Jun 282010

Ask any heavy woman and she’ll most likely admit to have some (or many) moments of feeling a perceived shame against her, just for her weight. I say perceived because the majority of people are not rude enough to say to your face how disgusted they are by your excess fat or your healthy appetite. And by “to your face” I mean in person. Bloggieland gives many people false bravado and arrogance. Why do we assume they’re giving us the body-check-glance and thinking all sorts of negative things? Probably because of the internet, to be frank. Because we can read their thoughts that they feel safe in saying to the faceless nameless crowd. Perhaps some overweight women were also overweight in the years of primary school and high school, when children can be downright mean. We might feel like shit when we realize we’re the largest person in the room. We might purposely under-eat when

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Jun 132010

This question was very simply asked of me recently on my Formspring. It seems to be a very popular question for men to ask of women. Is it perhaps those that might fall into the smaller-than-average camp doing the asking so that they hear more women say “No, it doesn’t matter” to bring up their confidence? Or are too many men made to think that anything less than 7″ is considered to be small? Britni recently addressed something similar, regarding being a size queen with dildos but not with bio-cock. I’m pretty much the same as her. I am most definitely a size queen when it comes to my sex toys…but there’s a reason for that. Using a dildo is very VERY different from how I get fucked by a guy. The angle, the force behind it, the speed, etc. When I’m using a really fat dildo, I tend to barely move it at all.

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Jun 102010

I’m too lazy and tired and wrung-out to post anything of worth. It’s like my right-brain just up and left me. So you get this boring conglomeration of snippets. I added an option to subscribe to my updates via email. It’s not different than what you’d see in the RSS feed, it’s just that I know some people don’t use a feed reader or would prefer another method. The emails go out every morning that they’re needed…..no new post, no email. The email will contain the entire post, photo and all. There’s a link in my blog sidebar up near the top. Just click, fill out your info, and be sure to look for the verification email from Feedburner to ensure you’ll receive the updates. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I’ve decided to try Formspring again, except this time it’s in my blog

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Jun 072010

I no longer consider myself “bicurious”, and I haven’t for a number of years. But some days I still feel that way, due to a lack of even one good Girl Date.

I’ve been with women sexually…..less than a half dozen, all encounters that happened through either planning to have sex or something similar. I’ve never actually *dated* a woman. Not for lack of trying!

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May 302010
Sex Slang (words I hate)

There are certain sex slang words that when used in earnest turn me off completely. I hate them no matter what, but if they are used in a hot erotica piece….I lose interest. Thankfully I have never been with anybody that’s dared to utter these in person, it might result in some very unpleasant visceral reactions from me. At the top tip of my list is the word “dong”. Some people and sites will tell you that there is a difference between a dong and a dildo, and I’m telling you: I don’t give a flying fuck. “Dong” is an Onomatopoeia and I’m not going to use it when referring to a hunk of silicone that I fuck myself with. No. The rest are just self-explanatory euphemisms for cocks, cunt and asshole. And I hate them. Fully and with the utmost conviction. What are your words? ETA: I had to update my own jumble bc

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May 272010

I’ve been traveling a good bit lately. Washington State to see Coy Pink a month ago; NYC back in March; a couple of weekends doing computer work for a friend a few states away and dropping in on Debauched Diva. Of course, certainly not as much traveling as Mollena, who has become an expert on packing. I tried to follow the packing guide on the link she gave (here) thinking that surely if other women can pack for 7-10 days in a *carry-on* I should be able to as well. Right? I blame my mother. No, seriously. Hear me out. As a kid, our vacations were usually these epic cross-country trips. West, south, northeast, Canada, etc….all done in an RV. Now, granted, we were going to be gone for 2-3 weeks and all but still. She packed everything possible. We almost never had to track down a Kmart to buy a necessary item. Every scenario

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