Jul 282008

“Can I call you?”

We had been talking for awhile on IM and we were both being naughty at work, except that he had an office, whereas I don’t. I had only been talking to him for a few days and it’s not like me to give out my number or talk to someone so early on, but I was so aroused I didn’t care. I hesitated mainly because I was at work, at my desk, and couldn’t just leave. Even if I could, where would I go? He didn’t care, he said I didn’t have to say anything other than pretend it was a business call for anyone walking by my desk.

So I agreed.

” ____ office, how can I help you?”

I had to sit there, poker-faced, pretending that this was a vendor and not an incredibly sexy man breathing sexy lascivious words over the phone, moaning and panting. He would ask me the occasional yes or no question, but mostly painted me a picture with his voice. Oh that voice…a little deep, gravelly with arousal he just embodied sex in words alone. As if my cunt weren’t already wet and throbbing, hearing him climb closer to orgasm was almost torture. As people walked by my desk he came. Moaning beautifully “fuuuuuck” I could just tell it was a damn good orgasm and I was close to one myself even though I could not touch myself. Flushed and damp I hung up the phone and immediately ran for the restroom where I furiously rubbed my clit to a fairly quick orgasm. It was such a test of will to stay silent.


“I can’t leave work yet, but I need to hear you cum, I’ve been thinking about it all day. Will you leave me a voicemail as you’re cumming?”

Another first. I had to consider how long voicemail usually lets you ramble on, and time everything just right.

I got to my car, started it up, and shed as much clothing as I dared from my lower half. There was a train sitting up on the tracks behind my lot and from his elevated height I wasn’t sure how much into my car the conductor could see. Fuck it. I dipped my finger in and moaned at the sheer pleasure of just one finger on my clit, having held off with my vibrator for so long earlier at my desk. I left the vibrator sitting next to me while my finger circled my swollen clit. My breathing labored and my chest flushed, the scent of my dripping wet cunt filling the car, I dialed his number. I was already so close and his damn long voicemail greeting wasn’t helping matters.

“I am sitting here in my car, pussy exposed and dripping onto my car seat, so close to cumming for you. But I can’t hold back any longer, I need to cum, right now. I’m pressing my vibe to my clit and OOOOHHHHHHH FUCK” I lost all control of my brain, I couldn’t form words any more, just moans and deep breaths. Within seconds of the vibe hitting my clit I felt the tingle coursing through my blood, my chest constricting and my face flushing. A mere minute later I came – loudly. As soon as I could speak and my brain remembered that I was leaving a voicemail I finished up – “Listen to this when you jerk off later, and have fun thinking about me”.

  9 Responses to “Can I Call You?”

  1. Nothing sexier than a voicemail like THAT!

    Feel free…


  2. Mickey – I just might ;)

  3. nice blog keep up the good work
    Anil Kapoor.

  4. Cunning – no sweetie, only you would do that ;)

  5. OMG..what an awesome message to listen to over and over.

  6. Ah, phone sex in stages! I would love to have gotten that message!

  7. Em – I found out later that, even though we had had a falling out and did not speak for over a month, he kept the message ;)

    Riff – Anytime hon….

  8. That’s hot! Both stories, in fact.

  9. holy crap sweetness. that was delicious. i wish i knew more of what he said though. sometimes torture is a good thing

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