Jul 272008

A few weeks ago I had a few prospects from my craigslist ad, all of which are now off the map. Last week I updated you guys on the status of them and introduced a 4th candidate.

Well, HotBoy#2, aka PiercedTongueGuy, didn’t work out. I’m really not sure why, perhaps his embarrassment at the brevity of our oral encounter got the better of him. It didn’t bother me, but alas. It’s not worth pushing for.

HotBoy#1 I did go out with, and that died right there. He is a salesman by day and it came through too much on our date. I can’t figure out why he wanted me so badly, but he just tried too hard. There were a few other reasons why I turned him down but I don’t want to badmouth a guy on here (despite the interesting offer of an orgasm in the mens room, I just couldn’t get into it, even tho bar-bathroom sex is up on my public-sex list).

The new contender I mentioned last week, the one who’s “not my typical type” – fuck that. I don’t have a type anymore. Thats a good thing ;) He continues to do so well in just online conversations, I am looking forward to meeting him in person soon. I’ve been sick with a bad headcold all week and I am just now getting over it. Hey, C, wanna go out this week? Email me, perhaps we can meetup for a drink or ….. something…. ;)

I keep posting CL ads, hoping to find a good FWB that lives really close by. Not only am I not happy with the results, but my goddamn ad on CL keeps getting flagged no matter what I do. There are so many rampart flagtards there that think 75% of the women posting are botters for sex sites, that it gets flagged! I mean really, my B&W shots that I’ve put up on this blog are certianly not “model” quality. My recent ad has no pictures, so I’m not getting as many responses.(I thought perhaps no pictures would keep it up longer) Men here don’t have the balls to put their own pic up in their ad, so trolling the M4W section is pointless.

I am back “home” with my mother this weekend. Oh joy, oh rapture, oh joy. It is nothing but one long headache. I was in the lighting store with her today, trying to figure out how to subtly pick up the guy who was helping us out. I have turned into a scoper! Every decent looking man I cross paths with now, I imagine him naked! Do you know how hard it is to talk to your mother about what is new and interesting in your life?? My mother and I have never been close, and she certainly would not approve or or understand anything that I’m doing right now.

I have a question for you, readers. Should I continue on with my erotic fiction posts? I’ve done 2 stories now, broken down into 2 parts each. I don’t get as many comments on them, but I happen to think they’re good. (are they?) Should I continue on with the erotica, perhaps one a week? You can comment anonymously if you wish on this matter, I’ll never know who you are.

  6 Responses to “Still still searching…(and more randomness)”

  1. I think your erotic fiction posts are excellent! I love them! I would keep writing them, assuming you have time.

    I will say, though, that my favorite posts tend to be the ones focusing on the real life day to day adventures of trying to get laid (like today’s post.)

  2. I’d keep writing. You enjoy it, it will make you a better writer, and they’re hot.

    What’s not to like about that?

  3. You should continue posting your erotic fiction… or non-erotic if you have any…

    I love to read about you, your life, what you are thinking, but it’s also great to read what your dirty little mind can come up with.

    Keep it up, and I’ll do the same (nudge nudge, wink wink).

  4. Please Continue with your stories, i may not comment, but i do love reading them ;)

  5. love the pic!
    and good luck with the guys.

    The erotica is good. It seems though if they are long they don’t get as many comments on anyones blog.

    just a thought.

  6. Thanks guys :) My comment moderation got fucked up and here I thought nobody loved me ;)

    Riff – I’m in the middle of a dry spell. I need a few decent men to come fuck me senseless. But not so senseless I can’t write about, lol.

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