The Best Sex Toys of 2015 (and the worst, too)

The Best Sex Toys of 2015 (and the worst, too) - Featuring the L'amourose Denia and Prism V, Womanizer, Doxy Skittle, Tails and Portholes Nereid Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo, Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5, Doc Johnson Truskyn, We-Vibe Rave. THE BEST SEX TOYS OF 2015

I actually reviewed LESS this year than I thought I did. I blame it on buying a house and moving. I’ll do better in 2016. So I had to be picky about the things on my list and really only pick things I LOVED for the Best Sex Toys of 2015. Bonus this year: Video!1Things I pick up and use again, and again and mourn when they run out of charge. The L’amourose Denia is one of those, despite it being a dual-stimulation vibrator. I usually hate those! But the flex technology that some hate, I actually love. It made the thing so much more comfortable and fit me like a gorgeous, rumbly glove. The L’amourose Prism V is another one for the records. Powerful and rumbly (better than Mona 2 or Uma) and with a perfect head, the likes of which I haven’t seen since the Pure Wand. My g-spot likes the Prism V that much, y’all. Despite my lack of real review yet (does the video pre-review count? It’s gonna have to) the Womanizer is on the list. I agonized over it, but hey….it’s niiiice. With the Pure Wand in tandem it’s even nicer. My husband is all about that Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo, it’s probably like his version of L’amourose – powerful, rumbly and unique. Of course there’s the Doxy Skittle, that baffling little bastard, I like a LOT. Finally, this dildo from Tails and Portholes over at Etsy. Custom made to whatever color combos your heart desires, and it’s a soft silicone, too! Please, check her out. The only tough thing will be making a decision on your colors!

Best Thing That Wasn’t a Sex Toy:  Stealing this idea from JoEllenWoodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit. I wrote a love letter, basically, so just read that if you hadn’t already. It’s hands-down the best sexuality conference I’ve ever been to. Kudos to Ricci Levy, The Board, and the Volunteers for making it so amazing. The little tidbits I am hearing about the 2016 Summit are making me so excited because it’s going to be even better, if that’s possible. Yes, my mention of the Summit in my video reduced me to tears. You didn’t think I was such a sap, did ya?

Honorable Mention: The Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5. I love the vibrations and feel that their G5 line is finally powerful enough for me to rave about. I appreciate the flexible body because not everyone likes a rigid vibrator.

Let’s Keep an Eye on These for Next Year: AKA More Testing Necessary: First up is the We-Vibe Rave. It arrived on my doorstep Wednesday and while I’m super impressed by the power and the weird, assymetrical  design (which works as they say it will) the motor on mine is possessed. It shuts off randomly and then turns back on randomly; it’s done this twice, so it’s not for lack of a good charge. I have a feeling I’m really going to enjoy it but I need a functioning model before I can really lay down any promises. Next up is the Doc Johnson TruSkyn. Really, the whole line, but I have this one. I’m impressed by the dual density for an affordable price and impressed by the mix of realistic + non-realistic and even dual density butt plugs! But since so many are (rightfully so) skeptical about Doc Johnson (we’re not gonna ease up on you, Doc, til you banish that fuckin sil-a-gel shit), I need to test it. And that includes cutting it in half after I’m done using it to report back on the in-use feel. Too many are worried that it’s not truly solid silicone, so we’ll see!


The Jimmyjane Hello Touch X is my least-hated on the list, but it’s still on my shit list. Their unsafe, lack of educational instructions on how to properly use e-stim pissed me off and to boot the vibrations and shocks weren’t even very nice to use. The Dame Eva failed 4 out of 4 vulvas in my trials, and really ended up pissing me off with their claims of a powerful motor and the ability to stay put during sex. The Lovehoney Rockbox Finger is an atrocity that would only make sense as an April Fool’s joke. Fucking shameful waste of resources and other people’s money. Another controversial vibrator on the list is the Lelo Mona Wave. While I think I’ve read more negative reviews than positive,  a few really liked it. I found it boring, useless and overpriced. And finally, the Ooh by Je Joue. The whole collection, really. The Classic and Cock Ring were much worse fails than the mini thing that looked a lot like the Mimi but I hate the line overall because they didn’t try hard enough to make sure that every shape was going to live up to its full potential. The person who thought that the design of the Classic was actually worth selling should be slapped.

The Worst Marketing of 2015: This isn’t something that I mentioned in the video because I feared I would get too emotional and too enraged for words that human ears can hear. The Fifi is a cheap, crappy male masturbator sleeve that some bloggers agreed to review before checking out their social media. Admittedly, it’s not something we’d ever considered before – vetting out a company. But it has to be done. They had fat-shaming tweets, sexist tweets, racist tweets, sex-negative tweets, etc all written by the world’s biggest douchebro. There wasn’t a single meme that was as funny as they thought it was. It was horrifying and shameful. It was HURTFUL. I was in a lot of rage for a lot of days. I didn’t write about it on the blog (just a lot of tweets); but I did get to say a little bit of my piece when the company’s newest rep tried to contact me to review their shit product.

Runners-up in the Worst Marketing of 2015: Fleshlight and their new #nohojo marketing. Because yes, let’s follow Fifi in their technique-shaming approach to get people to buy a Fleshlight. They used to be a decent company so I don’t know what the hell happened. In the world of penetration masturbators and sleeves, Tenga is King Brand. Then there was that fucking “vagina beauty contest” which made me want to throw things because hello, disgusting and sexist and also: NOT A VAGINA.  I love how this article about the winners was all “oh we thought this would be a body-pos thing”! Um…..*cocks head* No.


I admit, for the first part of 2015 life was stressful. I spent the first few weeks agonizing if we would find a house in time (so that we wouldn’t have to sign another year of a rental lease) and then we found one and I spent 3 months dealing with the seller/selling agent from HELL. It was one of the most stressful times in our lives thus far. Then we got the house! Then the move. And it was all such a big deal for us, our first house, that I didn’t realize how much of my time it would suck up. It’s not the first time we’ve moved since I’ve started blogging, but this time it derailed me for months. My blog traffic had been extraordinarily high right up until the time we moved and then I had to back off from everything – social media, Reddit, writing, etc. So now I’m working to get back what I lost with the blog, and the crash hit my mental health took – turns out months of endless extreme anxiety followed by a briefly manic happy period then crash slowly into a depression. Who knew. There’s been a lot of mental health work in our house and one of us is working on getting on better meds while the other is just hoping a job change and focusing on her blog will be enough. Ahem.

For 2016 I’m not making resolutions, I’m making plans and wishes.  Blog profits are up, my mood is overall better and I attended the best sexuality conference of my life this year with concrete plans to attend in 2016. No more hoping that the timing is just right; I plan to do everything in my power to attend Woodhull’s conference. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away!

I have so many plans one would think I came up with the list on a manic high from a good mood swing, but no. It’s all been a long time coming. I want to redesign my blog header to incorporate my beautiful SheVibe drawing. I want to create a Library page where I pick and choose certain educational DVDs and books to recommend to you all. I definitely want to write and review more frequently. I plan to do the occasional video more; I’ve been told it makes me seem less angry/less scary and more human. I’m trying to go back to showing more of my humanity and realness here and on social media. The Great Glass Test post is coming along. The Lube Page is also nearly finished. While I still want to test brand new sex toys, I also want to focus on reviewing more affordable sex toys in the hopes I can find some great items under $50, or around it.  And of course all throughout 2016 I’m giving away gift cards to my newsletter subscribers – at least $100 worth of cards every single month ($50 to Crystal Delights, $50 to Shevibe and then usually a third card).

Personally, this year I need to focus on my health; losing weight, getting into a shape that isn’t “round” and taking care of my gallbladder. I tried to avoid it but I am going to have my gallbladder removed sometime in the next few months. It will be a big blow financially (insurance, yes, but a high deductible). We’ll also have a lot on our plate this spring at the house; the landscaping is a nightmare thanks to the terrible things the “flippers” did to the property and we want the place to look nice! I want a garden! I also need to escape the job I have right now and get into something where I don’t have a coworker who is a racist bigoted infuriating nightmare of a person.

What are your plans for 2016?

  1. My second video, and of course it was as stressful as the first one. I apparently, finally, have so much crap on my phone that I ran out of storage space! The first few video attempts had weird lag, and then would cut me off. Finally I saw the brief notification “SD card full”. Well, crap. My final attempt is what you see above, no edits. It’s raw, I’m weird, I cried, I rambled, I made funny faces. *shrugs* That’s just how I am. If I tried to make a perfectly polished professional video then you’d never see one at all! I hope you can accept this video as-is; these won’t happen often, and maybe I’ll get better at them but I’m trying to convey more….emotion, I guess, than what you can get in just words.

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  1. Wren says:

    My plans for 2016 are to get a decent job, my driver’s license, a shorter haircut so I can more easily continue to dye my hair eggplant purple, clear out my aunt’s junk she’s been storing in my bedroom, get rid of stuff I no longer need or want and get a new bed.

    I’d like to be able to get my life together enough that I can start experimenting with sculpting and silicone in my free time, but I’ve gotta clear up all these other things before I can make room for silicone experiments. Priorities and all that.

    Just watch as all my optimistic planning falls to the wayside by February/March and I get stuck in the same rut I was stuck in last year because no one in my family will back me up on clearing my aunt’s crap out of my room or helping me figure out the papers I need for the job and driver’s license ordeal because they’re all so busy with their own things to help me out. I’m pretty salty about all the failed plans that were made and then backed out on this year.

  2. I’ve sadly found that when someone proves they can’t be relied on once, they can’t be trusted to be relied on again. Hopefully you can find a way to accomplish these things without relying on flakey family members!

  3. A best-of!! Yay, thank you!!!

    My plans for 2016 are still slowly being formed, but I’m pretty excited for yours! I can’t wait to see the new header, read the lube post, and check out more “budget” toys — I don’t think I own and like a single vibrator under $50, which is a shame.

    Sending you lots of good vibes for a 2016 full of pretty gardens, great mattresses, and coworkers who aren’t monsters crammed into human-looking meatsuits! ;)

  4. If only the Winchester boys could send her back to hell……

  5. Kara_Sutra says:

    I absolutely love your videos! You’re so pretty and funny and real and I love the no bullshitness. Please do more of them, your so good on camera… and they remind me of how much fun I sometimes had making them… and how much I miss that. Definitely one of my resolutions for 2016; make more videos and have fun doing it.

    Side note: that Prism and WeVibe Rave. Wow. I can’t wait to read the reviews. #WANT

    Im sorry your 2015 wasn’t great, it wasn’t for me either (or a lot of pp I know). Here’s to 2016 and all of the wonderfully challenging things to come. I think in a years time you’ll be looking back over a beautiful snowy garden, in good health, with a better job, and much more money from your blog, saying “yup, that was a good one”. At least that’s what I’m wishing for you because you deserve it!

    *hugs* K❤️

  6. If you come to Woodhull in 2016 we should make a video together!

  7. Jillian Boyd says:

    Oh god, that Tails and Portholes dildo looks so gorgeous and squishy!

    Plans for 2016… not sure just yet. I’m probably going to be recovering from working during the holiday period for the next week, but after that I’ll happily assess what I would like to do. Hope you have a cracking year – I really don’t read your blog enough, so I will make it my business to change that!


  8. Kara_Sutra says:

    YES. WE. SHOULD. <3 <3 <3

  9. AR Broen says:

    thank you for such an honest and informative video blog. As a relative new comer to sex toys, I appreciate all of the hard work that you do. Your blog was one of the first that I discovered when I started my personal research project on what it means to have sex, This research project was started when my husband and I celebrated 30 years being married in 2012. I can relate about the gall bladder issues since I had mine removed in 2010. Just give yourself time to heal. Milk Thistle capsules can be a great help if your doctors say its OK. It has helped me before and after my surgery. I look forward to reading more reviews.

  10. I am taking a wide variety of supplments, but not milk thistle. what does it do for the gallbladder? I’m currently on beet root capsules, enzymes, betaine HCL, bile salts, and some days when I’m up for it, chanca piedra.

  11. Tzipora says:

    Not feeling well so I skimmed but OMG the new We-Vibe toy!!!!! Well, I told you they seriously rocked with replacing my Tango and got it to me super fast so I hope they get your replacement to you because I really, really need to hear this (my love for my Tango has grown so much since the replacement. Not even killing my wrist as much somehow. I guess because I can relax knowing it won’t die in 15mins). Bummer that they still appear to have serious quality control issues though. But oh my gosh I need that in my life right now!

    Curious to see how your testing on the new Doc Johnson stuff goes too. I know it will never be as awesome as my Mustang but yay for all that affordable nonrepresentational dual density, if it’s legit. Which reminds me since I see it in the name of these too… Can we trust their “platinum” silicone is legit silicone? I don’t even know what happened to it but somewhere I have a butt toy (looks kind of like the Tantus Ripple) from 6-7 years ago that was claimed to be platinum silicone. Should I ever find it again, can I trust it? Was suspiciously cheap if I recall correctly for a true silicone toy of its size (its bigger than the Ripple small but I think I paid about what the grab bag one sells for at Tantus) and given that was some years back I’m wondering now.

  12. sayitwithsarcophilus says:

    I hope that the TruSkyn stuff checks out. I know there’s a big market for body-safe soft toys out there, and not everyone can afford Vixskin.