Jul 232008

Lest you all think I’m nothing but a Marylin-Monroe-sex-kitten sorta girl…. let me show you another side. I’m a geek girl.

I spend way too much time on computers, and I can fix them, too. If given the choice, and I know you’ll be shocked by this, I’ll spend my money on electronics above all else.

My current I-can’t-afford-this-shit-but-I-crave-it list:

  • GPS for my car – I get lost frequently. No damn sense of direction.
  • A set of good speakers for my Ipod Nano
  • A set of good speakers for my car – I blew out the front speakers completely. Ripped the entire way around.
  • A replacement really good car stereo, with a touch-screen and Ipod hookup
  • A laptop
  • iPhone
  • Fucking Machine – sorry, I had to throw one expensive sex toy in there ;)

And then there’s kitchen stuff….we won’t go there, as I don’t have a house to put it all in.

  8 Responses to “I’m a Geek. No, really. I am.”

  1. Ah, girl, I hate the iPhone!
    It’s old tech masquerading as something new and fancy!

    I do approve of your desire for a fucking machine, however… just don’t make one yourself.
    I can see the headlines now:
    “Woman electrocuted by Robo-cock.”

    My phone has GPS, by the way… although, Britain is so small it is hard to get lost.

  2. LOL – would never make my own, Mickey. Too much room for error.

    No I want the GPS that tells me where to go, tells me the closest gas station when I realize I’m in the middle of nowhere and nearly out, and all that jazz.

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    that last one u said is me!
    I am free….
    just sayin

  4. I’m with you on the kitchen stuff… Damn, would I love to pimp my kitchen!

    Actually, I’m with you on the electronics too.

    As for sex toys, yup! That too! But maybe Robo-cock isn’t such a bad idea. Nothing like DIY sex toys… Hey, maybe that could sell?

    Anyway, hi, just saw your blog, thought I’d drop a line ;)

  5. I try to use the phrase ‘Robo Cock’ at least once a day.


  7. Hi just discovered you site, you blew out your front car speakers?
    My goodness what were you playing!?

  8. Welcome new people =) I hope to see more of you guys!

    Elle – a girl after my own heart. We would get along so well!

    Jimmy – I don’t freakin know! I listened to alot of Evanescence back then, but I also always pepper in with dance/club/pop music, all bass-heavy. I just play it loud.

    Really. Loud. With stock speakers. You do the math, lol :P

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