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Given the  name of my site, a recurring theme in search words that led people to my blog are variants on “Is XYZ dangerous”. Cock sucking, sex toys, vibrators, etc.

Usually, if asked, my answer would be “no”. Unless of course the sex toy is made from jelly rubber. I have been accused numerous times by other reviewers of being a snob, because I won’t review a jelly/rubber/PVC sex toy. I won’t recommend them, I won’t promote them directly. The dangers of phthalates, and other chemicals found in the cheap toys, are not fully known in the sex toy context (i.e. how much will it affect our bodies from an occasional use item). Some say you can still use them, but cover it with a condom – this may help, but again, no test has proven or disproven so proceed with caution. The risks ARE there, and you never know when you might have an allergic reaction to a jelly sex toy.

I realize how prevalent the bad toys are. I know that they are the most affordable and make up something like 80% of the sex toy industry. But that doesn’t mean you should buy them. There’s a lot of reasons why I think a lot of sex toys are utter crap – they’re either made so cheap that they won’t last past a couple uses or their material is one that shouldn’t ever be put inside the body. They still thrive on the market though because a lot of people just don’t have a clue. Many sex toy retailers, both brick and online, do not warn customers about the dangers of phthalates or possibly-unsafe highly porous materials like jelly, rubber, PVC, cyberskin/realskin/UR3.

I’ve told you before about phthalates – what they are, why they’re bad, and how to buy a sex toy that does not contain them. Let’s forget that fact that the amount of phthalates varies per sex toy manufacturer, even per toy, and is not regulated. Your toy could have a small number or a number high enough to kill a rat. You’ll have no clue. You could read the package and see “Phthalates-free!!” but still not have a clue, because there is nothing to prevent the manufacturer from lying.

But phthalates are not your only reason to stay away from the inferior materials.

Toxic toys can leak/”outgas” phthalates and other questionable chemicals.  Straight from the packaging, a jelly rubber toy often has a bad smell. It’s really offensive to me personally, and the smell varies from toy to toy. Some companies try to cover up this bad smell by adding even more chemicals with scents. Oily-feeling fake taste/smell chemicals. Yum.

When you buy a sex toy made of unsafe materials, there’s more than just phthalates to be concerned about. Sure, they’re the worst. But it doesn’t mean they’re the only thing in it that can cause a reaction. The delicate tissue of the vulva/vagina/anus/rectum/penis is even more susceptible to having a reaction. These chemicals were found in the jelly sex toys, according to this article: (hover the links for a quick-n-dirty summary)

Diethylhexyl Phthalates
Dimethyl phosphite

I asked on Twitter to see if anybody who follows me ever had a bad reaction to a jelly toy, and the responses scare me. I know that these reactions are not common, but they can happen. They can even happen to you when you use a new toy and you’ve been using jelly toys for years with no reaction. (I haven’t linked these to the people who said it, just in case they wouldn’t want it made “public” for any reason, but will change it if the person doesn’t mind)

“Years ago I was a manager for a sex shop and my hands peeled constantly from handling jelly toys 60 hrs a week. I actually never had it from a toy, but from masturbating with my hands after coming home from work on a shipment day.”

“I’ve had bad reactions to toys. Pussy swells up and agony for days.”

“I had a reaction akin to an extremely mild chemical burn. Itching and burning that lasted days and a very fun doctors trip (Yes I know what caused it, Yes Im sure I dont need an STI Test YES IM REALLY REALLY REALLY SURE!!!!)”

ETA: See Polly’s story below in comments: “…..I went to the doctor and he couldn’t figure out what it was. He took a bunch of tests, but his best guess was CHEMICAL POISONING OF MY VAGINA!!! I had to take antibiotics orally and vaginally and I STILL suffered for weeks….” (read all of it in her comment.)

“But I don’t use my dildo/vibrator for very long time periods, it won’t affect me!” Ok then what about “wearable” sex toys? Bullet vibes, remote-control vibes, butt-plugs?? These types of toys are intended to be worn for hours at a time. I would especially suggest that any butt plugs / anal toys that you purchase be made from a non-porous material because of the higher risk of bacteria from fecal matter sticking around on a jelly toy. Even if you follow the rules of keeping anal toys as anal-only, and not sharing, you could be re-introducing a harmful bacteria to your body.

Highly porous toys can: Pick up dyes/colors from other materials (like storage bags, leather harnesses); pick up colors from other sex toys they touch; leach out an oily residue that stains fabrics; melt into a puddle of goo if two really bad toys touch for awhile in storage; stink up anything else that holds onto odors, in its vicinity.

Even if a jelly/rubber/PVC/realistic toy says “phthalate-free”, it still can contain toxic chemicals that can cause skin reactions in some people. These toys are still porous and can harbor dirt and bacteria because they cannot be sanitized. Even if the toy is not toxic, the porosity issue is still a potential problem, as it can harbor bacteria and mold. TPR/TPE/Soft Elastomers are softened with mineral oil, making the material unstable; mineral oil will begin to leach out over time, and you can have a reaction to it either from the mineral oil alone, or other chemicals piggybacking on the mineral oil.

So what can you do?

1. Buy toys from reputable manufacturers

2. Buy your toys from reputable sex toy retailers that list the toy material on their site and the manufacturer

3. To stay safe, choose materials that are 100% pure silicone, glass, ceramic, Nobessence wood sex toys, medical-grade stainless steel, aluminum, or hard / ABS plastic. Potentially toxic or porous materials include: Jelly; rubber; “skin safe” rubber; elastomer; TPE; TPR; cyberskin; UR3; anything with a weird trademarked name; PVC; vinyl. Most male masturbators are made from a porous material, some are safer than others. Fleshlight and Tenga brands are the safest.

4. You may have read that you can cover toxic/porous sex toys with a condom for safety. This has not been proven. Some people still experienced chemical burns despite using a condom.

Reputable manufacturers of non-toxic toys include:

Tantus  |  Vamp  |  Lelo  |  Vixen Creations  |  Fun Factory  |  Je Joue  |  Nexus  |  Tenga*  |  JimmyJane |  Vixen Creations  |  Whipspider Rubberworks  |  BSwish  |  Jollies LLC (now Chavez Dezignz)  |  Njoy  |  Nobessence  |  Papaya Toys  |  Vibratex*  | Crystal Delights  |  Evolved Novelties* |  Swan1  |  Toyfriend  |  Minna Life  |  Laid  |  Incoqnito  |  Happy Valley |  Bad Dragon  |  Alien Dildos  |  Goldfrau  |  Fuze  |  Fucking Sculptures  |  Babes-n-Horny  |  BS is Nice  |  PleasureWorks  |  Standard Innovations/We-Vibe  |  Fleshlight*  |  Penetralia |  Aneros  |  Fucking Sculptures  |  Hot Octopuss |  Joyful Pleasure  |  Luxotiq  |  Marc Dorcel  |  New York Toy Collective  |  Nomi Tang  |  Rianne S  |  Picobong

The above list doesn’t necessarily mean that I 100% support their products, it just means that I trust them to accurately label their product. For example I would rarely recommend a JimmyJane product but I believe them when they say it’s silicone. There are some manufacturers that make both jelly and silicone, but I haven’t listed them because I don’t really support these manufacturers overall due to the high quantity of shoddy toys in their line: California Exotics / CalExotics (this includes lines such as Berman Center and Dr Joel Kaplan, as all they are is just more CE crap marketed under a “famous person” name); Doc Johnson; Pipedream; Topco; Nasstoys. Manufacturers listed with a * next to the name means that they also make items that are porous yet non-toxic (like TPR/TPE/Elastomer), as well as silicone items.

Some may think that if a toy has the term “for novelty use only” that that means the sex toy is of low quality, that the manufacturer is putting that term on there to dodge lawsuits, etc. In fact, the use of “novelty” can be for a variety of reasons, but dodging health and safety isn’t one of them. People may blame toys made in China, and while I would cast a suspect eye on them, it’s not necessarily a deciding factor. The fact is, Chinese plants offer the most affordable options for labor and parts, especially when it comes to moving parts. You’d be hard-pressed to find a sex toy that vibrates and the motor wasn’t made in China. The quality of the products coming from the Chinese plants can be crap, and sometimes the manufacturer may not even know that the plant has cut corners. The onus is on the manufacturer to keep tabs on the plant and to have their material checked at a verified lab. A few of the luxury companies do this, and some do not. Some just want to make sex toys, and are not familiar with the ins-and-outs of pure silicone vs a silicone blend. 

I’ll close with this that really sums it up well:

Stay clear of jellys, nonoxynol-9, and “lotions and potions”. Using Jelly products for oral, vaginal, or anal stimulation is going to introduce Phthalate and other toxic solvent absorption into the mucous membranes of the body. These chemicals provoke eye, respiratory, skin, and mucous membrane irritation. Headaches, cramps, and nausea are some of the side effects that result from exposure at the levels found in the study. Even if you don’t give a crap about consequences, the Jelly’s are just plain gross. Regardless of whether you sheath the thing in condoms every time you take it out of its box, it’s still going to degrade and fragment, off-gas so that it leaves an oily stain behind, fuse to its packaging and stink like an old car tire. Is any part of that sexy?


References (and other good links on the subject)

PLEASE feel free to comment here – ask questions, tell us about any reactions you’ve had (you can remain anon if you want, bloggers), give more links. And please share this info with others. If you absolutely must  review sex toys that are made of these questionable materials, please warn your readers about the possible dangers/reactions. Feel free to share what I’ve written and link to it.

If you are shopping for sex toys and want buying advice for safe sex toys, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The icons/links over there in the sidebar give you multiple methods: email, Yahoo IM, Formspring, or just comment.


Disclaimer 2: I don’t want to imply at all that every jelly toy will gas out harmful chemicals, that they all will harm you. You could use jelly toys for a long time and suffer no obvious ill effects. But the risk is still there. If you do not have a skin reaction there are still other slow-developing reactions that could, possibly, be happening because of the chemicals. Or you could be fine. My point is….. there are never any guarantees either way. There are many “cons” to jelly toys, and very few “pros”. When you have better options to choose from, options that are safer and will last you a lot longer…..why choose jelly?

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  • hubman

    With jelly toys, the smell alone is enough for Veronica to veto those, never mind the chemicals in them

    On the other hand, we haven’t had any issues with using our Cyberskin extension. Hey, sometimes Veronica is greedy for REALLY long ;-)

  • https://alegriareviews.wordpress.com/ Alegria

    My first dildo was a nasty purple jelly thing. The smell was putrid, and gave me migraines every time. I’ve since trashed it, moved on to silicone and haven’t looked back. Great article!

    ~ It’s not uncommon for strong chemical smells to give people migraines. Cleaning products and fake floral scents do it to me.

  • Irene

    Dangerous but fun :)

    ~ Seriously? I mean, did you even read any of this? It’s fun to use a sex toy that stinks, tastes gross, might give mild chemical burns or harbor bacteria? I can only hope that most of the people who read this aren’t as hopeless.

  • http://lusciouslily.blogspot.com Luscious Lily

    Amen! I refuse to buy any jelly toys. There are just too many risks. I got a few back when I didn’t know any better, but they are all long since trashed.

    ~ Hubs and I had some, too, and I stopped buying them once I saw how they leached dye, absorbed other dye, and generally got warped and gross.

  • Jay

    The fact that a toy we had in a drawer *melted* completely on its own and oozed all over other toys scared the hell out of me. It was only used once or twice anyway. The ooze permanently stained other plastics (e.g. the case for a fleshlight, etc.) and caused the other plastics to ALSO deform.

    Jelly toys suck regardless of their dangers.

    ~ Ewwwww! Oh man. That’s horrible. I wish you’d taken a pic of it.

  • question

    Last but not least, the good sex toys are way more fun to play with. Njoy + Vixen =^__^

    ~ I know right? You find me ONE jelly toy that can hold a candle to my beloved Njoy Pure Wand. Cannot be done, I tell you.

  • Reveka

    One of my first toys was a jelly toy. The smell really bothered me. (I’m pretty sensitive to most chemicals. I’m one of those people that can’t have fragrances in anything or I get a rash.) The toy also had a slippery feel to it, which I thought was fairly creepy. I don’t think I even used it before I got rid of it. Luckily, I found out there were better alternatives instead of swearing off sex toys all together. I’m much happier having toys I can use for a long time without any health worries.

  • http://www.kinkylibrarian.net Nadia West

    I got some jelly toys before I knew better. And while I don’t recall any reactions, I do recall a cyberskin dildo melting when left next to a jelly butt plug. Yuck. I have since trashed my jelly toys (and that cyberskin dildo). I know the good stuff is expensive, but you’re better off saving up for one well-made, body-safe toy than using the cheap crap. So far I love anything Lelo I’ve gotten. Pricey but they will last a long time and are stronger than battery operated toys.

  • http://www.dustbunnyinthewind.com nitebyrd

    Thanks for this post. I knew about some of what you wrote about and it’s one of the main reasons I stopped being an “independent distributor of adult products”. Melting toys, color leeching, weird odors, shoddy manufacturing, etc. because the vibrators were mainly poor quality from China. And, for the most part, not inexpensive!

    Your post has given me even more information and I appreciate that.

    ~ I once had to look through a catalog of one of those sorts of companies. A friend of a work friend was having a “sex toy party” and it took so much of my self control to keep my mouth shut. They don’t know about my blog, nor would I ever want them to, but I knew that A: the products were useless crap and B: everything was marked up 25%.

  • http://topaz-gemology.blogspot.com Topaz

    This was a great set of information, thank you. I almost want to ask your opinion on brands by the general trustworthiness of their product… (is that taboo?)

    ~ My blog, I say what I want ;) I did list a few brands though up there that I *don’t* trust and would very rarely recommend. Beyond that, question away!

  • http://pollyvincere.wordpress.com Polly Vincere

    I meant to write to you when you were composing this post.

    I had a jelly vibe that made me sick. Every time I used it I would get a funky discharge, but it would only last a couple of hours and then it was gone. At the time I was very undereducated about sex toys so I had NO CLUE one could make me sick. One time I used it and over the course of the next 8 hours my vagina started burning so bad I was in tears. I went to the doctor and he couldn’t figure out what it was. He took a bunch of tests, but his best guess was CHEMICAL POISONING OF MY VAGINA!!! I had to take antibiotics orally and vaginally and I STILL suffered for weeks.

    I’m so glad you wrote this piece. I hope those who read it will stop and consider whether it’s worth potentially poisoning themselves to not go ahead and spend $10-$20 extra on getting a non-jelly toy.

    ~ ya know, I really wish that more gynecologists were aware of the dangers of both cheap-ass China-made jelly toys AND homemade sec toys, and warn their patients somehow. Brochures or somethin, in the office.

  • http://rtws.blogspot.com Emmy

    Exactly all of the reasons why I only buy silicon toys.
    I mean, I won’t buy reusable plastic water bottles because of the risk of chemical exposure, why would I put something inside me that carries the same and worst risks.

    I think people assume if it is sold, it is safe. So, they don’t research the toys. They just go into the sex shop, buy something that is cheap. I have educated many adults as I have met them on materials, what is sharable, what is not sharable, cleaning, etc.

    Great article.

  • http://champagneandbenzedrine.blogspot.com Champers & Benz

    Brilliant post! Much better researched that almost any I’ve seen.

    I get squicked out by jelly after seeing what my toys got up to when left alone together. Gross.


  • swordfish

    And just in case anyone is still unconvinced, they might try the Village Voice website, which addressed this very issue about a year and half ago, and came to the same conclusions.
    Lil, nice work.

  • http://rockinwithacockin.blogspot.com Rockin’ with a Cock in

    I am glad you are addressing safety concerns. This post is very useful and I hope it will save some folks from unpleasant experiences with jelly toys.

    That being said, I feel like you’re using a very broad brush when you suggest: “One way to tell if the company manufacturing the sex toy you are considering purchasing is reputable, if you can trust the materials? Look for the tag “Novelty use only”.” The phrase “novelty use only” (and related forms) is used on toys produced in the USA and other countries, not only on ones produced in China. This statement alone should not be cause for suspicion. Fun Factory packaging features the phrase “Novelty toy not for medical use.” A SportSheets item I have (rubber O-rings): “Sold as an adult novelty only.” And a Spartacus harness, made in the USA, “Sold as a novelty only.”

    ~ Good point…it IS a broad brush, but intended to be applied towards unknown companies. It is only one way to tell, and not a definitive only-way-to-tell. Just one of a number. Not every single “novelty” tagged toy is bad, but I’d be willing to bet that every bad toy comes with that tag. I can’t prove it, it’s just a guess, but I can’t exactly fill up the post with disclaimers, lol.

  • Red Lotus

    Excellent post, Lilly – well researched! Just to add – be careful when buying silicone toys too. Mfrs are getting crafty and using “sila-gel” or terms of that nature, meaning – product is not 100% silicone. Unless it says 100% silicone or pure silicone, don’t trust it.

    ~ good point, I did mention silagel, though but there’s a whole lot to be said on how to get quality silicone, perhaps another posts worth!

  • http://www.thegreenlightdistrict.org/wordpress Emerald

    What a great post—thanks so much for it.

    I didn’t use toys a lot (really at all) until about the time I was beginning to write erotica and explore relatively sex-savvy communities, so when I did buy toys, I had been exposed to what seemed reliable knowledge about what to avoid. In addition to my 100% silicone toy, I have a glass dildo that I really like.

    Thanks again for this!

  • FD

    I really like this post Lilly! In fact, I wish I’d read something like this before I made my first sex toy purchases.

    My very first toys were made of jelly, back before I knew about the wonders of silicone. I did know to use a condom over the jelly monsters, so I didn’t experience any issues.
    I understand why you choose not to review jelly toys, and I choose not to review them on my site either. I REALLY don’t want people to waste their money on them. Especially when I can inform of much better offerings: silicone, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, wood.

    I hope all companies will stop marketing jelly toys all together. Some have, and I commend them for that. The folks who continue to sell and market jelly, know what their selling IS crap, and that it can potentially harm someone. Yet they continue to sell the jelly monster toys? As a consumer, that clearly shows me that money is more important than their customers safety. As a reviewer, I wonder if that’s actually the case, because I know of a few companies who currently sell jelly, that do care about their customers.

    Thank you for posting this Lilly! I hope the new-to-sex-toys folks have a chance to read this post.

  • question

    Have you tried the njoy fun wand? Prostate and fun wan equal heaven. Unfortunately I left it at my parents house…. Let’s hope I don’t have to explain that one…..Either way you’re right. Why get jelly when you can have all of the wonderful good toys that also look good I’m collecting all the njoy ones. Their plugs are awesome AND stylish.

    ~ well actually, since I don’t have a prostate…….lol. I didn’t bother trying the Fun Wand because the Pure Wand is my holy grail for that sort of toy. It just can’t get better. And while their plugs are nice, everything is nice, I’m not into anal toys.

  • http://www.elodieonlove.com Elodie

    My first toy was a jelly toy. I was clueless (like most people purchasing their first sex toy), so I didn’t use a condom over it. It burned me, and I rarely used it. I thought all sex toys would be gross like that, so it put me off sex toys for a very long time. Then I got a cheap little plastic vibe — and was hooked.

    Phthalates have also been linked to behavioral problems in children when they’re exposed to them prenatally. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2854736/?tool=pmcentrez. They’re just gross all around.

    ~ Yes, I’d seen articles similar to that! It’s ironic that they’ve gone to Federal lengths to remove phthalates from kids toys and pet toys, but not sex toy. They care more about our dogs than our asses and vaginas lol

  • question

    LOL I didn’t think you had a prostate but it’s just fun overall. If you did have one that would be interesting to say the least….

  • http://dangerousliaisons-aurore.blogspot.com/ Aurore

    I think this is a must read for everyone who is looking to buy a sex toy.

    One of my first toys was a jelly butt plug that ended up with odd black marks all over it. And my first dildo was cyberskin and it melted when it touched another toy – ick!

    Even my Tantus O2 Mikey says it’s “Sold as Adult Novelty” so it’s just a matter of being discerning with products. You read food labels, you need to read toy labels too.

  • newbie

    Eeekkkkk, my boytoy just bought my a new jelly vibe/dildo. I’m so so new to all things sexual–I had no idea jelly was bad!! I’m glad I only got it today and have only used it once; now I wonder if I”m sore because of a chemical issue. Yuck. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • http://derangedbutterfly.tumblr.com pik

    very good information in this article… thanks for writing it!

    but i gotta admit, jelly has been my favorite texture forever. i do have a silicone toy that i love and a few glass toys as well – but my favorite by far, my ever-faithful go-to vibe, is jelly. (and no, i don’t use condoms on it – for whatever reason the idea of condoms on sex toys REALLY grosses me out, which rather effectively kills the libido.) i’ve had several jelly toys over the years and never had a bad reaction.

    that said, i wouldn’t go recommending jelly toys to my friends. there are just way too many variables in the quality and chemical makeup. the first two jelly toys i had succumbed to the whole dye transfer/breaking down thing and smelled pretty nasty… i was too young to know better. however, the last few years i’ve been a lot more careful about where i get my toys from – it IS possible to get a quality jelly toy, just not at all easy!

    i wouldn’t label jelly toys as ‘safe’, BUT because they really work for me, i will not avoid them either. i use them as responsibly as possible, so i *personally* feel safe with them. i realize that this is not the way everyone would look at it – even in small doses, i am still exposing myself to potentially dangerous chemicals – but it works for me. i just don’t feel the need to completely avoid a material that gets me off so well, especially since that’s the whole point of having a sex toy. i also don’t think it’s irresponsible to avoid putting condoms on my toys – i never share them, keep them as clean as humanly possible, and take several other precautions that i won’t get into. (plus the whole totally-grossed-out-by-it thing… condoms on a partner: great. condoms on a toy: eeeeeeew. i can’t help it being a turn-off.)

    anyway – sorry for going on forever! i don’t mean to contradict anything in your post, which i really liked. i’m just putting out a view from the other side. :)

    ~ Well, I guess if you’re informed then you can certainly do what you like…..I just don’t understand it *shrugs* And I do highly highly disagree that you can get a quality jelly toy, but obviously I’ve made that clear. But what I’m the most confused on is how you can recognize that they are not safe, and you wouldn’t recommend them to anybody, but yet you love it and won’t protect your body or stop using them.

  • http://derangedbutterfly.tumblr.com pik

    what i meant is that i won’t specifically recommend jelly as being better than other materials, not that i would tell anyone to avoid it. i *would* share this article if a friend asked for information on materials, so they could make a more informed decision – not many people know the things you’ve pointed out.

    as for why i still use them – like i said, i simply love the texture. using jelly toys is a personal choice, but my physical response to the texture is not.

    sure, i could deny myself that particular pleasure… but then again, there are poisons all around us – most of which we come into FAR more contact with than a sex toy – and every day we consciously choose to expose ourselves to them. for example, unless you eat only organic, cruelty-free, completely sustainable foods that are grown nowhere within a hundred miles of a factory farm, you are poisoning yourself every single day – and we choose to accept that. hell, just breathing the air in a big city poisons you every day (i used to live in L.A. – never again!) and we accept that too. i wouldn’t say someone living in L.A.

    jelly toys happen to give me great pleasure and do not cause me any sort of negative reaction. i take excellent care of them and use them as safely as possible (without condoms, but as i said, condoms on toys are a personal turn-off which kind of negates the whole point of masturbation.) i try to reduce my overall chemical exposure, i don’t smoke or drink coffee, etcetera… i DO take care of myself, more than most people i know. i hope this makes my point of view a little clearer! :)

  • Dude

    Ok.. Old board here. BUT. I have a doc Johnson dildo. The package “said” full silicon but it started to peel real bad and stinks! I didn’t understand whether the article meant they were bad ones or what? :/ and also after reading this I feel like maybe this recurring stomach problem that I’ve been having might not be from my toy…. :( thanks if you answer and thanks for your opinion!(most people are to afraid to lose the dollar to give there’s!!!)

  • http://www.dangerouslilly.com/ Dangerous Lilly

    Peeling and stinking are NOT traits of true silicone. I’d bet my rent that whatever you have isn’t 100% pure silicone. Can you tell me which exact toy you have? I’m just curious.
    Also, simply because they claim it to be silicone, doesn’t meant it is. See also: http://dangerouslilly.com/2013/03/toxic-sex-toy-truth-education-myths/

  • http://www.dangerouslilly.com/ Dangerous Lilly

    Old comment, but I wanted to clarify that we now know that what Doc Johnson calls “silagel” wasn’t meant to “trick us” into thinking it’s silicon, it is simply their additive to porous toys to apparently make it antibacterial or some such. However the additive stinks and some people react to it.

  • http://freewebcams.vipcams4u.com/ Alex Liddell

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  • TK1555

    I just bought a 6″ Basix rubber works dong from pipedreamproducts. I’m scared to use it because about a month ago I got a UTI from using a PVC dildo. I got rid of all of my dildos after this because I was afraid that after storing them all together that they would be dangerous to use. (I was bedridden for a whole week and had to go to the doctor to get medicine for my UTI) So now I’m a bit nervous to use anything at all. Can anyone tell me if this dildo is safe? It’s made in the USA, and it is rubber, it says phthalates free and says non toxic. but it also says its only for novelty use. I’m having trouble finding any reviews on the basix dongs. does anyone have any experience with basix?

  • http://www.dangerouslilly.com/ Dangerous Lilly

    Rubber is not a safe material, and Pipedream isn’t an “approved” manufacturer (http://dangerouslilly.com/toxictoys/). They make unsafe stuff.

    The “novelty use” tag doesn’t mean anything here, that’s not what you should be focusing on (http://dangerouslilly.com/2013/06/for-novelty-use-only-part-1/). The fact that they claim it to be phthalates-free doesn’t mean anything; companies can lie about that (http://dangerouslilly.com/2013/03/toxic-sex-toy-truth-education-myths/). Even IF it’s not toxic – I’ve heard reports from others that this line, especially, stinks like chemicals and has caused skin irritation – it’s still highly porous and I’d be willing to bet that your other toys are highly porous as well (http://dangerouslilly.com/2014/03/porous-sex-toy-does-it-matter/). You could have irritated the skin from the chemicals in the toy OR it could be harboring bacteria, mold, fungus etc which can be leaching out and causing the infections. I would say that you’re showing signs of both being sensitive to the toxic crap in the cheap sex toys AND you’re buying cheap sex toys which have toxic crap in them. You should work on replacing your stuff (and stop using it, especially don’t use that crap Basix item) with toys made only from pure silicone, or glass or metal or hard plastic. Non-porous, safe materials. You can find affordable options (http://dangerouslilly.com/2014/05/ask-lilly-first-sex-toy-edition/). If you have any other questions, let me know!

  • Angela

    A few months before I started reviewing sex toys I bought a pink, jelly double dildo. Now I’m horrified that I would spend money on that… and have it in me. More people need to be aware of the dangers of some toys. It never occurred to me to look into the materials used. I’m waiting a bit until I’m more of a “seasoned” writer and reviewer to write my own articles about things like this. Good for you for looking out for people like you do!

  • http://www.dangerouslilly.com/ Dangerous Lilly

    Most important thing I can stress is to talk about your own story in addition to the science facts, and of course research the heck out of things to make sure it’s not myth :)

  • Angela

    Are there some sites you’d suggest as reliable sources?

  • http://www.dangerouslilly.com/ Dangerous Lilly

    I really hate to sound like a know-it-all but….well..not a ton. Definitely Smitten Kitten is a wonderful source. There’s sadly though a lot of misinformation, outdated information, myths, still in “print” and therefore still being recycled as current fact. the ONLY way I found out many of the things I’ve written about is because I’ve made industry contacts and I have people to ask, people who know the inside scoop, the “how things work”, etc. Without them, I wouldn’t have most of these articles.

  • http://www.dangerouslilly.com/ Dangerous Lilly

    First of all, I’m sorry this happened to you. But I need to stress that THIS IS NOT NORMAL. And I can promise you, this will NOT HAPPEN WITH A PURE SILICONE SEX TOY.

    The very last thing I want is for people to have bad experiences OR read about others’ bad experiences and think that all sex toys are dangerous and toxic. This simply isn’t the case. I’ve been using SAFE sex toys for 7 years now and have never had a problem.

    Scaring people is not productive, when you’re scaring them off ALL sex toys. Sex toys are healthy additions to healthy sex lives.

  • http://www.dangerouslilly.com/ Dangerous Lilly

    Simply look for the safe materials and reputable brands which are listed here: http://dangerouslilly.com/toxictoys/

    Stay with pure silicone for your realistic dildos. Need a recommendation? Just ask!