Jul 142009

I hate the word “dong” when referring to dildos. I cannot see a distinction in the sex toy world for there being a reason to have both words, and I hereby move to abolish that word from the sex toy industry. “Dong” is an aonomatapea, not a sex toy. This is the only time you shall see this awful word on this blog because I’ll flat out refuse to ever review a toy that has that in its name.

Sue Johanssen can suck my big smelly toe. I don’t trust her opinions on what sex toys are the best any farther than I could throw her, and I’m a weakling. For that matter, Oprah needs to stop promoting friggin CalExotics toys (she promotes Berman Center toys which are CE toys, made by CE, same exact damn things as CE toys). I tried to watch an episode of Sue’s lovely talk show one night very late, and it was awful. Some questions made even me raise my eyebrows, but then some others weren’t that off the wall and her answers were bullshit. One answer was even wrong (I can’t recall enough word for word to reiterate, so take my word for it). One guy she played off like she couldn’t understand what sex act he was asking about, but even I knew, and this was before my introduction to sex blogs.

I didn’t see nearly enough of my readers commenting and nominating over at Rori’s nominations post for the 2009 Sexy Blogger list!! I highly encourage you to go there and nominate 2 or 3 blogs that you love. Would my blog be one of them??  ;) Nominations close at the end of July.
And for the readers of mine who HAVE nominated blogs, I thank you and you did good.

I’ve recently started a new ADD med, this time the old-school infamous Ritalin. I kinda expected it to work right away, and it’s not. But then, I wasn’t exactly told what to expect. So what I’m feeling might be “normal”, but whatever it is, I don’t like it. I’ll wait it out though. However, I’m having trouble writing sometimes….comprehending things…I’m just not myself. Between this and the other change, I’m having a little trouble with blog posts.

I’m in the process of designing a little banner, again, and you know? I really like doing this. So what if you don’t see a banner that you love from your chosen affiliate,  most would be just fine with you making your own! I quite like making mine coordinate with my blog colors. If you’d ever like one done for your blog, hit me up. I can do one up for you!
This is one of those things that I wish I could get paid to do on the side.

Alright, before this post gets any more disjointed and rambly, I’m wrapping it up.

Keep an eye out for my HNT this week, a special guest will be included.

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  1. Special guest for HNT????

    Piques my curiosity! A he or a she? Someone mentioned in previous posts?


  2. I highly doubt that your toes are stinky.

    …via google reader mobile ;)

  3. If you want to get paid for doing things like that check out 99designs.com .. they have banner comps as well as a whole pile of fun design jobs ;) x

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