Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

Satisfyer Pro 2 review

Update: A new version is out, and you can read more about it (and how Satisfyer and Womanizer models compare) here.

I need to start off by saying that I’m a bit reluctant to like and recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2.  And no, it’s not because of the y-instead-of-i cutesy spelling that reminds me of that sex toy store we won’t talk about anymore. It’s because I find rip-off designs to be problematic. It’s because I think epi24 has a patent pending on the Womanizer and if they’ve patented “pulsating air” coming out of a silicone nozzle focused on a clitoris, then the company who makes Satisfyer is going to be in deep shit. It’s also because the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a fraction of the price and is waterproof, unlike the Womanizer. I have maintained in each review of the Womanizer that the price is way too fucking high. But the Satisfyer Pro 2 is $60 whereas the Womanizer W500 (also sometimes called the “Pro” version) is $220 at SheVibe, and the W100 is $160. Satisfyer has made every effort to be like the Womanizer, right down to a cutesy name, a removable silicone head with a cone nozzle and the “touchless” aspect. So the drastic difference in price has me skeptical, yet unsure at this point who to direct this skepticism at – is the Womanizer trying to empty our bank accounts, whereas the Satisfyer is much more accurately and reasonably priced? Or is the Satisfyer Pro 2 so affordable that one has to wonder what the catch is? Where is the Satisfyer Pro? If there’s not a 1, why is there a 2? Was there a non-Pro version? Who is this Pro – the user it’s marketed towards, or the device itself? Am I really this jaded? All valid questions, folks. 

Update: There’s a Satisfyer 1! and Satisfyer 2! And a Penguin, and a terrible potato. Check out how they all compare to each other in the Womanizer vs Satisfyer Comparison Guide.

Is the Satisfyer Pro 2 a copy cat of the Womanizer?

Satisfyer Pro 2 head vs Womanizer W500 headYes, this is identical “technology” to the Womanizer, but it lacks a little finesse in the end result. The Womanizer W100 has only 5 speeds but lets you push the power button to quickly return to the lowest speed if you need to take a little break in the intensity to slow down your orgasm that is potentially hurtling towards you like an out-of-control 18-wheeler coming down the mountain with failing brakes. The Womanizer W500 has a plus and minus button to explore the various settings. Yes, I hate the placement of said buttons on the W500, but at least the easier option is there. With the Satisfyer Pro 2 you have to cycle through 11 settings and then go backward through those settings. I do not fucking have time or patience to cycle through 11 1 settings. And oddly the “lower” settings feel more intense to me because when you make the pulsating air faster instead of slow/punchy, the upper levels just start to feel like kinda-buzzy vibration. I dislike the upper few levels, yet I’m forced to experience them twice if I want to increase and then decrease the settings – this is insulting, infuriating and confusing. I loved the lower settings on the Womanizer W100 and W500 because, for me, they were great “foreplay” – they kinda felt like oral sex, and definitely felt different from vibrations. It felt also kinda like tapping or the most something could really feel like a tongue without making clitoral contact. Those first few levels on the W100 felt so good to me that I didn’t want to orgasm too quickly, I wanted to continue to experience the sensations. Only the first two or three settings on the Satisfyer Pro 2 feel this way to me BUT they still lack the subtleties and nuances of the first few levels of the Womanizer, before things start to get to be super intense and kinda blurry. By the second setting my lower abdomen is contracting from the intensity of it all, if that makes sense. With the Womanizer, either of them, there’s an obvious difference between each setting. Maybe a little less so on the W500 when you get into the upper intensity levels, but it’s still discernible. With the Satisfyer the differences between the levels are minute and so I don’t know where I am with all that clicking.

If we’re going to go with my odd, Lilly-esque metaphors, it’s like Womanizer W100 is the teenager, all slender and dressed in fashions that scream for attention; the Womanizer W500 is the adult with more power and a refined sense of style; the Satisfyer Pro 2 is the toddler just learning to count, loudly screaming the first few numbers in succession, rushing from “1, 2, 3” to “9, 10, 20, 100!” – while wearing a tasteful princess dress? Okay these odd metaphors have quickly gone to a bad place.  And yes, in literal terms, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is louder than the Womanizers. Same type of noise, just louder.

I prefer the body design of the Satisfyer Pro 2 over the Womanizer W500 which has always felt like holding a potato. An awkward potato. Yes, I also like the color better. It’s a pale copper. Maybe rose gold? It surely is less gaudy and ugly than the Womanizer W100 designs. It might actually match the iPhone 6 colors. HEY – IT’S NOT PINK! Surely that will please a bunch of you.  I think I also prefer the head on the Satisfyer – the opening of the cone is blunted whereas the opening of the cone on the Womanizer heads has an edge – that edge can be a little irritating when you apply pressure to get a better seal. Also: Fewer seams than the Womanizers. In terms of aesthetics of the Satisfyer 2 I actually don’t have anything to complain about.

I need to also say at this point that I’m already really irritated with typing “Satisfyer”. I hate that spelling. I hate it a lot less than calling a sex toy “Womanizer”, though. I hate it less than cliched ideas of what clitoris-owning people want something to look like. At least the design of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is more gender neutral? So it has that going for it.

Jesus Fuck On Wheels This Is Intense

Here’s what I need you to know about the Satisfyer Pro 2: It’s intense. On the one hand, it’s good – it consistently gives me an amazing and strong orgasm. The kind where my chest looks sunburnt, my face looks like I’ve had 2 shots of vodka. But they boast that the “touchless” technology allows for multiple orgasms. I was able to do that with the Womanizer because I was easily able to go back down to the stimulating-yet-gentle first level and leave it there to ride out my intense orgasm. With the Satisfyer Pro 2 I’m playing a game of chicken with my clitoris, leaving it on as long as I can stand it before I yank it off post-orgasm. The Satisfyer, unlike the Womanizers, is completely waterproof and they say that using it under water makes it even more intense – I don’t have a tub, but I don’t think I’d want it to be more intense. This is coming from someone with a self-proclaimed clit-o-steel, a clitoris that responds well to deep, rumbling pinpoint vibrations.

Just like the Womanizer, the Satisfyer Pro 2 doesn’t rely on vibration or true suction, it relies on pulsating air. When you combine this forced air with a nozzle that creates a seal there will be a tiny, teeny bit of suction going on but after experiencing an item with actual, intentional suction I can tell you that one shouldn’t buy a Womanizer or Satisfyer expecting clitoral suction.

Satisfyer Pro 2 compared to the Womanizer W100 and Womanizer W500 - who will win the crown?

In the time since I originally reviewed the Satisfyer Pro 2 , there have been changes to the Satisyfer line-up and the Womanizer products and these changes affect my overall opinion.

If you…

  • Have certain mobility issues, flexibility issues, grip issues, or a larger body: Womanizer PRO40 has the best button placement & ergonomic design
  • Are curious about the tech and wonder if it’ll work for you: Satisfyer 1 is cheap enough to test, get you by for a few months & then upgrade if you want
  • Agree that intensity navigation is important but can’t afford the Womanizer PRO40: Satisfyer 2 is your only option
  • Don’t have grip issues, don’t have small hands, and want the best quality: Womanizer Deluxe (W500) is the top pick for many
  • Prefer rechargeables, but can’t afford the PRO40: Satisfyer Pro 2 is slightly better than Satisfyer Pro Penguin in a pro/con list
  • Care about supporting an ethical company: Womanizer PRO40 and Womanizer Deluxe (W500). For more info, read on
  • So far seem to have a definite preference for wands vs pinpoint stim: Buy a Doxy.
  • Like pinpoint stimulation but have a notoriously picky clitoris, and prefer rumbles: Womanizer PRO40. Satisfyers can feel too buzzy!

Update: Please see this post for information on the new and old version of the Satisfyer Pro 2, as well as how the Satisfyer and Womanizer models compare: 

My thanks to Shevibe for sending me a Satisfyer Pro 2 in exchange for my unfailingly honest review. SheVibe is also the generous sponsor of my upcoming trip to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit 2016.







  1. really, 20, if I want to try out a little more and then get back to the first setting

18 Responses

  1. FieryRed says:

    I love the toddler/teen/adult analogy! Seems very apt.

    What a choice – good, apparently innovative technology wrapped in misogyny and stereotypes at astronomical prices, or decent copycat tech in a much more palatable package and price. If only those epi24 people could have hired the design and marketing team that created the Satisfyer.

  2. Tzipora says:

    I’m seriously intrigued. Almost too powerful at times for you?! Finally maybe something for “medication clit” (in my case from narcotics which admittedly is easier to work around the antidepressant related sexual side effects but as it stands I find myself putting off med doses to try and come but then I’m in pain so what a shit trade off…) Also always been a fan of bath tub play and remember the revel body? People claimed the suction side was amazing under water. Using the Satisfyer under water reminds me of that but probably better.

    I know I have repeatedly been saying I ant the W500 and well, can’t seem to bite that $220 bullet. Especially since I’m hoping to move by the fall so gotta save money. I might just have to give the Satisfyer a try. Ironically I think my fondness of WeVube Tango has luterally changed my preferences. Always liked indirect stimulation. Like pre- sex toys in my life I always got off grinding against my hand or an object then was a big Hitachi fan. I recently acquired a very low priced Lelo SmartWand Large from a shop with questionable sales techniques (they sell below MSRP, I know thats bad but I felt okay buying a Lelo toy that way) who was liquidating their Lelo inventory. I was disappointed by it honestly. The head is rounder the Hitachi which I guess I tended to angle for more intensity and something a bit more pinpoint. Have been bummed out by most toys I’ve bought in the last year and just use that Tango almost every time. So saving some momey to try the whole Satisfyer or Womanizer style is appealing. Ive already wasted too much money on things I don’t use so…

    Thank you for doing this very helpful comparison post. I suspect if I end up really liking the Satisfyer I’d eventually shell out for a Womanizer. Or maybe it will tide me over until a waterproof version 3 Womanizer comes out. I can’t even recall the last time any toy anywhere near the $60 range (at least one that vibrates) caught my eye.

  3. Kalliopeia says:

    “Jesus Fuck On Wheels This Is Intense” it THE BEST header I have seen in ages, maybe ever.

  4. Dandemort says:

    Do you find the feeling is less intense if you’re more aroused beforehand? I know for me that seems to make things way more pleasurable and less WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP!!!!

  5. Giovanni Agnes says:

    Do you know if the new silent version is now out, and how is it distinguishable from the other in retail stores?

  6. Lucy Nelson says:

    What do you think of the new Satisfyers?

  7. Haven’t tried them! If/when I do, they’ll get their own review if needed, or if not then I’ll give them a mini review and add to the Womanizer vs Satisfyer comparison post.

  8. Lucy Nelson says:

    Oh cool, thank you! I’m torn because the new ones are even more tantalizingly cheap… Looking forward to that!

  9. I’d be wary of buying through Amazon.

    Where I mention 5 settings, I’m mentioning the Womanizer W100 by name, and I am comparing the settings on these to the Satisfyer which “With the Satisfyer Pro 2 you have to cycle through 11 settings”.

    I do not feel that the Satisfyer and Womanizer are THAT different that one could get you off and the other couldn’t UNLESS you were using the older version of the Satisfyer Pro 2, which kinda started off at “whoa that’s a bit….much”.

    You kinda have to like pinpoint clit stim to like these, so they may just not be your thing! If you love wands a lot a lot, then that’s the other clue.

  10. Rhianna Dawnelle Hamilton Wear says:

    Love it. Except the the silicone piece kept coming off and due to that I have lost it. I don’t think I can replace that separately and now I believe I will have to order a whole new toy which is a bummer

  11. There’s a warranty! I am pretty certain that if you contact them, they’ll send you more heads. So far whenever any bloggers have contacted them about the other models having issues with being actually waterproof the company went above and beyond to get that taken care of.

  12. Rhianna Dawnelle Hamilton Wear says:

    I don’t have papers or anything so maybe this is worth looking into? Because damn it’s my favorite toy.

  13. Do you have the box? That’s usually important. Where did you buy it? Either way I’d try just emailing them. they may ask for proof or purchase to know the purchase date, though.

  14. You should be fine, hopefully they won’t be problematic on following through. Let me know if they are!

  15. Tonia says:

    There is a pack of replacement tips available on Amazon. Satisfyer Pro 2 – 5 Pack of Tips / Caps

  16. Strangely the link didn’t transfer into your comment, just the name of the product.

    That said – Nooooo no no no no. I’d recommend staying farrr away from it. Those aren’t made by Satisfyer and I’d be very wary of the material and fit. I know I’m much more cautious than most but I can’t recommend that.

    If you have any trouble reaching out to Satisfyer, let me know. I have a few contacts I can try.

  17. margievarner says:

    I got the satisfier pro with a cord that has the 2 ball connecter on one end and a flat connecter on the ther . Are we supposed to have a charge box ??

  18. I’m not sure what you mean by a “2 ball connector”. I’d suggest emailing the manufacturer or your retailer.