Womanizer Deluxe Review

Womanizer W500I spent months wringing my hands over the Womanizer W100 (the original); I loved it, but it was ugly with a horrible name1 and I couldn’t figure out *why* I loved it. Just going by how the Womanizer Deluxe W500 looks I assumed I would prefer it. And I have to tell you: I’m glad my first Womanizer was the W100 because if my first had been the W500, I’m not sure I would have been so head over heels. Or, maybe I just am mired in comparison-syndrome. I can’t help but compare the two and while you’d think the more expensive version would automatically be better….I’m here to confuse you even more. Sorry! This review also has the disappointed, matter-of-fact tone that I expected to have about the W100. It’s less fun, more functional. For most people, either Womanizer is pricey enough to give pause so the large $$ difference may matter a lot to some folks.

This review is focusing heavily on how the Womanizer Deluxe (W500) and W100 compare because so many people want to know which one they should get. If this review is your first introduction to the poorly-named ugly-yet-truly-innovative sex toy that has shockingly rocked my world, then you need to go check out the review for the W100 first (which has sadly been discontinued). If you’re looking for comparison across multiple models, and the latest versions, see this post:

How the Womanizer Deluxe W500 compares to the Womanizer W100 – The Changes

They pretty much changed everything except how it works.

It has a new shape – It looks less like an ear scope. It’s also fatter and kinda awkward to hold. It’s shorter, which sucks for people like me who need more reach and longer toys.

It has new buttons – And they’re on the back side. In the most awkward spot. With the way I hold the Womanizer W100 my thumb is on the same side as the head and buttons and it’s very easy to switch between the power button and the single, large plastic rhinestone button that changes intensity. This means that holding the Womanizer W500 has the intensity button right around my pinky/ring finger and the power button around my middle finger. Also that power button – it’s now a “genuine Swarovski crystal” but it requires more effort to press it – and the shape of the crystal is pointy. It leaves a dent in my finger and it hurts to press on it.

It includes a slightly larger head – The opening is bigger by about a millimeter or two all the way around, as you can see below.

It’s louder – Yes, you read that right. Despite it being advertised as being more quiet, it’s actually a lot noisier when not fully “sealed” on to your body. Of course this is because it’s more powerful. In the video below both the Womanizer W100 and Womanizer Deluxe W500 are fully charged, too. When it’s “sealed” and pressed fully against you, the noise levels are identical.

There’s no more case – Yes, I mocked the case with the W100. It was Barbie pink. But it held everything quite nicely. The more expensive version, oddly, doesn’t have a case. They just give you an industry-standard satin drawstring bag. That feels like a backslide to me.

It’s more intense – The more intense “air technology” now kinda makes it feel more like vibration (buzzy vibration, at that) and sometimes I actually find it….too intense. Yeah, I’m surprised too. I’d say it’s easily twice as intense as the W100.

Womanizer Heads  Womanizer Heads  Womanizer W500 Seams

Womanizer W500 vs Womanizer W100   Womanizer W500 vs Womanizer W100   Womanizer W500 vs Womanizer W100  - Everything Included

Here’s Where I Surprise You

Everybody is looking at this and assuming it’s better than the Womanizer W100. It must be, right? The Womanizer Deluxe W500 is more powerful, looks better, costs more!! All the hallmarks of “must be better”! I’d read so many reviews of the Womanizer W100 and how intense it was, how quickly most people were able to orgasm with it yet I was still so skeptical of it’s prowess. I wasn’t done in 1 with it, but it was definitely an intense ride. So when I used the Womanizer Deluxe W500 I surprised myself by discovering that I don’t like the higher intensity. I don’t need it.  Suddenly I feel like others who described how it felt like the orgasm with the W100 was ripped from them in seconds, that it was too much too soon. The lower levels on the Womanizer Pro are the same as the Womanizer W100, so if you don’t need the extra intensity you don’t have to use it – it’s just there if you need it. Just like with the W100 I am so torn on how to recommend this to people. I don’t know how to describe who will love the Womanizer and who will hate it. I’m torn on how to tell you which one is better for you. I have always been the poster girl for “needs pinpoint, needs intense power, needs rumble” for a clitoral orgasm. I did not expect to love the Womanizer W100 just as  I did not expect to not need the more intense settings on the Womanizer W500.

If the larger head is a reason to pick the W500, there’s good news: SheVibe will soon be stocking standalone replacement heads of both sizes.

I understand that many people will gravitate towards having the option for more intensity, but is giving up on a comfortable grip, easy-to-press buttons and a nicer case worth having something that looks nicer? Yes the W500 looks nicer; it is less cheesy in many ways. There will be more color options available at SheVibe hopefully soon – I’m not sure why epi24 is holding out on SheVibe with color choices; I’ve asked epi24 directly but as of this post haven’t gotten an answer yet2.

Since I wrote this review, the W100 has been discontinued. The Womanizer Deluxe W500 exists, and now there is the Womanizer PRO40 – which I prefer. You can see the review for the Womanizer PRO40 here, and of course the large Womanizer vs Satisfyer comparison post here.


SheVibe is my favorite retailer and I would recommend purchasing from them over others.





  1. Still trying to figure out why they named it this…if the company ends up getting back to me, I will let you know the answer!
  2. And will update when they reply

11 Responses

  1. I find the first hideous, the W500 one still isn’t great looking but it looks far better than the W100. I’m just shocked that you liked it at all. I expected you to hate this, I think I’m the only person that dislikes the Womanizer W500. I wanted to smash that thing up with a hammer. I wanted to love it, it just sadly didn’t do for me what it does for most.

  2. Kara_Sutra says:

    These things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser. I liken them to the different versions of an iPhone… some of the changes seem to make sense, others don’t. Gotta admit, I’m very curious to see where they go with the next design.

  3. Tzipora says:

    Hmm. The grip thing has me wondering… Especially after getting into a random discussion in a lesbian forum and discovering I apparently have particularly small hands. I actually thought the W500 looked easier to hold until seeing your video still of them side by side. Now I really don’t know.

    I will say I’m glad you’re someone I’ve talked to somewhat at length over power needs and me on pain meds may be the very rare person to legitimately need more power even than you! So I’m still leaning W500. You saw my Reddit comment, I think. This is gonna be my birthday present to myself. Never have ordered through LoveHoney but think that’s the route I’ll be going.

    I’m just going on a personal experiences guess and I will totally let you know how this ends up when I get it but from the narcotic pain meds make things take forever perspective (which unfortunately I don’t think can be compared much to say antidepressant orgasm trouble. Been an extremely long time since I was on any but I straight up couldn’t orgasm then. On pain meds it just takes time and is all over the map depending I guess on when my last dose was/ hormones/ etc) I’ve noticed I not only need a lot of power and rumble but a lot of variation. I go numb even from rumbly vibes (Tango, Skittle, etc) and need to up that intensity. There’s days I can totally get off at Tango on level 3, rare days at less especially if I start with something even weaker than Tango. But most of the time it’s level 4 and too often even then I’m straight up getting bored and numb and hitting the button hoping beyond hope for another level beyond. So I thiiink W500 might be ideal in that regard. Just like I think Womanizer in general will work well for me just knowing my body and clit and blah blah. I doubt I will need that kind of power a lot but when I hear something is too powerful for you that makes me go “Heeeey maybe this will be the toy to finally do it for me when nothing else is working!” I guess we shall see. At least if I go LoveHoney and decide against it I can return within the full year (since given the extreme variability of my health one month may not be long enough for me to get enough tries in).

    Anyway, I thank you again for your amazing work at reviewing and comparing and being another very open honest person I can really rely on for advice. I feel like you’ve shared so much about your body and specific needs (and while we’re of course not exactly alike I see a lot of ways we’re similar) that I sorta have a particularly good idea of how to use the points you make and apply them to my own body and needs.

  4. Is the reason for going through Lovehoney to get the color you want? SV will carry the whole range, and at a bit lower price I think.

  5. Tzipora says:

    I was leaning towards the white (I seem to like white toys lately, they all look like Apple products lol!) But was leaning LH for both the 20% off and the full year return policy. My health has been so rocky I’m not sure I’d get around to trying it enough in the first month to determine whether or not I loved or hated it (I’m assuming it’s gonna take a little adjustment as I can get off on my back but have such a strong preference for laying on my side which I know won’t work).

    But yeah SV is $10 less and I do have that $10 code from black Friday but mathematically with the LH code, that still runs at less at the moment. No doubt I’d generally pick SV over LH anyday but such a costly toy…

  6. Ningyo says:

    Have you heard of a toy called Femme Fatale by Fontaine de Jouvence?


    I saw it on Lovehoney the other day. It seems to have the same “contactless stimulation” as the Womanizers. It’s $100 cheaper than the Womanizer W500 and looks 100% less stupid as either Womanizer, IMO. I also like the fact that it’s more of a handle shape because like you, I have short arms. I’m pretty sure I’ll pick one up when Lovehoney sends me another 20% off code because my Womanizer W500 crapped out on me and I don’t feel like giving a replacement a chance when this toy seems to have a lot more going for it.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d tell you about it, and I think it would be cool if you could someday do a comparison between the Womanizers and the Femme Fatale. :)

  7. I have seen it, and have two thoughts:

    1. You get what you pay for. Priced cheap = built cheap
    2. They describe it as “intense suction”. That isn’t what the Womanizer is, at all. So I don’t think at all that it’s anything like the Womanizer.

  8. Jessica says:

    Can you change the way you hold this? My intuition would be to hold in the right hand with the handle facing my belly-button, with thumb on top for the buttons, and fingers wrapped around to the bottom. Of course, I’m left-handed, so it’s unlikely to be comfortable for me to hold either, but to my eye that’s how it is designed to be held. I’m trying to decide if that’s enough of an annoyance to avoid this for now.

  9. Shakti says:

    I have both the Womanizer W100 and the Femme Fatale (now discontinued at Lovehoney) and they work in the same way, blowing air that feels like suction and at higher intensity level there is more of a vibration-feeling. The Femme Fatale is well built and covered in super soft silicone, it’s also not waterproof and my biggest problem with it is that the opening is smaller than the head of the Womanizer. My clit is on the larger size and the Femme Fatale opening is too small to encompass it without touching, which is extremely uncomfortable. The W100 is a little better, but I’m going to buy a pack of replacement XL heads now that they’re selling those, because I tend to not use either toy directly on the clit, but rather moving them around creating suction in various areas of the vulva, which is very nice, but nothing like the instantaneous or continuous multiple orgasm I read about…

  10. mishbuttonmash says:

    When they updated the model, did they change the W500’s name to Womanizer Deluxe and the W100 to Womanizer Pro40? Also, have you been able to try out the new version yet?

  11. Hey there! I’ve tried the Pro40, and no it’s not a rename of the W100 (which still exists). Some websites may be using different names. If you need a comparison of all the Womanizer (and Satisfyer) models, I have this post which will be updated every time I try something new: http://dangerouslilly.com/2016/11/womanizer-vs-satisfyer-who-reigns-supreme/