Is your Clitoris a Lefty or a Righty?

rightyclit2For a lot of people who like direct stimulation to their clitoris / clitoral shaft (the external part), they find that one side is usually more sensitive than the other. For me I usually have no hope of orgasm unless that tiny spot is stimulated in some way – whether it’s super pinpoint stimulation or moderately-focused-yet-powerfully-rumbly stimulation.

I first noticed this years ago when I found the first vibrator that mostly worked for me – a cheap pocket rocket – and noticed that I had to angle it just so to hit that tiny little spot on the right side of my clitoral shaft. This spot is so sensitive that a vibrator that is only semi-powerful and mostly rumbly can bring me to orgasm yet a super-powered broad-stimulation wand style vibrator is hit-or-miss. Despite the many wands I’ve reviewed, they’re really not my favorite and I could happily avoid them forever. If they’re buzzy, too? Ew, nope. Never gonna happen.

So after a reader found my review on the aforementioned vibrator where my strange analogy went something like this:

“My clitoris, which is a righty btw, responds just fine to some pressure and localized vibrations to the magic spot there on the right side. Many vibrators can’t get to that exact location because they’re too big or the vibrations don’t travel well enough to reach that spot. My clitoris isn’t on Main Street, it’s in a gazebo on the town green surrounded by land with only one sidewalk leading to it and it can’t hear you from the road unless you’re loud .”

They promptly had a happy freak-out:

“THIS IS A THING THAT IS TRUE FOR OTHER WOMEN?????? I’ve never fucking told ANYONE this about myself, I was worried it was because I broke by body doing something wrong as a kid or something, I have always felt too ashamed to tell partners. And this is a THING? Having a clit that is a “righty”??? Sorry this is kind of life changing for me. I didn’t know other people were like this. Have you met other women like this? Do partners get it when you tell them? Thank you.”

Poll the Mob

For years I thought I was “broken” because my clitoris isn’t sensitive enough to orgasm from manual stimulation 95% of the time. I desperately want to prove to my dear reader that yes, THIS IS A THING and it’s not uncommon! I took to Twitter to ask how many people have a preference on the side; I asked if some have a sweet spot, but on both sides; and I asked if they have no sensitive spot at all. Then we get even more geeky and ask if the sensitive side corresponds to your dominant writing hand. And for most, it does. SEX GEEK.

There’s no normal. There’s no “broken”. There’s atypical, there’s fussy, but I can promise you, dear readers, that someone else out there is just like you. Whether you have a spot, or you don’t, you’re normal.

How to Pamper your Righty (or Lefty)

As for wondering if partners get it when I tell them? I would hope so! My husband has figured it out on his own due to my reactions. However I haven’t had sex with anyone that I cared to give directions to since I figured this out and understood it. Penises have sensitive spots, too. My husband has one little spot where I can do the slightest thing and get a big reaction, so why wouldn’t a clitoris be the same? I’ve found that most sexual partners want to know how to please you best, and how to make you scream out an orgasm. Most partners would *love* to be shown and told exactly what you need. If they are not receptive to this or somehow get offended? Ditch em or fire them from clitoral duty and do it your self.

Some of my favorite vibrators for pinpoint stimulation are: The Crave Vesper; the We-Vibe Tango (super intense and rumbly); the Iroha Kushi and Yoru (and probably the Tori, even though I haven’t tried it); the Leaf Fresh+.  If you don’t mind kinda-buzzy vibes consdier the Jimmyjane Form 2; but I’m reluctant to recommend it with the problems I hear. Maybe the Crave Duet? I really need to try one of them.


The photo for this post is a “pussy galore” pendant from this Etsy store; I thought that the little gemstone next to the pearl was a good illustration for the sweet spot, although mine is typically up a little higher – if you’re looking at the clitoris, my spot would be at about 10 or 11 o’clock.

12 Responses

  1. nadiawest says:

    This is something I only realized a few years back. Despite being a left-hander, my clit is definitely a rightly. Stimulation on the left side probably won’t bring me to orgasm, but I hold vibes on the right and it will get me there. It is fascinating to learn about women’s bodies and all our variations.

  2. I’m a righty, but my clitoris is a lefty (my left). My sweet spot is directly above my clit and under the hood between 12 o’clock and 1 o’clock. When I masturbate with a vibrator, I typically use a wand and mash it into my clit on the left side top.

  3. Erika Lynae says:

    This is so interesting! (Though as someone who finds pinpoint clit stimulation uncomfortable/painful, my body tensed up just reading this. ? )

  4. sayitwithsarcophilus says:

    I’m a lefty, but my sweet spot is actually right *below* the shaft, not off to the side.

  5. Fordy says:

    Not lefty nor righty.
    Instead i have to grind hard above the clit, almost on the pubic bone itself.
    Anyone else??

  6. Deryn Harris says:

    Yup, got a spot there, and one on the left despite being a righty.

  7. bikeleptic says:

    I’m a righty – clit’s a lefty. But it’s in a cup-de-sac, outside the hood, and dig way up under the clit on the left side with that good ol’ pocket rocket.

  8. I really love it..Many vibrators can’t get to that exact location because they’re too big
    or the vibrations don’t travel well enough to reach that spot.I think it is right…we have to do anything for it..

  9. Sole says:

    I always thought my clitoris was righty (right handed for writing too) but after lots of years of masturbating I discovered a tiny spot in the left side that also works, but not every day. Thanks to a recent landing on the world of vibrators (although I am quite old) I have discover that with some of them (womanizer and tango) I need to use the higher portion of the shaft. But what is amazing is that all of them feel different from one day to another. Try to teach that to your male partners…

  10. Pantophile Panic says:

    Am I ambiclitrous? It does not matter to me which side of my clitoris gets the most stimulation, but I have to hold my vibrators at kind of an upward pressure so that they lift my clitoral hood up enough to hit the correct spot.

  11. C. Poly says:

    My favorite part “Ditch em or fire them from clitoral duty and do it your self.” Lol! I’m a lefty. I recently found out that this was a thing, too. Before reading this, that is.

  12. Tzipora says:

    Forgive me for late replies (I’ve been out of the blog loop all summer so I guess I missed this) but I think you’ll be interested in my I don’t know… anomaly? Lol. Maybe I’ve even explained it to you before. I don’t recall. My clit is a righty, yes but if we’re talking magic spots well, my magic spot is beneath my clit really. I think honestly I’m somehow sort of achieving g spot stimulation externally like around my skeins glands (but the entire everything from just under my clit to there feels pretty damn good for me) because it feels rather similar to internal g spot stim which for me is also crazy awesome intense. I actually need to literally pull out a mirror and explore sometime because it’s something I discovered on accident with toys the last couple of years.

    But say I’m using my Tango. I tend to start and often stay with it a little to the right (but over my whole clit, I think I just like greater pressure on the right, personally). You know I’ve got some imorgasm trouble as well and it’s variable so some days that’s enough but when it’s not it’s almost a guarantee for me if I slide the Tango lower by maybe a centimeter? An inch? It’s not a lot and one of those moves I can’t explain but I know it when I feel it. It’s like next level intense and wonderful and awesome and will usually do it for me if I’m otherwise unable to orgasm.

    But I actually wonder if it still relates to the whole dominate hand theory and all. I’ve only adapted to become more of a pinpoint stimulation lover. I don’t actually know when I learned to masturbate because I’ve done it since I was a kid, like super super young and to orgasm (lucky me, I guess? Lol) and my method back then was to basically cup my cunt with my hand while laying on my stomach and grind against my firmly cupped hand. So broad stimulation and I kept my hand over the outer lips, not inside. What I’ve noticed is if I mimick that, my fingertips end up exactly at my “spot” below my clit. And that’s where a lot of pressure ends up. So I don’t know what came first, that masturbating that way made that area sensitive or that I masturbated that way because it was where I was most sensitive and always awkward to explain since while I don’t think I’m directly touching my urethra it’s near there.

    Underside of my clit too. I have to work up to that but I know part of the Tango method I described also involves sort of pushing up so it’s aimed more at the underside. I used to do that with wands (which were my first true sex toy love). And I suppose since grinding was my first love that still makes sense since rocking back and forth would I guess uh wobble the clit and clitoral hood like that?

    Phew, that was a long winded explanation. But I’ve never met anyone or been with anyone who gets off the way I do or favors the spot I do. I am very curious of how we first learn to masturbate effects sensitivity (or like I mentioned above if the sensitivity was already there and we learned the style or technique we did because it best hit that spot? Really hard to say for me especially since I don’t recall actually learning to masturbate. It was just something I’ve always known and done). The sharing the sensitivity with your dominant hand trend begs that question though. Heck maybe I like beneath my clit the best because as a kid I was actually pretty close to genuinely ambidextrous and can still relatively easily use either hand to get off or do most things.

    There’s some serious research potential here to this whole topic for sure.