Nov 152009

There are so many curves that I love, many of them pertaining to the female form. But this particular curve catches my eye sometimes, as it did this particular night.

It’s the curve where the top of a woman’s breast flattens to collarbone, the curve that gets pronounced when she is wearing a bra with amazing support. Certain bras will give us this support from the bottom up, and if no bra strap or clothing is able to meld into that dramatically pronounced sudden curve, it becomes this deliciously perverted little spot.

Something like this:


With this kind of support our breasts are elevated – held aloft against gravity – as if resting on a shelf. When we walk the tops of our breasts move and jiggle and draw in the eye.

She was wearing either an amazing bra or a corset under her dress. I couldn’t tell. The wide-neck and low cut dress was sexy without going over the top but her tits with that jiggle and that space and that uplift made it almost obscene. I stared in awe and appreciation, lust and arousal. I equally wanted to touch as much as I just wanted to ask what she was wearing underneath in the female-camaraderie way of “Wow your tits look fabulous, where did you get the bra?”

I did neither, in the end.

I just stared.

And there’s really nothing you can do about this spot other than stare. It’s like fine art in that way – gallery-worthy. Touching doesn’t enhance. Licking doesn’t transform. All you can do is gaze and hope that you can successfully walk the line between an appreciative stare and a lecherous ogle.

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  17 Responses to “That Curve, That One Right There”

  1. That is definitely a dangerous curve. I am drawn to it in the photo – gorgeous.

  2. I absolutely agree – we women do have the upper hand in all of our glorious curves, and that one is especially noteworthy :)

  3. i agree completely. *sighs* hope you get all you wish for. ;)

  4. Hot pic. :-) I have that same bra!

  5. I LOVE that curve, though I’m afraid I often cross the line to “lecherous ogle” ;-)

  6. I must confess, that is curve does it for me too…

  7. I think you are right on the money. That is a perfect curve to catch attention!

  8. I know that curve well.. and I agree, it’s beautiful…

  9. I like seeing that little space. You’re right, it’s so intriguing and naughty to catch… great post!

  10. That is so hot to look at. A curve of a breast is so nice to admire.

  11. Those are indeed some nice curves to admire.

  12. I know someone else who has beautiful curves like that – ;)

  13. It’s always less creepy when women stare. When men do it, it become pervy. But we gals can get away with staring all we want!

  14. Oh dear lord, how I do love that particular curve myself. Thanks for sharing your own gorgeous curve as accompaniment to these lovely words. And thanks for joining the fun this time around too!

    — PB

  15. That is a very enticing curve, no doubt about it!


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