VibeReview: Silver Bullet Review

Yesterday, at work, I tried out the first of my toys that sent me to test and share about! Yes, at work… ;)

A sexy conversation with a few of my boys – different conversations, same time! – led to my state of arousal and a need to take care of that…right that very minute. Of course, the million dollar question is, Did Lilly get off?? Keep reading!

The Silver Bullet – this little guy replaced my dearly departed red micro bullet that I mentioned way back in the beginning of my exploits. There are many things that I really like about this vibrator, and some things that could do better. While VibeReview doesn’t carry the exact same bullet vibe I was using before, the ones they do carry are equivalent or better. For size reference purposes and one with a motor more like my old vibe, check out The Firecracker Bullet.

The Good:

1. The cord – longer than my old one. It’s long enough for the vibe to be on my clit, the cord to come up my panties to my waistband and have enough that I can comfortably hold the remote handpack without feeling like I’m going to tug the thing out of me.

2. The size of the bullet – As you saw with the Firecracker Bullet, my old one was pretty tiny. The dimensions of S.B. are 2.25″ long and 1″ wide. Because my outter labia are fuller, I was able to nestle this guy in between my pussy lips and with my panties on it stayed there, even when I was dripping wet! Because of the larger size, I was more able to get it on just the right spot. Another plus to the size? Because it wasn’t totally swallowed up by my pussy, whenever I squirmed/rocked/shifted in my chair, so did the S.B. ever so slightly…just the right amount to drive me CRAZY.

How crazy? I was sitting there at my desk constantly moving just a bit. Squeezing my thighs together….leaning back and forwards a little bit, just generally gyrating so that the bullet ground against my clit even more. I was so close to the edge of the orgasm, like standing 10 feet from the cliff. I leaned back in my chair for a minute and with my hand I pressed the S.B. into me even harder through my dress pants, which were really damp, by the way. I could feel that my face was really warm and flushed from being so close to orgasm.

3. While at times I had wished the vibrations were stronger, there were also times that I was glad it was not stronger, or it would have been too much to tolerate. If your clit is in the sensitive to moderate range, this would be the perfect vibe. The handpack has a slider control to go from low to high and anywhere in between. If you really want something stronger, go for The Turbo Bullet.

4. It got warm…yes, warm. Not hot, nothing unpleasant. In fact, it was quite fucking nice! That lovely warmth on my clit and pussy lips brought extra blood flow to the area and that is -always- a good thing. The Firecracker Bullet also has the warming feature if you want a smaller bullet vibe. If you’re looking to add in some internal warming, try out the Dual Action Infrared Vibe, which is one I also own. Just the top of it warms up.

The Bad:

There was only one bad. I had wished at times that I was able to push the power of the vibes up juuust a little bit more. In the end, I had to retreat to the ladies room and hold it right on my sweet spot, on the side of my clit, to orgasm.

So I tucked the controller in the waistband of my pants and retreated to the bathroom. It was close to lunch break time so I hoped it would be empty just long enough. Wasn’t at first. I sat there quietly rubbing my clit, my cunt was soaking wet. finally it was empty and I turned on the vibe. Got soooo close, and someone came in. DAMN. As soon as she left, it was back on. In 10 seconds I was cumming. The moment it began though, the door opened so I had to shut off the S.B. but was still able to ride out a nice orgasm.

If you need something more powerful, get the Turbo Bullet. (not to mention it has silicone nubbies on the outside, also a plus to keeping it in one spot!)

OH, the noise level – it’s neither a good nor a bad. While it was doin its job here at my desk, I couldn’t hear it. In the ladies’ room however….well, not doable if anybody else was in there. But really how often will most women be in that situation? ;)

For the absolute best bullet experience, get the Berry Delight. It adds in various settings, a higher quality motor, and lovely soft silicone nubs all over it, which would be sooo lovely on the S.B. *wink wink nudge nudge* I really really really want the Berry Delight vibe…

Overall: A good toy. Wonderful for beginners or even those who have many toys. This would also be absolutely wonderful to use during sex. Easier to hold to your clit than a smaller micro-bullet vibe! Hey, bf might also enjoy the egg held to a few key spots while you are busily sucking cock ;) I personally like holding it to the perineum or just resting on his anus, even his balls!

This review made possible by the WONDERFUL folks over at VibeReview. They don’t carry crappy toys, and you can read reviews and detailed info before buying. And as always let me remind you men that it’s not just a site for women – it is “female friendly” and created by women, but their Men’s Toy Section is great and has a -ton- of stuff all with really great and informative reviews – don’t believe me? Check out the reviews on this bad boy, the Titus. Doesn’t that look amazing? I’d love to use that on a guy while sucking his cock….
(p.s. if you decide to buy anything I told you about, be sure to do so from my links as I get credit for your purchase, being an affiliate. Thanks!)

6 Responses

  1. JoC says:

    Holy hell, that’s hot. Does anyone suspect?

  2. e37 says:

    glad i could be a part of your bullet vibe experiment! i have to say it was just as arousing for me as it sounds like it was for you…

  3. Lilly says:

    LOL I don’t think anybody suspects. No one has said anything odd to me or asked if I’m ok ;)

  4. Heather says:

    Yes. We want to make your work life more enjoyable. Why not, right? Nice review, lady.

    Oh, and one tip about the Silver Bullet: Try using the toy on a guy’s perineum or testicles, especially during oral sex.

    Look forward to the next reviews!


  5. Gadfly says:

    Heh … I have a cock ring that holds a bullet vibe about like that in place to grind on the clit :D

  6. Christina says:

    Great review and great writing. Keep up the good work!