • Gender: Cis Female
  • Disabilities: Fibromyalgia = certain positions are out (Girl on top) I also struggle to ‘butterfly’ my legs open, as my hips lock painfully. I often masturbate with relatively closed legs (Wide base toys can cause issues for me, as can spreader bars etc). I also have a highly sensitive vulva I can experience stinging and burning easily. Must avoid draggy silicone + hard & fast thrusting.
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 3 to 4
  • Partner reviews: Male masturbators, anal toys (same anal size scale as me – above) and BDSM items – cis-male with average size penis and severe phimosis.
  • Favourite toys: We-Vibe Tango. Doxy Wand. Tantus Mikey
  • Orgasm Preference: Clitoral
  • Keywords: Reviewer couple. Power seeker. Picky. Safe sex toy materials only. Kink, BDSM, Chastity. UK BASED


  • Vibrations: 4-5
  • Stimulation: 3.5
  • Size (Vaginal): Width: 2-3, Length: 3-4
  • Body: 5’1″, petite, small buried clit
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Disabilities: Vulvodynia and Lichen sclerosus on inner/outer labia and perineum. Multiple chronic illnesses (occasionally affect sex drive and sensations, and can cause pain). Anxiety.
  • Orgasm Ability Without Toys: Solo: 2, Partnered: 4.5 
  • Partner Reviews: Prostate/anal toys and masturbators (Penis Size: circumcised, average in girth and length), cismale POV
  • Favorite toys: Doxy Die Cast, Njoy Pure Wand, Magic Wand Original
  • Orgasm preference: Clitoral usually
  • Keywords: Chronic illness and sexuality, clit of steel, body safe toys, sex education, very picky

Joan Price

  • Vibrations: 5.
  • Size – Vaginal:  Width 2; Length 2,
  • Body: I’m petite in height and body size. Most rabbit vibrators don’t work for me because either the insertable part has to go too deep (hence no g-spot stimulation) before the clitoris is touched, or the clitoral part is too far away from the insertable part.
  • Gender: Female (cis female).
  • Disabilities: Not a disability exactly, but as an older woman with wrist arthritis, the toys have to be easy to hold for a long time.
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 4
  • Partner reviews: Not a partner, but I have a male reviewer who reviews toys for older men.
  • Favorite toys: Magic Wand, PalmPower, Eroscillator
  • Keywords: senior sex


  • Vibrations: 3.
  • Stimulation: 3, need pressure w/ vibes
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 4 (still finding my limits) Length: 4
  • Size – Anal: Width: 2-3 Length: 3
  • Body: Fat, inflexible, large outer labia, teeny tiny inner labia, clit engulfed by outer labia
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 2
  • Favorite toys: Exotic-Erotics medium Hippocampus, njoy large pure plug, mona 2
  • Orgasm Preference: Combined vag/clit. One isn’t enough.
  • Keywords: safe toys, curious, new member of the girth squad, sensitive + temperamental clit AU BASED


  • Vibrations: 3
  • Stimulation: 3
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 5 Length: 5
  • Body: Tall, curvy, exposed clit
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Disabilities: Bipolar/anxiety
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 1
  • Favorite toys: Lelo Mona, Je Joue Mimi Soft, paired with various dildos
  • Orgasm preference: Blended
  • Keywords: Size queen, fantasy toys, body safe toys

Kinky Kitten Kim

  • Vibrations:3
  • Stimulation:2
  • Size – Vaginal: Girth 4  Length 4
  • Size – Anal: Girth 1  Length 1
  • Gender: Female
  • Body: Curvy, toned ass, mommy belly, Stretch marks on legs and belly. Short
  • Vulva: small Labia minora, Small clitoris fully covered by clitoral hood.
  • Ailments: Underactive Thyroid
  • Orgasm ability without toys:5
  • Partner: male  above average length average girth uncircumcised
  • Partner Reviews: Masturbators, Cock Rings, Male Vibrators, Couples Toys.
  • Favourite Sex Toys: Eroscillator 2 plus, Lelo Siri2 , Lelo Ina Wave, Bad Dragon Nox
  • Orgasm Preference: Clitoral
  • Keywords: UK Based, Young Couple, Sex Toy Reviews, Girth Lover

Mr Will

  • Vibrations: 4
  • Size – Anal: Width: 5 Length: 4
  • Body: Larger body, reviews products for: Penis, Butthole, Prostate, Balls
  • Gender: Cisguy
  • Favorite toys: Pure Wand, Hot Octopuss Pulse, Tantus Amsterdam
  • Orgasm Preference: Prostate Stim preferred!
  • Keywords: prostate play, big anal play, sleeves and penis stimulators, male reviewer

Naughty Reenie

  • Vibrations: 3.5
  • Stimulation: 3
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 2 Length: 2
  • Size – Anal: Width: 1 Length: 1
  • Body: Very small buried clitoris, 5’2”, 93 lbs
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Disabilities: None
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 5
  • Favourite toys: Eroscillator, Lelo Siri 2, Vixen Spur.
  • Orgasm preference: Clitoral & Vaginal
  • Keywords: prefer smaller toys, need wide range of vibrations, still discovering masturbation path.

Pantophile Panic

  • Vibrations: 4 or 5
  • Size – Vaginal: 3
  • Size – Anal: 3
  • Gender: Non-binary
  • Body: Thin, small labia, outie clitoris
  • Disabilites: Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, chronic fatigue, joint pain, menometrorrhagia, Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 2
  • Partner reviews: Harnesses, cock rings, butt plugs
  • Favorite toys: We-Vibe Tango, Leatherbeaten Glow Elkhide Flogger, Vixen Creations Mustang


  • Vibrations: 3 – 4
  • Size – Vaginal: Width 3 – 5 Length 3 – 5
  • Size – Anal: Width 2 Length 2
  • Body: fat, large outer labia, almost nonexistent inner labia, small exposed clit
  • Gender: cis female
  • Disabilities: low flexibility, mild arthritis, tendonitis in elbows and knees
  • Orgasm ability without toys: PIV 4 Oral 4 Fingers 1
  • Partner reviews: helps review kink toys
  • Favorite toys: Tantus O2 Revolution, Tantus Neo, Shibari Wand
  • Orgasm Preference: clitoral
  • Keywords: kink toy snob, safe sex toys, Tantus fangirl

Red Hot Suz

  • Vibrations: 3
  • Stimulation: 3
  • Size Preference Vaginal: Width – 3 Length – 4
  • Size Preference Anal: 2
  • Body: 5’7, plus size, thick in thighs, breasts, butt and a bit of belly, usually waxed, small labia, clit exposed, but prefer stimulation above on clitoral shaft
  • Gender: Cis Female
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 2
  • Favourite Toys: Magic Wand Rechargeable, nJoy Pure Plug (Medium), Vixen Creations Bandit, Tantus Adam O2, nJoy Pure Wand
  • Orgasm Preference: Both clitoral and vaginal
  • Keywords: Femme, Squirter through strong clitoral vibrations, and sometimes hard G-spot dildos, Anal, Body Positivity, Canadian


  • Vibrations: 3
  • Stimulation: 2.5
  • Size – Vaginal: Width – 2 / Length – 3
  • Size – Anal: Width – 1-2 / Length 1-2
  • Body: Thick outer labia, exposed and flared inner labia (my labia kind of look like an upside down heart – it’s adorable). Semi-exposed clitoris, but not reachable with a panty vibrator. Right-handed clitoris. G-spot roughly 2 inches inside the vagina.
  • Gender: Cisgender femme girl
  • Disabilities: Anxiety and depression. This sometimes matters with toys, because there are times when I cannot turn off my mind enough to orgasm.
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 2
  • Favorite toys: Lelo Mona 2, We-Vibe Touch, Revel Body SOL
  • Orgasm Preference: I can come with a weak vibe, but I hate to. I can only orgasm with clitoral stimulation, either from oral sex or a vibrator. 
  • Keywords: Small insertables, clitoral stimulation


  • Vibrations: 4
  • Stimulation: 2
  • Size – Vaginal: Width: 2-3
  • Size – Anal: Width: 1 Length: 1
  • Body: Pubic Hair, Small Labia, Easily Accessible Clit
  • Gender: Non-Binary, They/Them Pronouns
  • Disabilities: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue
  • Orgasm ability without toys: 3
  • Partner reviews: Partner, cis-male, occasionally reviews products for penises. 
  • Favorite toys: We Vibe Tango, We Vibe Touch, Tantus Pro Touch
  • Orgasm Preference: Clitoral
  • Keywords: non-binary, sex education, materials, artisan brands, hand made, illustrations, zines, etc.
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