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When guys email me for sex toy buying advice for themselves, one of the two topics is choosing a masturbator sleeve. There’s many different types out there. The infamous Fleshlight; the colorful ones that aren’t meant to resemble any part of female (or male) anatomy; and the larger ones that are molded from a porn star and are a big heavy hunk of rubber that is basically the whole pelvic region, like the naughty bits section was sliced out of a mannequin. A Japanese company, Tenga, makes a whole bunch of supposed one-time-use varieties that many men say they’ve extended into multiple uses and then their larger versions: The Fliphole and the 3D “sculptures”.

Time and again there’s only two I’ll recommend: The Fleshlight and the Tenga Fliphole. Yeah, they’re more expensive than a simple jelly rubber sleeve but you’re going to enjoy them a whole hell of a lot more. One concern I hear a lot though from men considering this is: cleaning. They don’t always want to get out of bed after jerking off and clean their masturbator – they, understandably, want to roll over and go to sleep. I get it, I do. Been there, done that. While I don’t recommend you make a habit out of it, you can let it go till morning sometimes. Just keep in mind though that lube and semen wash off much more easily when wet instead of dry.


Fleshlight: The sleeves and the cases are able to separate for both cleaning and to try out different sleeves with different textures and internal widths. The sleeve is open at both ends for cleaning and for suction adjustment. Fleshlight can be nondescript and the design is, obviously, meant to resemble a flashlight (but not realistically). You can get the sleeves in Beige, Pink or Clear. You can get the cases in a few different colors, too. The common is pink sleeve w black casing. The first Fleshlight I bought my husband was the all clear one, so that when I used it on him I could see what’s going on. There is a bit of a difference though in the materials, the clear sleeve is a little more sticky/tacky when not dusted in cornstarch. The colored ones feel more realistic.

Tenga Flip hole: There’s 4 different versions with the Fliphole and if you want to try all of them you have to buy all of them, they don’t have removable sleeves. However, the Fliphole opens clam-shell style to make cleaning (and drying) easier and more thorough. Fliphole looks…..geeky and techie and not like a sex toy but its cool and unique enough that if someone sees it, chances are they’ll ask what it is.


Fleshlight: You have to clean these after use or you will ruin them in short order from what I’ve heard from various sources. (however one of the top male toy reviewers at EF says he has put off cleaning until morning a number of times and no mold ever occurred)  Due to the material you can’t use anything other than water (yes, this means no soap), maybe some isopropyl alcohol if you really need it. Which means it can take longer since it’s a tube and you can only use water. You have to let it dry completely in a ventilated area or it could mildew. My husband wraps his up in a paper towel and then perches it upright in the case.

Tenga Fliphole: Splits in half clam-shell style and you can use water & mild soap to clean them. You can switch around the base to fashion a stand for the Fliphole so that it it can dry standing up and partially open.


Original tunnel fleshlight wonder wave

Fleshlight: They  say that Fleshlight feels more real compared to any other masturbator. You can let the sleeve (and even the lube) sit in a sink full of warm water to bring it up to body temperature. The material is phthalate-free but it’s also porous so it can’t be shared – it’s a softer material with more “give” to it, more like flesh. Fleshlight can more easily accomodate a larger variety of cocks in term of length, girth and sensitivity levels all by changing up the sleeve. The sleeves have different orifice entrances – vaginal, mouth, anal – which offer a different visual look as well as a slight change in sensation. You can vary the suction a little bit by the screw-cap base, having it off or on or partially on.

Hubby has now tried two sleeves – the Clear Non-descript and the Pink Wonder Wave. He got the Non-descript style first, and enjoyed it. I liked being there and watching, able to see what was goin on. When we first opened up the packaging though the sleeve was a little cold; combine that with the sticky and I was mildly squicked. The sticky went away though as soon as it was wet. He liked it; but required the extra tightness of his own hand to kick over that final ledge to orgasm. The non-descript and other “original” orifices are all the same tunnel style – smooth (no texture) and the biggest width. It’s good for guys who are really girthy or really sensitive. Even though Hub is girthy, he prefers more sensation so he ended up liking the Wonder Wave better. Also we both felt that the Pink material felt a little more realistic than the Clear. I would find myself fondling it, actually…….


Anyways. While he didn’t think that the Fleshlight was *better* than real live vaginal or oral sex, he did find it to be a very nice alternative to his hand. Not necessarily his everyday preferred method, but he really likes it. The Non-Descript was 3/4″ tunnel and the Wonder Wave is 1/2″. There are ones that are more snug (with no texture) and ones with more intense texture. The Non-Descript is rated a 1 out of 5 on the “Intensity” scale that Fleshlight uses, whereas the Wonder Wave is a 3 out of 5. For frame of reference, Hubby is about 1.75″ diameter or so and 7.5″ in length. For men that fall into the average cock size range in length and girth, and who like a more intense sensation, Fleshlight came out with their “Sex in a Can” line.  The material of the Fleshlight is super stretchy and soft so that 1/2″ wide tunnel didn’t feel constrictive, just snug. All in all though, the Clear Non-Descript we’ll only use when I’m there; he much prefers the snugness and texture of the Wonder Wave.

Tenga Fliphole: The textures are different on each half of it, and the shapes are kinda like mirror images. For example, where one side has two little nubby balls on the left and right, the other side has one nubby ball in the center and when closed it all lines up. Where one side has two large nubby balls with an entrance slit cut in, the other side has a large convex portion. The clear material has that weird “sticky yet not” thing going on. If it’s dry and you’re dry, and you touch it it feels sticky (yet your skin retains no sticky). If you’re lubed up or it’s wet, it just feels slippery and lovely. It’s very soft and squishy. The Flip Hole has three buttons along its length to change up the suction/tightness. You can make it more snug at the head than the base, more snug at the base than the head, etc. The Flip Hole Black has a most extreme texture of them all, with the White being the most soft and Red and Silver in the middle. My husband tried out the Black version and absolutely loved it.  Tenga has this very technical explanation page that compares the attributes of the different Flip Holes.

Tenga actually makes a “hole warmer” that you would insert for a few minutes and it would bring the material up to something closer to body temperature. The only way to do this with Fleshlight is to remove the sleeve from the case and let it sink in a sinkfull of warm water for awhile.


Lube. Lubelubelubelubelube……and more lube. Water-based lube for the Fleshlight, Tenga according to manufacturer’s directions. Try out a few different viscosities of lube to see what feels the best, and always keep your lube nearby in case you need to “refill” during use.

And also….you get what you pay for. Saving money on the cheap ones, 9 times out of 10, will just leave you disappointed.



Feb 132010

nexus neo review7

Aneros vs. Nexus Neo

A number of years ago, my husband decided to explore prostate play and his main purchase for this matter was an Aneros brand prostate massager, the Aneros Maximus. These types of toys aren’t exactly butt plugs, but I suppose that some could be worn that way. They have an odd shape to them that is designed specifically to work the prostate or P-spot; these aren’t mean to be thrust like a dildo so in that regard it’s more like a butt plug. Prostate massagers work with your muscles to slightly move and massage the prostate. He quite liked the Aneros; for solo use it had a big learning curve to get the major P-spot orgasms that the Aneros Forums talked about and it wasn’t a quick orgasm. But when he used it during sex? Whole ‘nother ballgame. Half the time he was able to achieve the mind-blowing p-spot orgasm with the traditional ejaculation orgasm and other times it simply made the traditional orgasm amazing. We used it during sex and blowjobs. And while he liked the Aneros, it wasn’t perfect in design. See that tab between my fingers there below? (The Aneros is white) That tab is meant to press against the perineum, to add prostate stimulation from another angle as well. But that tab isn’t very comfortable; when you’re talking about something pressing into you like that, a little more surface area is better and doesn’t hurt. The Nexus Neo make that portion wider and added in a metal rollerball. So yes, that metal bit rolls in the plastic housing – not that you’re moving the toy enough to really notice. It just means it glides along skin better.

nexus neo review1 nexus neo review2

Use of Nexus Neo

Prostate massagers aren’t for guys who enjoy the “fullness” sensation because they’re usually not very wide or long. They’re not meant to be. I can tell you from second-hand knowledge though that once you learn the ropes, these toys can give AMAZING orgasms and highly pleasurable sensations. Some guys try these prostate massagers and feel a bit underwhelmed the first time. Guess what? So did most women the first few times they tried g-spot massage. Just don’t be silly and give up after a try or two.

I know that when I use g-spot toys, I don’t always aim for a g-spot orgasm – many times the g-spot pleasure sensations are enough to set off an amazing clitoral orgasm; it’s like the two are directly tied together in that regard for me. They can be separate – but together? I see fireworks. And that’s how it is for him. Just like us trying to achieve g-spot orgasms, the p-spot orgasm is similar in its’ elusiveness. It requires some focus and a few tries and more than 10 minutes but it’s worth the effort. Since he found the Aneros I have been recommending this type of toy to friends and bed partners and the ones who’ve tried it? Love. It. Now that we’ve found the Nexus line (which we see as an upgrade), these are the ones I’ll recommend over Aneros. I can’t recommend the Nexus Neo enough, for solo play or couple time. They even have a couple of vibrating models that we have yet to try out, one of which is the Nexus Vibro.

nexus neo review3 nexus neo review4

Care and Cleaning of the Nexus Neo

These toys are made of hard plastic which is non-porous, easy to clean and phthalate-free. They’re super easy to clean with just soap and water (or toy cleaner liquids or wipes) and you can use any kind of lube you want. In the package is also this little plastic piece that’s a bit confusing if you don’t read the website or the manual (just remove the insert from the packaging). I finally found out that it’s so you can pop out that metal rollerball for proper cleaning. Since the ball rolls around in the socket, there’s a micro amount of spacing around it where fluids can gather (just like how a rollerball pen works).

nexus neo review5 nexus neo review6


Jul 042009

How do you improve upon the dildo?

You vary the width and give it a strange, but wonderful, shape. A shape that can seem like it was just made to perfectly fill up your cunt. In fact…that’s exactly how it was made! It looks weird and that, combined with the girth, is exactly the reason I wanted these.

I have long coveted various dildos made by Jollies Pleasure Toys. I now own 2 of the 3 that I have craved. I have the Jollie and the Jollet. They’re very similar, identical in size and shape of the insertable part, but the designs past the insertable part are quite different.   And since the design of these dildos is so unique looking, I had to ask. Straight to the lady with the answers! Luze, the CEO of Jollies L.L.C., answered my email questions with amazing promptness. It’s the geek in me, I like knowing the hows and whys. It’s what drives me to bust apart my broken and dead vibrators, to see the innards and how they worked.


Top is the Jollet, bottom is the Jollie


Q. How did you arrive at the design of the dildo? It’s a pretty unique shape and almost seems as if it’s made from a mold of the vaginal canal.

A. You are correct! We molded several females and found that this was the way a woman was created… not the straight “man” type toys out in the market. The Jollie is made to sit in the vaginal canal and the “tail” tapped to create it’s own ‘vibrations’ where they are supposed to be…It is not meant to be an in-and-out type dildo. The handle – where you can stick your finger/thumb in to tap on the ‘tail’ easier – can also be used to hold a bullet.


Q. What is the difference between the Vibrating Jollet and standard Jollet? The size seems to be identical – is it just that one has a built-in vibrator and the other can accommodate a bullet?

A. Yes, that is the only difference.  We created the Jollet standard and people wanted more vibration….. so the vibrating Jollet came to life.

Q. The very few reviews I read of the standard Jollet seem to allude to a design fail because the “bumps” down near the base aren’t in a good position to stimulate the clitoris and therefore the vibrations seem unnecessary. It doesn’t seem to me that this design is meant for dual stimulation….is it?

A. Correct. Jollet is a lot like Jollie…. it’s meant to be where it’s supposed to be. We created this one because people thought that the handle “hole” in the Jollie was in the way for cunnilingus, so along came Jollet. We found that the knob type bottom was great when playing with a partner as they can turn this handle and find the ‘perfect’ spot for pleasure.

Q. Is there a particular wireless bullet that is recommended as a “best fit” for the standard Jollet?

A. Not really, any bullet that fits works… we have used different ones and as long as they are lubed they will easily go into the hole.

{As an aside, I found that the RO-80mm Bullet (or this one) is the perfect width and length and power. It’s a little bit longer than standard blunt-ended bullets like this one (on the left in the pic), and that length matters. If you put the typical wireless bullet down in the hole….even lubed, you can’t grasp enough to pull it out.}

jollet2 With a “standard” bullet in……

jollet3 And with the longer RO-80mm Bullet

Q. I see so few reviews of these toys, I’m not sure why. But a common gripe is that it’s too thick for some of the women who have reviewed them. Do you ever plan on making a slimmer version?

A. You know, we’ve gotten that question before… and no, we don’t plan on making a thinner version. The idea was to get women to understand that this is not an in-out- type dildo. They are not made to pump like traditional dildos; instead they are made to sit in the vagina… maybe turned … mostly tapped on or vibrated to make the woman feel good. That’s a big reason why they seem ‘too big’ . But well-lubed and ready, they slide in and “WOW”


“WOW” is right. These are not dildos to use as a warm up. These are toys you use when you’re highly aroused and have had something else smaller inside of you. Unless, of course, you’re me. For the first 10 seconds it’s an effort to get it inside my pussy and past the fattest part of the dildo – but then it’s settled in place and perfectly filling. Where the fat end pushes up into your g-spot, the tapered head slides on in under the cervix. Those two sensations combine to give a feeling of fullness and stimulation without needing to thrust. If you have a tough time accommodating toys that are over 1.5″ wide, then these might not be for you.While the whole thing isn’t this big, the widest spot is 1.75″ wide.

The Jollie I can actually leave inside me and walk around/sit with it in. My typical method is to use the Hitachi with it. I don’t need to move the dildo at all, or move the handle which so snugly cups my cunt and my clit to perfection. I just press the Hitachi to the Jollie. I’ve actually never been much for vibrating dildos because it wasn’t enough. But this? Holy mother of god it’s eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-my-head good.Move the Hitachi between vibrating the “tail” and the “handle” and it’s just fucking divine. Also because of the unique shape, when my cunt contracts hard from the strong orgasms, this dildo doesn’t get pushed out.

The Jollet is awesome to use with a partner during oral sex. I use the bullet in mine and find that, because again of the perfect pressure and fullness, even just the bullet vibe adds a delicious note and I can feel that on my g-spot. Just because the lower half of the Jollet is more “traditional dildo” style, please don’t thrust it. It’s just not meant for that, and you’ll likely find it uncomfortable. Clench down on it, rock it a bit. But no thrusting. I prefer to use my Jollet with a partner, because then they can turn it and also make sure that the g-spot bump is always turned up the correct way. Unlike the Jollie, this one can be turned all around.

ETA: Jollies, LLC the company went under a few years ago. The owners children, however, decided to breathe new life in and they are now making these dildos (along with other interesting silicone things) under Chavez Dezingz. Or something like that. You can view their dildos for sale at their Etsy store

Why yes, I can talk even more about these two toys!! To get down to a little bit more nitty-gritty, and all the specs and such, you can read my reviews located at EdenFantasys. The Jollie here, and the Jollet here.

Jun 292009

2013 Update: I read this and wonder why we don’t use these any more. They haven’t been touched for over 3 years. I think it’s because in my new bedroom there is less than zero closet space and very little floor space. Plus, sex these days is less often and more spontaneous.  These days I’m just not into the kink and bondage at all, so the entire Black Label aspect never really got used.  If you use pillows to get a better position, then these will allow for much better support. Just be forewarned, the foam is really, really firm. Which is good, for the most part.  Liberator kicked me off their team, so the links are all broken I think. You can purchase Liberator gear from SheVibe.


For almost a year now I’ve watched longingly as peers in the blogosphere talked about and reviewed Liberator items. Recently I got lucky and was graciously allowed to review some Liberator gear. Today is about the Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo.


First let me get this part out of the way: I love it, I have no cons to point out, I think everybody should save up for Liberator furniture or shapes, and well….yeah. I’ll be gushing for the whole damn post.


The Wedge


Even on its own the Wedge is mucho useful. I have short arms and so jerking off with anything other than the Pure Wand can get difficult/tiring. The Wedge lifted my pelvis up enough to alleviate that problem for the most part. It’s also great for missionary position sex, for tilting your pelvis just the right amount so that he hits your g-spot. In fact I really can’t even put into words how much of a help that was for hitting the g-spot during sex.


The Ramp


It’s big. It’s unapologetically big (well, then again, I did get the biggest size). There really is no good “hiding” spot for it in our 1 bedroom apartment since all our closets are full and it’s too tall to fit under our bed. The Ramp‘s claim to fame is an aid to doggy style. They offer different heights dependent on the height of your guy – this way her cunt is more lined up with his cock while he’s kneeling.


The Combo


Putting Liberator shapes together is like magic. You might assume that they would slide around…but they don’t. Wherever you put the Wedge, it’s staying put on the Ramp, even with thrusting and moving. There’s something about the microfiber fabric that acts like velcro, almost, when they’re together.  There’s a ton of photos and videos on the Liberator site that give you many ideas for placements and positions.


The Black Label Line


I wanted the Black Label version because I’m kinky and like bondage. But you knew that already. There are attachment points sewn into the covers – it’s awesome craftsmanship, you’re not going to rip it off. You can order a set of cuffs and accessories with your Black Label gear. They’re velco but don’t let that deter you – it’s fuckin STRONG velcro. Again, you’re not going anywhere. The cuffs are also supremely comfortable. They’re not going to chafe your skin; they’re padded and luxurious. The blindfold though….man. Best blindfold I’ve ever tried on to date. There is this satiny padded ridge at the bottom of it, and once the blindfold is on snugly you cannot see a damn thing. The ridge is fat enough so that it lifts the blindfold away from the eyeballs a little bit, enough to blink. This is a great great thing for me as I have some sort of weird phobia about things being too close to my eyes.


Not Just for Sex!

These shapes, and many Liberator items, are great in other uses when you’re not fucking like bunnies. Put the Ramp down first and then the Wedge halfway down the Ramp, and you have the best TV/Movie-watching lounger you could want. Unlike other stuffed furniture thingies that I had previously that are meant to be used as back rests, the Liberator shapes won’t move. The foam is very very firm yet still comfy and again that microfiber cover grips to other fabrics/carpet. It would also be great for sleeping on the ramp when you have a head cold and need to be elevated. There’s just a lot you can do with it. If you get a non-Black Label one (or buy a set of covers that matches your decor?) it might even inconspicuously blend into your home decor and can be used when vanilla folks are around! Unless of course they have seen ‘Burn After Reading’ wherein George Clooney’s character hauls around a Liberator Ramp for his hook-ups.


Tips they don’t tell you on the site:

♦The construction is high quality dense foam covered by a slippery waterproof Teflon-treated fabric which is snugly zippered around the foam. You’re not really supposed to take this off ever, even a big gusher won’t soak through the fabric. Just wipe it down clean with a damp cloth. Then there’s the main cover. Then there’s a thin nylon cover that’s loose and has a handle for carrying. When shipped, it’s all assembled and in a plastic bag for protection. Guess what all that creates? The worst case of static cling ever. I swear to you all the cat fur (white, thanks) in the room just got sucked onto the shapes when I unpacked them. You are supposed to wash the main microfiber cover before use, it helps “fluff” up the fabric to be its softest. I also washed the nylon covers in an attempt to banish some of the static. It worked, but not quite well enough, so it got a douse of Static Guard spray. Also for when anything does get onto it we found that the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair works absolute wonders for removing fur and dust from the microfiber of the Liberator cover. Quickly removes all the fur.

♦There’s a few width options for some of the shapes, particularly this combo that I got. Being that I am definitely plus-sized I figured I should be safe and get the 30″ wide versions. Lemme tell ya, I didn’t need to, I would have been good with the 24″ wide. However…..that extra room on the sides could lend for a few position-variations wherein legs/feet are ……. you get the idea.


While I’ve never tried any other company’s version of these, I do know that you get what you pay for. This is leaps and bounds above the inflatable ramp I reviewed. Except for the static cling part I really and truly honestly cannot find a single fault with anything that I talked about here. Everything from the Ramp down to the cuffs, it’s all very high quality and worth every penny. I know it’s a little expensive but they do have sales which I’ll announce and their items will last you forever. I cannot wait to review another Liberator product.


Apr 202009

Recently I bought a bunch of cases from Vera, owner of For Your Nymphomation. My lot are from the older style of cases, so the zipper closure that locks isn’t as awesome as it is currently – but I don’t have kids or nosy parents/roommates, so I didn’t care.

I got a bunch of  different things – a Bigfoot case, a Foot long case, a Hide n Seek case, and a Size Does Matter case.

One of the things I love about the Hide n Seek case is the material – which, sadly, Vera is discontinuing. It’s the textured black. This isn’t the typical faux leather, it’s a more stiff, bumpy matte-finish vinyl. (Shown here in a smaller case than the one I got) Masculine, really. But I love it because it’s very stiff and sturdy and I know my somewhat-delicate bullet vibe is safe in there to get tossed around my big work bag and not get broken. Stuffed in that case is the bullet vibe I reviewed recently (the battery pack is bigger, other bullet vibes I’ll have more room), 5 AA’s, my Pocket Rocket, and another tiny little vibe. If  I remove the other stuff, I can fit in just the bullet and the wooden dildo, plus spare batteries.

My Size Does Matter case is actually being used for my digital camera accessories like memory cards, the usb stick card reader, and spare batteries.

The Foot Long case is being used by my partner for his few toys – it’s overkill, not like anything he has is a foot long! But I wanted something bigger rather than smaller. I got this one in the purple and it’s really nice! Soft faux flexible leather in a realistic faux-leather look and it’s a pretty dark purple.

Big Foot is nice – firm sides, straps inside for things, straps on the lid. I haven’t truly put it to proper use, as most of my toys stay in the Adult Toybox XL, but I did test to make sure it’ll fit the Hitachi – and it does. Barely, the cord end pushes the material out just a smidge to get it in there, but it fits.

I’m not kissing Vera’s ass here, lol, I really do like these cases. I’d get more of the Hide n Seek if I had the spare money, and not for sex toy purposes! It’s a great size for a lot things. I think these are better than the Devine brand, and there’s a ton more sizes and options. When you go to the average online sex toy retailer, the For Your Nymphomation cases are really the only ones worth looking at. If you have ANY reason whatsoever to need your privacy – these cases are the way to go.

The discount for my readers (use code DangerousFYN at checkout) is still valid until I hear otherwise, so take advantage of it! Also check out her sale page, there’s a brown Foot Long case that’s perfect for a guy, or if you simply like brown “leather”. She’s not going to be making cases in this color any more, so get on it!

Nov 022008
There is nothing like this. It’s that simple. The Njoy Pure Wand is, quite simply, the best sex toy for g-spot (or prostate) stimulation.


Njoy Pure Wand Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand

24 ounces of pure solid (316, for the nerds) medical-grade stainless steel doesn’t *sound* sexy, but once you touch it and hold it, you’ll know. It is shiny in a mirror-finish; this material is hypoallergenic, easily cleaned or sterilized and won’t ever corrode or degrade. It ain’t goin anywhere, that’s for sure. I know it’s pricey at first glance for something that doesn’t even vibrate but….if you purchase -any- G-spot toy it should be this one.The ball for G-spot is 1.5″ and because one ball is bigger than the other, the G-spot side is heavier. You’ll see why this matters soon. It is obviously compatible with all lubes, although you won’t need much.

It took me hours after receiving this before I actually used it as intended. Why? I couldn’t stop touching it. Fondling, even. Looking at it in utter awe. Because of ~%#@!% UPS, I had to go there to pick it up the other evening. Waited in a tiny guard shack with other people for over 30 minutes and I was miserable but I knew it would be worth it. It had been really cold that day, and so even an hour after I left UPS the Pure Wand was still very cold. Which was very intriguing. Once inserted though it didn’t take long to warm up.

The Pure Wand isn’t overwhelming like the Eleven, but it is substantial. From tip-to-tip along the shaft it measures 10 inches. The larger end is 1.5″ wide and the smaller end maxes out at 1″ wide.

I’ve found that the Pure Wand has a learning curve which at first seems strange – why would you want a dildo that is hard to figure out? You need time to explore it and there is a learning curve simply because you’ve never experienced anything like it. Unless, of course, you’re already an expert at finding your G-spot (I am not, on my own). When I first inserted it I just slipped the large ball inside and I let it slide on its own. Gravity took it slowly down deeper into me until the arch was resting on my vulva. With the end you use as a handle, pointing up at you like a hard cock would, it is much easier to use than a straighter dildo. Especially for women who have short arms, like me.

Earlier this evening I started this post, and then went back for another go. I had an hour long session (at least an hour) which is a lot longer than I usually spend masturbating. I kept hitting my g-spot, something that wasn’t done by me very often before, but then my hand/thumb would start hurting. This fucker is heavy, for me, a girl with weak wrists and tender muscles (due to fibromyalgia). And my G-spot likes a LOT of pressure. Each time I would make contact I nearly lost my breath. Each push/pull, each pumping stroke, each rock of the wand echoed the sounds of a very wet pussy. So I played with my Layaspot and the wand for awhile, building to a nice slooww orgasm (albeit clitoral only) and the G-spot stimulation felt great. I have heard that the G-spot is more swollen and “receptive” after a clitoral orgasm, so I laid there for a bit with the wand still in me, idly playing. Soon, playing in earnest. And then I brought out the Hitachi.

Despite the Pure Wand slipping a bit in my hands I pulled straight up on the smaller ball, bringing the inside ball firmly up against my G-spot. I held it there with all my strength while the Hitachi buzzed away. I kept alternating in short bursts of holding the wand firmly in place while I ground the Hitachi to my clit, and backing off on the Hitachi while feverishly fucking myself with the wand. The final frenzied build-up took a good minute or two…this was truly a roller-coaster ride and the climb up to the top was better than most orgasms felt as I was coming. Yes, that good. When I felt orgasm approaching I pushed a bit, like I’ve read to do, and the orgasm was literally the strongest I’ve had on my own in a long LONG while. I curled into myself, holding my breath while my mouth gaped open in a silent scream. Between the strong orgasm and how hard I was pushing, I eventually pushed the damn thing out of me (not easy to do given the weight and large ball).  And it was different, in a good way. I managed to have a simultaneous orgasm from both my clit and my G-spot. The inundation of extreme pleasure didn’t stop until I let go of the toys. And then I pulled back my hand (I was under my comforter, in bed) to find that it was wet. I pulled back the comforter…and there’s a big wet spot on it. Bed, too.


I SQUIRTED!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!! That’s never happened before!


I used this toy in all manner of positions on my bed. On my back. On my side. On my stomach. You can pull upwards on it for constant firm pressure. You can push the outer ball away from you. You can….well…you can do just about anything with this, and you’ll probably hit your G-spot. The Pure Wand isn’t for everyone, though – people who have had issues with other dildos “catching” on their pubic bone are most likely going to be bothered by the Pure Wand as well. The dip between the shaft and the head is what helps me but it might hurt someone else. Please don’t think that G-spots get all the love, here. The Pure Wand is just as magical for prostates, from what I’ve heard. I’ve read many glowing commendations.

I think I’m in love; this toy is Pure heaven.


Updated after 5 years of reviewing sex toys: I still think its my Holy Grail sex toy. Nothing else, hands down, gives me better orgasms. I could be happy with only owning two sex toys now – my We-Vibe Tango and my Njoy Pure Wand. And pretty much, those are the two I use 85% of the time.