Looking for 50 Shades of Grey Sex Toys? How about a Steel Kegel Ball?

For those who have read the 50 Shades of Grey books (I, sadly, read the whole trilogy so that I could comment on it all with knowledge and then I lost the interest to even write the damn rant) you may remember that in a number of scenes, Christian Grey instructs Anastasia to insert a stainless steel (for everything with this damn idiotic man is gray/steel it seems) kegel ball for her to wear once while in public and another time or two during a spanking. It’s been awhile since reading the books though so I don’t know what they referred to it as, exactly. It wasn’t a Ben Wa ball. Those are generally the same theory as the larger Kegel beads on the market, which something rattle-y inside, but are much smaller and have no retrieval cord. As described in the book, the object Mr. Grey used was 2 steel silver beads linked with black thread. That just doesn’t work in reality.

The Stainless Steel Geisha Love Ball kegel exerciser similar to the kegel bead described in 50 Shades of Grey  The Stainless Steel Geisha Love Ball vs the Original Lelo Luna Beads

Shelley’s Toy Box asked me to review an item for them and at the time I chose this because I had actually been looking to see if this “fictional” sex toy existed anywhere other than the author’s warped imagination. While the Stainless Steel Geisha Love Ball isn’t exactly what Anastasia used, it’s about as close as you’ll find on the market I think. Heavy, cold and made in Germany, these are not your average Kegel exercisers. Shelley’s Toy Box has two styles….with one chain dangling down, or two. I don’t quite understand what the difference is between those, really. More weight hanging outside the vagina to offer resistance, maybe?

As with all steel toys, the kegel ball will be cold at first unless you warm it in your hand a minute, but it does warm up to body temperature very quickly and retains that temperature….the dangling chain and attached little balls are another matter though and they may retail some chill.

The Stainless Steel Geisha Love Ball is sadly not something I will recommend for anyone who actually wants a Kegel exerciser. The Luna Beads have everything over on this item – they are more noticeable during wear, they are easier to sanitize, they are more customizable with weight and just all around more practical. The Geisha Love Ball weighs 90 grams; the chains and balls attached take the entire thing up to 120 grams. Lelo’s Luna Beads can be used together or singularly; each pink bead is 28 grams, each blue bead is 37 grams. This means that the Geisha Love Ball by itself weighs more than two blue Luna Beads together….and unless you have well-developed PC muscles, it is not recommended that you start out with 2 blue balls. Also, the chain with the ball(s) at the end? The chain is fairly long, which is necessary for a retrieval method, but those damn metal balls present a new problem – unless you’re wearing jeans, the clunk of the balls resting inside your panties as you sit down on a wooden chair is noticeable. Even for me.

The description on the site also says that these beads, since they are all metal, will rattle inside of you more noticeably ….. yet they do not. I stood here and danced around and I could barely feel them even whilst trying to simulate the twist. So perhaps these might be good for a novelty item and best suited for BDSM play where the wearer must keep these inside while their dominant tugs on the chains? However at $90-110 each, it’s a little much for novelty.

Since these are stainless steel, they can be sanitized fairly easily. However, I do not recommend that you drop it into a pot of boiling water. As I discussed recently regarding Lelo Luna Beads, the item may sustain a little damage if it knocks the sides of the pot during boiling. In comments of that post, Elspeth told of her marvelous work-around – use a colander in the pot! This way the items never touch the hot metal bottom of the pot, or bang the sides and all is protected. This does matter even with a stainless steel item, as they are not entirely scratch-resistant. However, cleaning this chain is not such as easy task. In fact, it might be the design’s major flaw. That chain is very, very difficult to clean in between the tight links.

While the Geisha Love Ball looks a lot more bad-ass than the Lelo Luna Beads, I would still recommend Luna Beads over this any day.

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  1. Ery says:

    This sounds very similar to the Loveplug, also German. Except, comparing yours with the Luna Beads, it looks a bit smaller than the smallest Loveplug, so maybe not.

    Maybe the reason you don’t feel it enough is the size. The people who make the Loveplug actually recommend you get the largest size you can insert without pain. Their smallest, 34 mm, is only recommended to women with particularly small vaginas. I haven’t even tried the 34 mm, but I’m sure there’s a reason they recommed the 40 – 45 mm balls to “normally” built women (they even go up to 70 mm!). Having both, I would concur. The 40 mm is sufficient, though I do prefer the 45 mm to that.
    BUT, because I am really into wearing large objects, especially in public, I also have a 50 mm, 55 mm and 60 mm. I mainly chose them for their filling effect, but the pelvic floor muscle strenghtening is a huge bonus (the bigger ones weigh more, like, my 60 mm weighs 380 g).

    I have Lelo Luna Beads too, I started out with those and I did like them, but wanted something heftier. It’s not the Luna Beads’ fault, ben wa style vaginal balls aren’t meant to fill one up, just tone muscle. The Loveplug is supposed to combine muscle toning with a sensation of fullness. That’s why they recommend such big sizes and they weigh so much. And actually, 40 or 45 mm isn’t that crazy given that you’re only wearing one ball rather than two.