Dec 072015

So it looks like this year we had a LOT of trouble with the newsletter points options1. Seems a lot of people were confused because they *could* choose both options, despite my best efforts to explain it to death. The next giveaway won’t  include bonus points for being a subscriber I guess, just points for joining new. 


Before I announce the winners I need to tell you this. Despite giving away 7 gorgeous Pure Wands and a glorious Eleven, I wanted to do more. Give more. I had so many people enter (which proves to me how awesome Njoy is because this is maybe the best turnout I’ve had) and I wished I could give away even more. So guess what? Haha, yes, I thought up something else crazy and now my email subscribers have a chance to win ONE OF THREE gift cards every month in 20162.

  • Crystal Delights hopped on right away, offering up a $50 gift card every month to one lucky winner.
  • Shevibe is also offering up a $50 gift card every month to one lucky winner3.  Hey, this covers half the Pure Wand!
  • I’ll also have a small indy shop gift card every month, probably $25, from either Early to Bed in Chicago, Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis or Come As You Are in Canada!4

I’ll have restrictions; things like “don’t sign up for my newsletter from more than one email account per person” because that’s just cheating. And the love is going to be spread out amongst my readers, so only one winner per household per company (if you win a Crystal Delights card you might still be eligible for Shevibe, but not another CD card). Every month, email subscribers will have access to a secret page on my site where they can put their hat in the ring for a card. I’ll be using Rafflecopter just to gather the info, make sure you’re 18, etc.  But basically, there’s a whole lot of win for a lot of people.

Some things people requested I review/write about that WILL be happening: A lube guide; lube reviews (basically part of the guide); more info on glass toys; the Flex by Crave; a guide about using a silicone sex toy vaginally and anally; a jar with both shitty materials and silicone; more reviews on affordable, body-safe sex toys; the Tantus Rumble vibe; terrible toys with scathing reviews – don’t worry, I’m certain that will happen; Swan Wand.

Some things people requested I review/write about that sadly, will not be happening: Nipple toys – just not my thing; Bad Dragon toys – not my thing, not real sure about supporting them; butt plugs – we’re not butt plug fans here (but hey it’s a guest review sitch I’m open to discussing). Harnesses – I LOVE my Aslan Minx which I should probably write about, but otherwise I don’t have anyone to USE a harness on and that feels like a pretty important thing. I suppose I could just report on how well it’s made, if it fits me (being fat), etc.

A bunch of you requested that I review the newer Lelo stuff. I’m reluctant to give them the business, frankly, which is also a post I might need to write but I can’t deny that many people love them and want to hear about them. I’ll work on it!


Winners have 48 hours to respond – if someone doesn’t respond I will draw a replacement winner.  If this is you, check your email and get back to me! I want to get these in the mail ASAP.

Twitter Contest@maybegasoline & @techjeeper

Tumblr Contestboneslikeporcelain, cactus-wren-bd, & Minxymilly

Blog ContestDov & Cathy

Eleven – Sophie Rose

I admit, it was hard. It kinda broke my heart not to be able to fulfill as many winners as I actually wanted to, especially on reading some of the “why I want to win” answers. I wished for 20 more Wands, honestly. I’m a greedy giver! Hopefully though the gift card contest can help out those who didn’t win today.

  1. I also had a number of people not follow the instructions for the comment on the post for Blog Readers contest, so if you commented but didn’t include the 3 things then that’s why your entries were invalid. Gotta read the instructions. folks, I tried to make things simple this year.  If you see that your entries count went away, that’s because I had to make a shocking number of people’s entries invalid because they entered the blog readers only giveaway AND social media giveaways. I made it super clear, and clear that I’d disqualify.
  2. Hey maybe it could be one of four, never know! I’m still waiting to hear back from a few people!
  3. US, Canada, UK and AU only
  4. This one is subject to change, as we’re still hammering out details with some of the shops

  5 Responses to “7 Wands for 7 Years Winners PLUS I Become Sex Toy Oprah”

  1. Man, that is EXCITING to see someone I know win something! Congratulations to all the winners!

  2. Congrats to the winners!

    I’m a wee bit bummed but probably couldn’t have gotten full usage from the wand. I am glad the contest got you and me chatting some though. You are absolutely one of the sweetest bloggers around and woot woot for the gift card thing. Oh my gosh, that’s incredible!

    And you know I’ve been rattling on about that Swan Wand so I can’t wait to hear what you think! I just saw it’s back in stock on SheVibe.

    Do you know if there’s an actual date Tantus has set on when they’re releasing the Rumble? I haven’t been this excited for a sex toy maybe ever. I genuinely hope and kind of expect it to be the wand to end all wands. ;)

    Would be curious to read your Lelo post. I feel so meh about them these days too. I love my original Gigi and could take or leave my Luna Beads and otherwise I have held and tried and looked at a lot of their newer stuff and I just feel so meh. Nothing is unique anymore anymore and so many other luxury or high end brands are making better products and often for less money and way less of the douchey marketing crap. That and seems they keep putting out a lot of ridiculous duds. They’ve really killed their own image I think. How many customers spent $200ish on an Ora or hula beads or whatever only to hate it and never want to buy from them again, right?

    I do sort of wish more companies would do what Lelo does as far as being able to change the intensity level on patterns though. It’s a great feature and I know lots of folks don’t like internal vibration or are meh to them but I find internal vibes rock if they are doing something noticeably different than the vibes on your clit. Pulsation rocks internally for me and apparently a number of others for g spot and prostate stimulation and being able to amp that up gradually is a lot of fun. That and my Gigi still holds a charge way longer than most rechargeables but at this point the two best things about Lelo have been out there almost a decade now and seems they’re long out of truly useful ideas for the most part…

  3. I’m excited to see you review of the rumble, but I really wish they would have gotten you an early model to test. I’m already signed up for mine and I have high hopes, but I’m always wary of buying sex toys that I haven’t been able to check out in person.

  4. They didn’t have them to give! I was able to handle one briefly at Woodhull, but I couldn’t obviously compare it to other wands and really get a feel for it. Had I known there would be a crowdfunding (if they told us, I missed that) I would have paid better attention to it, to better advise others.

  5. I remember you mentioning seeing one at Woodhull somewhere when I was hunting around to see if ANYone had been able to review one. No luck though so I will just cross my fingers. And spend the next 2 days furiously debating if I want to up my indiegogo contribution to include the 3 heads…so very tempting…

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