35 Body-Safe Sex Toys Under $35

35 affordable sex toys under $35Newly added affordable sex toys – now updated for 2018!

One of the perks of being a sex toy reviewer is that often we are handed vibrators and dildos to review that we normally would not be able to afford purchasing on our own. I can assure you that I would never have been able to allocate the funds for the Lelo Smart Wand Large, the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge, and so on. Many others are in the same boat. And so they start out with affordable sex toys that may be porous, badly made, or single-use. Worse yet, folks may buy one of those kits from the bigger corps like DocJ and CalEx, the kits with porous anal beads and iffy vibrators and lube samples that may give you a yeast infection. Instead of buying a cheap kit take a look at the items below.

But we can’t ignore those with budgets. The folks who might normally just buy a PVC nightmare that will arrive smelling up the room and possibly give them a chemical burn in the worst possible place. I need these folks to know that they deserve safe, quality and affordable sex toys on their budget. I made myself a mission one day a few months ago; to comb through the Shevibe catalog and find “25 for $25 and under”. But honestly? That was hard to do. So I had to up the ante to $35. If you are in the US and get Shevibe’s cheapest shipping which is $5.95, then you can buy yourself a SAFE, non-porous sex toy for $40 or under, shipped.  Note: When I talk about “body-safe” I don’t merely mean toys that claim to be non-toxic. Body-safe sex toys are non-porous. Porosity has long been an overlooked issue.

I’m not promising that all of the affordable sex toys, particularly the vibrators, will rock your world. Especially when it comes to vibrators, you get what you pay for. I tried to avoid picking very many “mild” vibrators but some of these may be louder than you can tolerate. They may not last long. You’re here for a reason, though, and whatever your reason, these 35 affordable sex toys under $35 are all non-porous and range from decent to great 1.

What I also want to show you is that you can find safe, non-porous affordable sex toys under $35 without resorting to the gamble that is buying sex toys from Amazon – a place I really want you to avoid. When you’re trying to get the most bang for your small bucks, try to give yourself time to watch for sales. SheVibe has weekly and monthly changing sales, with flash sales on the weekends and Tantus has something different on sale every month, at least.

Vibrators Under $35

I thought that this would be the toughest category of affordable sex toys to flesh out, but things are actually improving! I could not find an affordable dual stimulation (rabbit vibrator) that I could include on this list in good conscience.  If you go to Shevibe and look at each category of vibrators, you’ll find plenty of options under $35. The problem, in my eyes, is not the materials it’s the motor – unless weak-to-moderate, buzzy vibrations are okay for you, you’ll have a hard time finding something really great.

  1. $9.99 gets you very commendable power and decent rumble in the Blush Gaia Eco. Simple but effective!
  2. Pocket Rockets are usually fairly powerful, one-battery wonders. I once loved one! Try the Water Dancer
  3. The affordable Satisfyer 1 is worth trying to see if you like this style. Other versions are more powerful but this one suffices for me,  often.
  4. The hard plastic Cloud 9 G-spot vibe is noisy, as to be expected, but reports say the vibrations are more rumbly!
  5. Screaming O’s Charged Vooom is impressively strong and more rumbly than buzzy. I hate the company so hate recommending this and will try to find better.
  6. I read a few good reviews for the Aria Hue G and hope to try it, soon
  7. I’ve got two OVO recommendations for you. Their D2 impressed me well enough in person in vibrations and style, it’s best for external play.
  8. The Blush Exposed Noctural bullet is very powerful with some rumble and buzz. I have issues with the buttons but at $31 it can’t be beat for the intensity AND it’s rechargeable.
  9. Another little bullet to consider is the VeDo Bam – strong, but it has a few quirks – namely a single button to scroll through an ass load of functions
  10. The Fun Factory Jazzie is very moderate on vibrations & has one speed, but has a nice shape.
  11. And finally, the Doc Johnson Black Magic Bullet packs a very nice, rumbly punch for the price – the corded style needs extra attention to last you more than a few months and I don’t recommend it for internal use, but it’s a bullet vibe that kept me quite happy for awhile until I found the We-Vibe Tango.

Dildos Under $35

Again, once I upped the price cap from $25 to $35, things became so much easier. I went from struggling to find anything non-porous to recommend, to having more than enough to choose from.  I have a separate post all about silicone, suction-cup toys but now SheVibe has a category just for this niche, and there are 83 styles or colors of silicone suction-cup toys priced at $35.99 or less. There are 99 styles or colors of silicone dildos of any type as of July 2018. Every few months, it seems, more low-cost silicone items are added to the categories. This is just a random selection of various materials and styles to get you started.

  1. The Colours Pleasure Small provides a realistic design in bold colors, plus a suction cup. Some have complained about the texture and the firmness, though.
  2. I’m cheating here but I’m just gonna show you all these Blush Novelties dildos under $35.99 – 23 of em – including dual density and some large models.
  3. I wanted to include glass on the list, for those who want to try the firmness of the material but I am struggling with this recommendation. I really really hate to promote Pipedream products in part for their sub-par quality and in part for their shitty company ethics. About half of their Icicles line is under $35. It makes me twitchy though to even talk about them. 
  4. For a slender glass dildo with a great g-spot or prostate curve, consider the Sinclair Institute Crystal G Glass Wand.
  5. Another glass option is the Crystal Heart of Glass dildo which didn’t totally fail the annealing test.
  6. For those who want size options and maybe something bigger, consider the silicone So Dildo from Marc Dorcel.
  7. The Cloud 9 brand has some silicone suction-cup dildos in various skin tones, all under $35.
  8. From trusted maker Funkit comes the NoFrillDo – 3 options at $24.99.
  9. I’ve got Tantus items on the list – the Starter dildo is great for those new to penetration…
  10. …as is the Silk Small
  11. For those who need a harness, the CalExotics Princess Low Profile fits up to 53″, so that’s not terrible2.
  12. Those who need more room can get the even nicer Sportsheets Plus Size Beginner’s Harness, which fits up to 72″ hips, has a nice back side and has 4 different o-rings.

Butt Toys Under $35

The biggest problem we may see with affordable, silicone butt toys is that sometimes they lack a good enough flared base. This is actually always a problem, no matter the price, but I’m seeing it more and more with the lower-cost items. Standard silicone “plugs and probes” that don’t vibrate are plentiful for the $35-and-under restriction: something like 150 items at SheVibe in that sub-category alone. There’s only about 42 vibrating plugs but they have the same problem as any vibrator under $35 – high potential for a weak and buzzy motor.

  1. All butt toys can potentially stimulate the prostate, but some are designed for that specific purpose. The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 2 …..
  2. …or the LUX LX1 are two decent choices. 
  3. For those who like the sensation of anal beads, try out the Fun Factory Bendybeads…
  4. …or the much smaller, not graduated Pleasure Works Casanova.
  5. There are actually a lot of butt plugs under $35, so I’ve chosen a few that rate well with others and one super-affordable, the CalExotics Coco Licious Plug.
  6. Fan favorites include the Tantus Ryder
  7. …or the Fun Factory Bootie.
  8. The Tantus Neo has a super-comfortable base and plug style, and comes in a silky smooth dust-repellent silicone 3.
  9. Those who need something extra big can consider the Plump Plug.

Penis Toys Under $35

There are plenty of cheap masturbation sleeves but the material worries me with most in terms of toxicity. All affordable sleeves are made from a porous material, but I trust Tenga to not be toxic. Their 3D sleeves aren’t quite under $35 but are still an affordable sex toy option vs Fleshlights and the Tenga Flip Holes.

  1. The Tenga Eggs are listed as one-time-use but I think if you rinse it and dry it and don’t wait weeks in between, people have gotten a few uses of them.
  2.  Vibrating cock rings are very hit-or-miss and often don’t line up with everybody’s genitals or provide enough vibration. The Tantus Super Soft Vibrating Ring is decent enough. Knowing that the Screaming O Charged Vooom is a decent bullet I think their cock ring version would be fairly powerful.
  3. Cock rings in general are great because they can increase erection firmness and make orgasm more pleasureable (and delayed a bit); a good place to start for a nice reusable one is the Tantus Super Soft.

BUT WAIT, There’s More!

This 4-cuffs-and-a-blindfold kit isn’t a bad way to dip your toes into BDSM. This $11 paddle is a cute way to find out if you like the more broad sensation play of a paddle whereas this $11 whip is a good entry point to decide if you prefer sharp sensation play.

Need something to put your new little collection in? The Large and Extra Large Sugar Saks are woven with anti-microbial threads and this stylish Liberator toy pouch, with zippers that can be locked together, will keep prying eyes out.

So we’ve learned that there are plenty of really great dildo options for $35 and under, a lot of butt toy options for $35 and under, but the vibrator category still makes me sad. There are super cheap vibrators, to be sure, but they’re just too crappy to list even if they are made from ABS plastic. I’d like to see more brands come out with affordable sex toys under $35 like vaginal and anal insertables that aren’t either loud enough to wake your roommate or so mild that they won’t please most people; the “mild” vibrations are why I didn’t pick anything by Bswish or CalExotics because my experiences with those brands consistently show their vibrators are very mild and surface-buzzy when they’re lower-priced. I’d like to see some realistically-styled vibrating dildos in the affordable price range,  because it’s apparently something that sells really well in the porous materials.

I don’t actually think that having silicone dildos/plugs that are only silicone on the exterior are a problem – unless the exterior can split or crack open. While it seemed shady and even a little weird to have a dildo advertised as “100% silicone” actually be stuffed with a foam insert or rubber rod, if this is what it takes to produce affordable sex toys that have non-porous, body-safe materials where it counts? I think I’m okay with it. We’ve only found out about this practice when the items have been sliced/cut open, to my knowledge.

Affordable Sex Toys Bonus Section! Can you up your budget to $50?

Not all of these are $50, these are items priced between $36 and $50. I also want to highlight the Tantus Grab Bag section. While their shipping prices aren’t super awesome (I think the lowest is $12/13, which eats up a lot of the $35 budget) if you can get your budget to $50 AND grab a sale, then you have some great picks for butt toys and dildos.

Create-Your-Own Affordable Sex Toy Intro Kit for around $50 + Shipping:

Vibrators for $50 or less:

Dildos for $50 or less:

Penis Toys for $50 or less:

  • The Tenga 3D sleeves don’t have a hard shell casing but feel great! The material is infused with Silver for antimicrobial properties which helps it’s porous stature.




  1. Actually the Tenga Egg is porous, but I had no choice, and it’s non-toxic
  2. A more boxer/underwear style can be had for less than $30, but it fits an even smaller range of people than the Pipedream strappy harness – sad that they couldn’t take this anywhere close to plus sizes. These can be used as packer briefs or dildo harnesses
  3. For a little texture you can also consider the Tantus Juice Plug or for something soft and squishier try the Severin Small

31 Responses

  1. WildOrchid says:

    We loved the Berman Intimate Basics Siena until it gave up the ghost after being dropped at the tilled floor too many times. Definitely would re-buy it if it was available locally (we got it as a prize). We both perceived it as way more rumbly than other toys we had at the time. Powerful but with decent battery life. I miss it when the Tango feels too pin-point.

    Also I may be alone in this but I really enjoyed the Butterfly Kiss – they came up with the silicone version a couple of years ago. The motor of mine (TPR one) lasted for about 4 years before I pulled it out of the washing machine yesterday (was using it in our Share vibe – way better than the FF bullet). That one is on the buzzier side, but could appeal to those who want moderately strong vibration on the clitoris with some vaginal teasing. Great for those that want to grab a quick orgasm and can’t be bothered with getting ready for penetration with anything more substantial but still would like to tease the PC muscles.

  2. Good to know, thanks! In the past I’d tried 2 Berman Intimates and hated them, but the simple slimline styles across the board tend to feel fairly powerful and rumbly

  3. Ooooooo. Okay. Valid point, thank you!!! I will be removing the Wanachi then and I’ll go find something else.

  4. Slothfossil says:

    It’s sad because it would be a really awesome price if it were really silicone. The (non-rechargeable) mini magic wand is only like 99 cents over-budget on shevibe http://www.shevibe.com/mini-magic-wand-vibrator-by-vibratex.aspx might be close enough?

  5. I replaced it with the Berman Siena that someone else recommended.

    I was told by someone else…I cannot remember which reviewer (maybe MarvyDarling) that unlike the rechargeable Mini, the battery-powered Mini was just awful.

  6. Sugarcunt says:

    Lilly, this is an amazing idea, and I’m so glad you’ve posted it. These lists are great! Now it’s easy to point people to a list of toys whenever someone says, “Well good sex toys are too expensive.”

  7. It does depend on their idea of “expensive”. I don’t think the Tango is expensive, but some people do. I don’t think that half of the vibes on the list are really all that great but they’re *decent*…a few are even pretty darn good. The dildos and the plugs? Yeah, those are solid. I’m just hoping that the vibrators section will get better in time!

  8. Beck says:

    Whenever I manage to forget to charge my vibes, there is only one battery operated item I grab. Jimmy Jane Iconic Smoothie. It is less than $25. Vibrations are more buzzy than rumbly but still pretty good. Also it is noisy. They also advertised it as waterproof and it is splashproof. So far it is the best clitoral vibe I have for less than $35.

  9. FieryRed says:

    This is a really great post! And I’m so curious about this: “the Maia D1 – it is silicone but has an inner core made from another material.” Has someone cut this one open, or did the info come from the company? Do you know what is inside it?

    I agree that if good-quality silicone is the only thing touching your body and all of the seals are good, then in practice it should be okay to have a silicone toy filled with something else — possibly even desirable for a squishier feel, like with the Iroha line. But I do think it’s an issue when the labeling falsely states “100% silicone.” They could at least say “coated in 100% silicone” or something similar.

  10. That is always an option, yes. I didn’t mention it due to the fact that there were plenty of dildo and plugs to recommend on Shevibe, plus the high cost of Tantus shipping (I think it’s around $14) usually means that people are less likely to buy only one thing there. If you’re willing to buy a few things to offset the shipping cost, and better yet, take advantage of a Tantus sale, then by all means go that route! But for many items, the Shevibe.com price is a little better than the Tantus direct price, even with my code. YMMV, of course.

  11. Really! That surprises me! The last time I was in a shop that carried the Iconics line I tried them and was really unimpressed. Maybe a few had lame batteries though! Still a bit reluctant to recommend JJ, even at that price, being that they are JJ and owned under the same umbrella as Pipedream. I have to wonder how the Iconic Smoothie would compare to that Berman Siena…

  12. Another reviewer had it and noticed after a little while that something rattled inside, so they cut it open. The core was presumably rubber, but the material is unknown.

    I’ve tried reaching out to Maia to discuss their products and review them in hopes of dispelling any incorrect rumors that the product may not be silicone even on the outside, but have had no response.

    Since it’s more than just a thin skin of silicone, I don’t think they’re necessarily falsely stating materials too much. Everything I’ve seen cut open so far has been a moderate-to-thick silicone shell. I mean technically in a lot of the high end vibes (hello, Lelo) they have less silicone than this Maia D1 did! Same, even, with a Je Joue product. It’s only a skin of silicone a millimeter or two thick, yet we call it a “silicone vibrator” without blinking an eye.

  13. sayitwithsarcophilus says:

    I’ve had a decent experience with the Blueberry Buzz/Turbo Glider/Miss
    Bliss/Splash/the buzzy blue hard plastic bloopy-slimline that takes two

  14. FieryRed says:

    This is true! On the other hand, though, those silicone-coated vibrator makers don’t label them as being 100% silicone toys.

  15. Niko says:

    Hey, Lilly. Not sure if you remember me or not, I made a personal comment regarding my health/body issues and my marriage and asking for your help, which you responded to via email instead of posting. ;) Since then, I haven’t had the money to purchase any of the ones I was interested in… Most of which I wasn’t as interested as I wanted to be, lol.
    Then I saw this, and the Colours Pleasure Small appears to be the closest match to what I was looking for all along! And without shipping, it’s only $5 more than my jelly garbage. I placed an order yesterday, and hope it’s everything it promises to be.
    Out of curiosity, though, as the brand name (NS Novelties) isn’t present on your list of reputable manufacturers, has anyone confirmed this product as pure silicone? Or should I attempt a flame test once I get it to make sure?
    I’m concerned, because I read in one of your other articles that things are getting better; that a lot of retailers are selling more silicone, but don’t retailers just describe products as the manufacturer claims it to be, and the manufacturers are the ones that lie about materials, if anyone is lying at all? If Lovehoney or Shevibe says something is silicone, can we be certain they know for sure that their product manufacturers aren’t giving THEM inaccurate information?

  16. The brand, NS Novelties, isn’t a brand that I trust overall because *most* of their stuff so far is porous crap. But I recently have had someone confirm via flame test that the Colours dildos are in fact actual silicone. Even the few Doc Johnson/CalEx products I list that are silicone have passed other people’s (or my own) flame tests.

    Yes, retailers can only describe the product as the manufacturer claims it to be – unless I can come to them (and this is why I love Shevibe, because I can and have) and say “Hey they’re calling it silicone and it’s not” and they’ll change it. But the onus isn’t on the retailer to make sure the material is what the manufacturer claims it to be. Without a lab test they wouldn’t call it any differently than the manufacturer tells them to. Bloggers are different, we can say what we want and tell the truth if there’s a difference. Shevibe can only say that Doc Johnson products with Sil-a-gel additive are phthalates-free because DJ says they are – regardless of the fact that many people experience a burning rash reaction and the products still stink and off-gas chemicals. Shevibe, again as my example, carries only products that manufacturers claim to be non-toxic and that’s the best they can really do right now. They can tell their customers that the products are *porous* because that’s a fact and not a guess, and we can only hope that people will understand the problems with porosity and look at other materials.

    I have seen more instances of a product listed as silicone when I know it’s not (you can tell by looking because the material is crystal clear) at Lovehoney than Shevibe (because LH carries more porous stuff), and much more instances at other lesser-known retailers.

  17. CrystalTippedWings says:

    Really enjoyed the list, thanks for going to all the effort to put it together! :)

    I’ve been admiring the OVO F3 however was hoping for something rechargeable and was wondering if you have any other recommendations? I’ve looking for a discrete (quiet), rechargeable, insertable, water/splash proof (preferably), warm up vibrator that’s in the lower price range preferably below $50 if at all possible (I know that may be pushing it and unrealistic). I did notice the Jopen Lust in the Best Sex Toys list but I’m not quite sold on the ‘mini’ aspect of it, do you have any recommendations for something longer?

    In terms of reviews, I’ve had a vibrator very similar to the Berman Centre Seina before called the ‘Lovehoney Multispeed Super Smoothie 7 Inch Vibrator’ and absollutly loved using it in terms of shape and hardness. Unfortunately the cap broke for an unknown reason, considering the strength of the battery spring I was half convinced the spring was so strong that once the batteries were in it was the strength of the spring itself that forced the cap off and broke it. (Or that could just be a wild guess….) Unfortunatly I accidentally dropped the replacement on the tiles in the bathroom floor resulting in a broken cap again (oops) so I don’t seem to have to much luck with that vibrator and are a bit reluctant to trust myself with it or similar vibrators again. However while I didn’t get much chance to use it as a working vibrator I still absolutely loved using it for it’s shape and hardness and would also recommend it in that regard especially as a warm up dildo. (Give me one that I wouldn’t be worried about cap breaking and I’d snatch it up for it’s shape alone no vibrations required. ^^ -speaking of breaking the shaft of the vibrator was fine even after it hit the bathroom floor, it’s solidly built and good quality I just wish I could say the same about the cap.)

  18. CrystalTippedWings says:

    (Thank goodness I’m not the only person here talking about bathroom mishaps. XD Thank you for unintentially making me feel better about my clumsiness and giving me a laugh! :)

  19. CrystalTippedWings says:

    Well I did know that was a bit of an unrealistic request but I just thought I’d ask so thanks anyway. :)

    Hmm in regards to the vibrator, I’m curious if you know any tricks to finding reviews on toys? I mean it’s one thing to see something you like on someone’s blog, another thing entirely to find a toy on a shopping site and then try and look for blog reviews on it. Is there certain ways you get around this or do you mainly buy things you’ve heard from in other blog reviews or review things your given?

    P.S. Since I have insanely good luck I just noticed they are currently doing an up to 50% discount sale on rabbits in Lovehoney at the moment. So I managed to grab a $40 rechargeable rabbit. :D But thanks for your time and trying to help regardless! :)

  20. sassyredd says:

    The Colours Pleasure is one of my very favorite purchases. That suction cup seems to stick to just about anything, and it hits my g-spot in a delightful way.

  21. Tzipora says:

    When I saw the Don Wands dildo listed I was bummed it wasn’t the bent graduate and even more bummed to see SheVibe didn’t have it (was sold out on the Don Wamds site too) but I found it Early 2 Bed for $35 (and I ADORE E2B so, so much) so yeah, adding this because while I’ve tried numerous other glass dildos this one is the glass dildo to end all glass dildos, truly my favorite dildo, period. The toy that taught me to squirt. Plus you’ve got two sides to experiment with and the bumby side is awesome anally. So hands down, this is my rec. It and a magic wand and just gaaah, heaven.


  22. rosefromfriction says:

    I’m curious about the sportsheets’ pocket rocket – I wonder why the metal tips? Admittedly, it’s been years since i personally have interacted with a pocket rocket type of toy (in any way other than idly examining floor models), but i don’t recall that being the case with the ones i remember – it doesn’t look like the tips need to held on magnetically, so unsure of the purpose. I feel mild concern about the type of metal since it’s a particularly inexpensive toy, i worry it’s not going to end up being stainless steel there.

  23. rosefromfriction says:

    I really liked their Matryoshka-style dilator set because dilators are usually -incredibly- expensive and have to be purchased individually. For customers that didn’t want something with much give, I thought that was a great option. It seems to be not produced anymore, but I liked the concept. Useless in terms of vibration imo – buzzy, etc…but I thought it was a nice price for something less common.

  24. I honestly don’t know! I think it’s why they come with plastic caps. I always just used the smooth dome plastic cap and tossed away the rest (plus using it without the cap makes it goddamn hard to clean, as I learned early on)

  25. Treehawk says:

    I’ve got the Ovo D4 and I adore it. The silicone is a really nice texture, the vibrations are nice, and the shape is perfect! I’ve had it for 2 years now and I still love it!

  26. Fritz says:

    Sometimes if you shop around, or wait for a sale, you can get a Tenga Flip Hole for a more reasonable price. However I can’t really see the advantage in purchasing a Fleshlight over a Tenga 3D, the 3D is less expensive, especially on sale, I think the material is of better quality overall, and you could always improvise a plastic shell should you desire one.

  27. AceDenise says:

    Some decent cheap toys I still use are the Lovehoney Tracey Cox Supersex Power Vibrator (a smoothie-style, it’s the bigger one that takes C batteries) and DJ’s White Nights bullet (its power is similar to the Black Magic but fully submersible). Any of the White Nights collection are pretty good, and almost identical to the Black Magic except for the color.

  28. Kalliopeia says:

    If you’re ever interested in doing an updated version of this, the Noje wands are under $35 (depending on the retailer) and, for that price, pretty great.

  29. This actually has been updated over time and recently, in fact. I read a few reviews and talked to the bloggers and the “wands” are itty bitty (so not achieving the broad stim of an actual wand) and pretty buzzy on most of the levels. I just wasn’t personally impressed with what they had to say.

  30. Sheila says:

    Hey Lilly- are there any clitorical toys you can add to this list? Also, what about pelvic exercisers/kegels?

  31. All of the vibrators on the list can be used externally, and at least half are for external use only – the bullets, the pocket rockets, etc. There are some very cheap kegel balls, but I’ve yet to try them and see if they’re actually gonna do anything.