Lelo Luna Beads Mini vs Original

Lelo Luna Beads Mini vs OriginalSame thing, only smaller.

That’s what I said when I first got these and it’s still pretty much true. The set seemed identical in design, weights and colors to the original Luna Beads – but when you really examine things closer, there’s one flaw: the inner weighted bead, which is responsible for making the  Lelo Luna Beads work, is the same size as the weighted bead inside the Luna Beads original. This means there is much less empty space inside for it to rattle around, and it ends up giving your vagina less of a workout. I’ve had readers complain that the Mini set didn’t do a whole lot for them in terms of strengthening the PC muscles, and some couldn’t even feel movement.  The size of the Lelo Luna Beads Mini, both external and internal bead, is the same as the Lelo Luna Beads Noir. You can see from the photo below how much less space there is for the weighted bead to roll around and do its thing. 

Lelo Luna Beads Mini look just like the Lelo Luna Beads Noir, on the right. Both are flowed in design compared to the Lelo Luna Beads Original

And then we have the fact that the weighted ball inside of the plastic bead is naked metal. I own two sets of Lelo Luna Bead Original and in both, that weighted bead is coated in something so that the sound of metal on hard plastic isn’t so loud. I have no idea why they didn’t do this with the Mini Luna Beads Pleasure System. The noise difference between the two is huge. Again, readers have contacted me and complained about the noise.

I could hear the Mini’s rattling around inside of me but that was from an internal POV. Externally it wasn’t super bad but I think in a public, very quiet place I would feel self-conscious. There was the occasional rattle but it could be passed off as something else. However, Lorax recorded the sound her set made as she wore them, and the noise is quite obvious. Is the sound dampened for me because of my weight? Hard to say.

So I guess the question is….why should you purchase the Lelo Luna Beads Mini? If you have tried any of the other kegel beads on the market (or the Luna Original) and felt that they were uncomfortably large then try out the Luna Minis. You may not get as good of a workout. I really tend to not recommend these anymore. If you’re happy with the Original size or similar in other beads, then I’d say pass. They’re created especially for women who cannot tolerate much girth – contrary to the bullshit some stores are selling, these are NOT the preferred size for “women who haven’t birthed a child”, which is what one reader was told. I’ve never birthed a baby and I can tolerate the Original set just fine, and prefer it.

The only other kegel bead set on the market that these can be compared to is the awful Bedroom Kandi Hold on to Me set; these are larger that the BK beads.

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  1. Epiphora says:

    I don’t believe it’s a weight thing. I can’t hear them when they’re inside me either. Like, at all.

  2. Kirby says:

    I have the Mini set, and I agree that the noise is definitely audible when they’re not inserted (if I’m carrying them to the bathroom to clean them, for example). However, I don’t hear them when they’re inside me at all.

    I’ve used the smaller/lighter pair a few times and have the same feels-like-a-tampon-starting-to-fall-out situation going on. From reading this blog, it seems like that indicates that they’re too small. Am I right about that? Should I use larger/heavier ones? Is it the size or the weight that’s the issue?

    I like my Mini ones enough, but I’m concerned that they’re not effective because I’m not using them properly. Do I insert them and just let them do what they do because they’re “passive”? Or should I be physically squeezing with them inserted for the best results?

    Thank you.

  3. Except that, as was explained to me by Lelo, you’re not supposed to grip the Luna Beads. They’re meant to work passively, with the inner bead pinging the PC muscles (as I explained already). They’re definitely not small enough to even NEED to grip them to get them to stay in. This just isn’t how Luna Beads work, so please understand how something works before you try to shake your finger at me.

  4. sassysass says:

    I have the regular set and it seems like it’s too long, I’m pretty small. The girth is fine, so I’ve just been using one at a time. Do you think that it would be better to use the mini or just use the regular ones without the white plastic thing? It makes it so much longer. Is there a reason for that being there? Other than ease of removal? What do you all think?

  5. I think that you could use them without the harness, it is there to make them easier to remove. I don’t envision though a slippery ball being easy to remove with slippery fingers.

  6. Ada says:

    Wow, I know this review is like, three years old, but it popped up when I was searching around to find kegel exercisers that are right for me. I think you’re a little too dismissive of the size of the mini beads. Yeah, that under thirty/never given birth comment is crap, but they are a /really/ good size for someone who can’t stand anything bigger, which, ultimately, is kinda the point of the Minis. Granted, they’re my first usable kegel exercisers, so, I’m not sure what progress would feel like, but the heavier blue ones certainly seemed to work, and I had no problem with feeling the pinging of the internal balls, even with minimal activity. Yeah, the pink ones were easy to forget about, but that felt like a good thing; you don’t always want to be distracted. It was fun wearing them to the grocery store, forgetting about them, and then oooo a pleasant little surprise when you moved just so.

    I think you’re right, the metal balls without the coating was just a bad run. Mine came with the coating and were not audible at all.

    However, while I did like them, I currently am filing a warranty claim with Lelo, because the seam on both of the blue beads seems incomplete, and visibly collected some of my ladygunk, which, kinda makes using non-porous materials pointless, in my opinion. The pink beads look fine, although, maybe I’m paranoid, a few bumps along the seams feel suspect.

    I’m reeeeally hoping that it just happened to be my box of beads, and that if Lelo upholds the warranty the new ones don’t have the same issue, because I /do/ like them. Yeah, I really hope to eventually be able to work up to the classic size that everyone raves about, and while I have no idea what a more effective workout would feel like, I really look forward to it.

    But for now, the size of the Minis are perfect. The different branded, larger ones I tried (which, I think the specs were comparable to the circumference and diameter of the classic Lunas) were just too big and ended up with a lot of soreness and tears, so, even if the Minis aren’t quite as effective as the classic Luna Beads, something is better than nothing, right? Unless the seam thing is universal, in which case, f*** that.

    So, unless anyone has any suggestions comparable to the classic Luna Beads that everyone loves so much, for those of use who simply can’t handle girth, the Minis should be more than adequate.