Doxy Skittle Review

Doxy-SkittleWe’re so accustomed to being told what/who a sex toy is for that when a company makes an oddly-shaped vibrator for any gender….sometimes we kinda hold it in our hands and go “Okay, yeah, but….how do I USE this thing?”. With the Doxy Skittle there’s really no one right or wrong way and for that reason it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, there are a few factors that may make this a “no” for quite a number of people. But if you, like me, have a deep love affair with strong, rumbling, earth-shaking vibrations? Well, let me tell you about the Doxy Skittle.

Ok, But…How Do You Use It??

At first glance you’d think “oh, it’s a dual stimulator1” and yeah but nah (not for me). The only part that really vibrates is the pin. The external nub gets a fraction of the vibrations, a small fraction, and so it really serves more as a flare to allow you to use this toy anally if you wish.  The problem, for me, with using it internally is that the pin is fairly short (2.5″ long, 1.25″ wide). My g-spot is very shallow but this didn’t reach it. It DID provide EXCELLENT vibrations to my internal clitoris and it sang from across the alley to my g-spot but this wasn’t how I would fall for the Skittle.

I love using it externally. The problem is that it’s kinda big and kinda bulky and kinda weird; I don’t expect something that isn’t a wand to be tethered to the wall. I can’t really use the Doxy Skittle very well in my preferred position – sitting in my desk chair. The Skittle works best for me if I’m laying down and I bring my feet and knees closer to my body so that my thighs can be the support bridge for the Skittle. This keeps it in place nicely so that I don’t have to hold it 2. If I were thin and limber this position would allow me to reach behind my thighs to do dildo action…but I’m not. I kinda think that a dildo and the Skittle could actually work out well in a Liberator Pulse, but I can’t say for sure.  Maybe you’d just need a different Liberator Shape to hold the dildo for you. Yes, it seems like more work than some are willing to go through just to use a vibrator but for me, these vibrations are worth it. And I am sure there are other ways to hold it that would leave room for dildo’ing, but not for me. I have to position it this way, and I love to use it despite it’s oddities and limitations because hey, it feels good.  And yes, you’re seeing correctly, the control buttons are not on the vibrator itself. It’s a handpack, which transports me back to 2009. This handpack control thing might be a deal breaker for some because depending on how you use it you may need a hand for the Skittle, a hand for the controller and a hand for the….wait, no, you’re out of hands. We’re back to having something else hold the dildo for you, if that’s an ingredient you’re adding to the recipe. But for me, for the way I prefer to use the Skittle, this remote handpack deal works pretty damn well since I’m not holding the Skittle itself.

Oh, The Vibrations…

Doxy Skittle has the type of vibrations I love. I mean, I pretty much swooned over them in my video.

Are they the strongest on the planet? No – but they’re pretty strong. Are they strong enough for me? Yes. For me this is one of few vibrators (the Tango is another) that I use on lower speeds at first just because I don’t want to come too soon and I want to enjoy the feeling of the vibrations for longer. Like eating your dessert ever so slowly to stretch out the pleasure of the exquisite taste3, I need to stretch out the sensations of the Doxy Skittle.  It took me awhile to try and compare the vibrations of the Skittle to something else because they’re really not like most other vibrators. And on high it’s a LOT like using the spot attachment on the Wahl, but more gentle (because the Skittle is silicone and the Wahl attachments are….I don’t even know…hard something). It can be really intense directly on your clitoris, but also really nice laid out lengthwise between the labia. The shape isn’t perfect for a penis, in our opinion there are better options for a vibrator for the penis, but this could be awesome for someone with a smaller penis or larger clitoris. I still think that something like the Pulse for average-to-above-average penises is better than the Skittle, or even a wand like Mystic Wand.

The Mystic Wand on high is about the same power level as the Doxy Skittle on medium, but the Doxy Skittle is a lot more rumbling, by far. As I said the sensations are best compared to the Wahl on high which is more like jackhammering than vibrating. I would actually say that the Doxy Skittle on high seems to be just about as powerful as the Doxy Die Cast on high but again…it’s more concentrated with the Skittle and way more thuddy/rumbly. The Die Cast (and therefore Magic Wand and Regular Doxy) might seem more intense because of the surface area, since their heads are so broad. I tried to compare the Doxy Skittle to the Tango and I couldn’t really compare it. Like, my beloved Tango suddenly feels …. weak, almost4. Yet still for me the Tango is preferable. It’s the Mama Bear to my Goldielocks. It’s neither too weak nor too powerful. 99% of the time I do not have any trouble coming within minutes with the Tango if I want. I would say my success rate of “minutes” with the Doxy Skittle is more like 85% and I suspect that it’s simply because I really do need the pinpoint accuracy of the Tango to hone in on that tiny little spot on the right side of my tiny little clitoral shaft.  How does it compare to the L’amourose Rosa? Well, I really dig Rosa Rouge’s heating aspect for external play so it gets a leg up there, even though the Skittle is way more thuddy/rumbly and feels stronger. And I find that Rosa is easier for me to hold vs the Doxy Skittle. Doxy Skittle will rattle your damn bones if you tried to grip it at the base; which is why I try to find ways to use it where I don’t have to hold it.  My Lelo Smart Wand Large holds a special place because it is so much more rumbly than any other wand vibrator and I’d found that when I combined it with an attachment like the Vixen Gee Whizzard it concentrated the rumbly vibrations and made it lovely for internal OR external play. It reminds me of the Doxy Skittle in that way. I didn’t put the attachment on for the video, and I probably should have. Although, yes, the Skittle is more thuddy. What about a smaller “wand” like the Palm Power? Skittle wins. I hate that Palm Power, though.

I didn’t use this anally, and we won’t be trying that out here. I had my husband look it over and tell me if he thought that this would reach his prostate and he doesn’t think it will. But for someone with or without a prostate who really enjoys vibrations in the first few inches of their rectum (which is where so many nerve endings are), this would be amazing.

All in all, I think the Doxy Skittle a fucking wonderful vibrator with sensations you don’t often find. The price is really great (I consider anything under $100 to be great these days because we can’t have the moon). The Doxy Customer Service is awesome. It’s not perfect, it’s not going to be the vibrator for everyone, but it’s a worthy contender. The Skittle might end up being one of those vibrators where everyone you know who owns it and uses it, uses it differently.


Thanks to SheVibe for sending me this! You can get it from them for $89.99, free US shipping!

  1. And SheVibe even has it in the dual stim category
  2. but it does preclude any dildo action – this would be one of those times where a lovely, full vaginal plug would work best to provide pressure via fullness to my g-spot without the need for any manipulation by me. In short, the lazy masturbation set-up
  3. Because you’re on a fecking diet and sadly can no longer eat half the cake of 6 cupcakes
  4. Ok no, not really but it’s being eclipsed in power!

6 Responses

  1. WildOrchid says:

    Loving the review. You always get to the bottom of the matter. Can’t wait until you have the Rumble with the attachments!

    The water displacement video really hits home!

    I’m wondering why they didn’t make the pin an inch longer. It would be enough to reach the g-spot or prostate… on the other hand I can imagine that for a lot of folks the perfect way to use it will be to rest the “platform” on the pubic bone and let the pin lie down against the clit. So the length might be optimized for that.

  2. Tzipora says:

    I really need to experiment more with mine but I’m also thinking I really should give the Wahl a try. I’ve almost picked one up literally every time I’m in the pain care section of a drug store (I’m buying icyhot or new wrist braces and suddenly my clit is all “hey! Hey! Remember me! I waaaant that!”) Though I’m all out clit bruised since I got my replacement Tango (so much more love for it now that it doesn’t die so quick! But my wrist is still not loving it at all). But you may have sold me on the Wahl saying it felt simialr to the Skittle. And for $15-20, why not? Because eh I feel like the Skittle is close to being awesome but too many ways that it just isn’t quite. And I truly believe I am even more of a power queen than you. Lol.

  3. Tzipora says:

    Honestly even with the platform on pubic bone external use you mentioned, I STILL wish it had more length. There’s so much potential in the Skittle but so many ways it just doesn’t hit the mark. It feels like it is so very close to being an incredible, power queen type, multitasking toy but for me, it doesn’t quite do anything as well as I hoped.

    And I agree. Can’t wait to hear Lilly’s review of the Rumble. I am so excited for that!

  4. Space0ctopus says:

    God, do I know just what that is like! Stupid pain meds dulling the senses, especially down there. Stupid disability. Stupid bodies being stupid, why can’t they just be nice to us? :P (seriously, my oxycodone just kills me in that area. Sensitivity levels are extremely low!) Wish I could find something similar to the hitachi, but since they don’t exactly make them anymore….

  5. Tzipora says:

    Yes! I’m on Oxycodone also and Fentanyl patches. I think half the temperamentalness is dependent on how far I am from my last Oxy dose basically. But being on the patch too I’m so far from my non med baseline (as a kid or teen I could get off for hours on end again and again with just my hand so easily. Still think my hand would do it but disability totally prevents that! Ugh!). Stupid body being stupid sums it up so well. Haha.

    Hitachi is still being made, just without the name attached. They call it Magic Wand Original basically. I’m assuming you’ve seen the rechargeable one? I can’t justify it because I have a plug in one that works fine (and it’s my second because my cat chewed the cord up on my first!) But the rechargeable has several extra speeds which I think would come in handy. I don’t know though. I don’t use mine as much these days because it really irritates me. I’ve got sjorgrens syndrome so my immune system is attacking mucus membranes and my skin is ultra scaly and dry in general so while it will irritate my clit when I’ve spent two hours trying to get off (but ha, maybe that’s the issue, the two hours!) But even short term seems to irritate more of my outer labia like beneath the hair so there’s no easy way to just add lube or something if that makes sense. Ouch that hurts though! And gosh I don’t have the energy or desire to shave (which might only make it worse anyhow) but how to moisturize that skin, I haven’t fully figured out. So laying off Hitachi.

    I think if you like Hitachi you’d probably like the regular Doxy wand. The Skittle has an awesome rumble but I wish it was more powerful, but the Doxy wand is so, I don’t have one but using the Skittle makes me want one. That and my eye is on the Swan Wand. I’ve heard a lot of comparisons between it and Hitachi. Was out of stock on SheVibe when I did my black Friday binge or that was what I planned to buy. Hoping to in January or February. And I know Lilly said she will be reviewing it. That one can be used internally too so I figure if all else fails, I personally like internal vibes and don’t need as much power there so it will have a use if it won’t do it for me otherwise.

    Anyway, from one disabled person still trying to enjoy their sexuality to another, good luck! And it kind of made me happy to see your reply, just in a oh my gosh someone else so gets it sense.

  6. Mandi says:

    Yet again, your praise for the vibrations (plus that awesome video comparison) have me swooning!