Surprise! We-Vibe has 3 Amazing Vibrators

November 2013: See the Update at the end of this post!

We-vibe has created newer versions of the Tango and Touch that have improvements upon the originals. The Salsa has been discontinued. Check out my review of the updated (as of March 2014) Touch and Tango.

We-Vibe has done what I didn’t think was truly possible: Created a rechargeable clitoral/external vibrator that is powerful and rumbly – and I truly do covet a good, rumbly vibrator. And they didn’t just make one, they made three. The combination of lower RPMs with a powerful motor leads to vibrations that go way beyond a tickling surface buzz. With the high speed having 4800 RPM (compare this to the We-Vibe couple’s vibrators whose high speeds are 5500 RPM and while they are decent, they lack the power/rumbly I need), the We-Vibe Salsa, Tango and Touch are all rumbly sweet goodness. I’ve talked a lot about why I love and need rumbly vibrations; my clitoris needs stimulation past the surface level, it needs something that’ll rattle the legs that go deep inside me. The Salsa and Tango can provide that; I’ve even been able to orgasm when the charge is dying or the vibration is on setting 2 or 3. That really speaks to the sweet-spot these vibrations hit, and shows that it can go way beyond just “moar power”. Find yourself the right type of vibration and you may not need something as mind-blowing and hand-numbing as the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The "lipstick" style tip of the We-Vibe Tango The little round charging dock/base attaches magnetically. It disconnects from the cord via a jack-style plug Top side of the We-Vibe Touch which is the same shiny silicone as the original We-Vibe couple's vibrator. So yes, it attracts dust & fur like a magnet.

The We-Vibe Salsa and Tango are probably a lot smaller than you’d expect. I won myself a back-up copy of the Salsa at Dirty Bingo during MomentunCon and I immediately took it out of the box to show off to my table. Everyone who hadn’t seen it was surprised at the small size. These mini vibes are just about exactly the size of my slightly-plump-and-short middle finger. The We Vibe Touch however is more substantial in size but it is still an external-only vibrator.

Showing the We-Vibe Salsa and Tango next to a standard-sized typical Pocket Rocket vibrator for size comparison From Left to Right: We-Vibe Touch, We-Vibe Tango, We-Vibe Salsa

Salsa and Tango are nearly identical – the only difference is that Salsa’s tip is bullet-pointed and Tango’s tip is lipstick-pointed (slanted tip with a flat surface). Salsa comes in red, black or white and Tango comes in light blue, pink or purple. I don’t quite understand why the Salsa is the only item in the We-Vibe catalog that has deviated so far from their normal color scheme or why the Salsa seems to come in colors usually deemed “masculine” while the Tango is more “feminine” – either way, I don’t care much, but I will admit that I prefer the red/white/black over the very-overused purple/pink/blue. The Salsa and Tango are also hard plastic. This is, for me, their winning feature over the somewhat more ergonomic Touch1. Touch has the same exact motor but it is surrounded by a lot of silicone. For women who don’t like a lot of power, this would be the better choice because it dampens the vibrations on contact. If you just turn on any of these vibes and touch the tip of your nose you might be a bit afraid – but since these are rechargeable they’re more susceptible to the power decrease that seems typical in most rechargeable vibes. As soon as pressure is applied the vibrations are dampened to various degrees. Pressure doesn’t have to mean how hard you press the vibrator to your skin; it can also mean how you hold it, or how much flesh is surrounding it (women with fleshy outer labia will notice this). The Salsa and Tango do experience some of this decrease but not even half as much as the Touch. I can nestle the Salsa in between my labia while sitting at my desk (it’s then held in place by my body and my underwear) and still feel a lot of powerful, rumbly vibrations. The moment I do this with the Touch I’m disappointed. For the Touch to get me off I have to make sure I hold it as far away from the motor as possible and spread my labia to expose as much of my clitoris as possible. I also can’t apply much pressure (which for me then the whole design of the Touch is pointless because I can’t cup my clitoris with it, that’ll dampen it too much). 

None of the products feature a vibration-lock function; it only requires a normal push of the button to turn things on. It can turn on accidentally during travel so I recommend that you find a pvc/leather small pouch just for the toy itself to help prevent nearby items from pushing up against the button. You could keep the charger base attached to it for travel to help ward off accidental button-pushings. The charger for these is a bit ridiculous, I’ll admit. It attaches magnetically so you do need to be careful that the contacts are lined up and such. The portion of the charger that touches the toy is not permanently attached to the cord that goes to the wall and I don’t understand it. There’s the bulky head of the outlet plug attached to the cord which ends in a jack-style plug and then that plugs into the tiny charging base. What does this mean for people like me? I could potentially lose the charging base if it gets unplugged. This design doesn’t make the charger any more travel-friendly because the outlet plug is still so large and you do need that for recharging on the go. The manual/site lists 2-hour run time; I’ve actually found it to be more like 1 hour or a little more but I do run it on the highest steady vibration setting 90% of the time.

All the vibes have a single push-style button at the base, where the charger attaches. This base glows a faint orange color and will pulse if you have it on a pulse setting. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to turn it on or change settings but yet it isn’t overly sensitive, either. All the vibes also have the same exact vibration settings. For some reason I first assumed that there were only 3 different steady-vibration settings; I kept thinking that the button just wasn’t working well. I’m not sure which two settings are the ones I couldn’t really distinguish from each other but that ended up being the reason.

Fun Fact: We-Vibe Salsa is nearly the same size as the RO-80mm bullet & Tantus’s N1 Bullet

Three Bullets - Tantus's N1 at the top, RO-80mm in the middle and We-Vibe Salsa at the bottom A Tantus Little Secret vibe, shown at the top with the We-Vibe Salsa and at the bottom with the included Tantus N1 bullet. It's a great fit, although the Salsa does look quite a bit out of place compared to the included N1 bullet.

Why does this matter at all? Because the RO-80mm bullet, and ones that look just like it,  is used to power a number of high quality, silicone sex toys. Top dogs on that list include anything made by Rocks Off LTD (Rock Chick, Bad Boy, etc) and any vibrator from Tantus. I’m not a fan of the RO-80mm bullet for numerous reasons; the first is the battery type it takes and the second is the surface-buzzy vibrations that don’t travel well through dense silicone (and are also of the “itchy” variety). I own a few of the Tantus Little Secret vibrators (basically a silicone sleeve over their N1 bullet) and I don’t love them because the vibrations are meh – not exactly un-powerful but they’re not rumbly like I need. Replace the bullet with the Salsa? Newfound love!! I’m really excited to try out the Tantus Panty Play now, simply because of the Salsa. The only downfall of course is that all that silicone tightly surrounding the bullet does tend to take down the intensity of it a bit and it might contribute to the charge draining a little faster. I’m hesitant to say that only the Salsa will work here because it mimics the pointed-tip bullet shape; the Tango has the lipstick-shaped head with the flat, angled look to it but it’s the exact same dimensions as the Salsa so it likely will work unless it’s a really tight squeeze in the particular toy you want to pair it with. Salsa is not a 100% perfect match though to the RO-80mm / N1 bullet: while it is 80mm in length the 80mm on the RO bullet is including the protruding push button; also the Salsa is about 2mm wider in the body. I’ve not run into any problems though swapping out the Salsa for the RO-80mm – just add a tiny dab of lube before sliding it in the toy. RO-80mm & N1 bullets take an LR1 size battery which can cost you anywhere from $1-$3 per battery depending on your area/availability. Given how quickly you’ll run through batteries the cost in getting a Salsa merely to upgrade an RO-80 compatible toy suddenly seems more plausible. As for the Tantus vibrators that take the smaller, single speed bullet that uses LR44 cell batteries? The Salsa will stick out the base more but is still the same width enough that it can be used as a replacement.

We-Vibe Touch, Salsa and Tango Pro/Con comparison: Salsa & Tango Pros: Powerful & Rumbly, small, waterproof, non-porous materials, pinpoint or broad stimulation, good replacement for RO-80mm bullets, 90-minute charge time. Cons: Hand cramps (small size), no travel lock, weird charger, high price for plastic, crappy storage bags included. Pros for Touch: Powerful & Rumbly, ergonomic shape, medical-grade silicone, waterproof, 90-minute charge time, can be powerful or diffuse. Cons: Silicone dampens vibrations, weird charger, no travel lock, crappy storage bag, shiny silicone attracts dirt/fur, somewhat high price

Regardless of the few minor downfalls to the Salsa, Tango and Touch I would still recommend them highly. If you want the most powerful vibe possible, then choose the Salsa or Tango. If you prefer the  subtler side of vibrations, choose the Touch. Yes they all carry a high price tag and that will deter some. After all, you can buy a bullet of any type for much less or a cheap pocket rocket for less than $15. I’ve only had one pocket rocket last me more than 6 months (It’s actually one of the first sex toys I bought so that is an amazing feat); these We Vibe products come with a good warranty and will last you a lot longer than the cheap-o jobs. This is the motor that I wish ALL rechargeable vibrators had; too many of them are moderate and most of them are surface-buzzy. If the Lelo Mia had this motor I would be in love with it because of the USB-recharge option. The Salsa/Tango are powerful and/or with more pleasing (rumbly, deep) vibrations than: Lelo Mia, Lily or Nea, Je Joue Mimi (dulls down too much with pressure), JimmyJane Form 2 or Form 3, anything from Bswish, RO-80mm bullet, Layaspot, Extase Liberte, any of the Tantus Little Secret line, and any cell/N-size battery operated bullet.


UPDATE: November 2013:  Over the last year, I should have updated this, but I grew lazy. The Salsa has been discontinued. I know that I said in this review that I highly preferred the Salsa, and I still do for the replacement reason and the colors. But truly, the motors are identical. I get off just as well, and just as easily, with the Tango.  The Salsa/Tango are my go-to vibes now. For the last year I’ve used little else, they continually rock my world. 99% of my sex toy collection is collecting dust, because these little vibes are the only thing I need. My listing the price as a con? NO NO. I take it back. I’d happily pay that price for these vibrations. They’re worth itCrappy storage bag? No travel lock? SHUT UP LILLY THIS IS THE BEST VIBRATOR EVER. FULL STOP. GO HOME. Ahem. I’ve yet to find another external vibrator that matches (much less exceeds) the rumbly goodness of the vibrations coming from this little powerhouse. It’s astonishing.

Check out the cleaning guide for Plastic and Silicone Vibrators for more details.



  1. Touch really is easier to hold – I find that if I’m holding the Salsa for too long that my fingers/hand cramps up due to the small size

15 Responses

  1. adriana says:

    I thought the tango and salsa was a hardened silicone, not plastic?! I love my tango either way, though. I am always impressed with the We-Vibe’s.. vibes.. haha

    ~ Um silicone doesn’t get THAT hard for sex toys. Nope, it’s ABS plastic, says so on their site. Transmits the vibrations way better than a hunk of silicone.

  2. NarcissisticLust says:

    I have the same complaints with my WeVibe. There are too many quirks to justify the price, but I agree, the motor for this little rechargeable is fantastic! My charger has some serious issues but when I threw the box away, I also lost my cereal code. Now I can’t even contact the company :/

  3. Amorous Newbie says:

    I am sorta a newbie when it comes to sex toys. I owned my first and only vibrator (Acuvibe Human Touch) for the past 6 years or so, and thought it was great beyond its size. It recently stopped charging, opening up a new and exciting world of adult fun to us!
    After extensive research I narrowed down my options to the We-Vibe Salsa/Tango or the We-Vibe 4 couples toy based on reviews. I discussed them both extensively with my husband and we decided it would be fun to try the 4, plus the highest setting is closer to what I’m used to than the bullets. I never really thought it would work for my stubborn clit, but was willing to try. I should’ve trusted my instincts. After three frustrating attempts, I gave up on it. I honestly couldnt even feel the 4 unless I focused really hard, and even then it was dull.. So now, I’m questioning the Salsa/Tango… Do you think someone who has used a wand for years could be pleased with this product? The wand was always a little intense for me, but I worked around it.
    Thanks so much for your help, as well as your reviews!

  4. I really do. I used to like the Acuvibe. I used to like a lot of things, lol. But the Tango really is….just…I dunno. It WORKS for me. It really just works for me, so so well.
    BUT. In a month or so they are coming out with an “improved” version of the Tango. I am not sure yet if it replaces the old or is in addition to.

  5. Amorous Newbie says:

    An improved version?! Now you’ve definitely got my attention. Do you have any information on it? It just so happens that next month is my birthday month, and I freaken deserve it. Thanks so much for the reply, and the tip. I will be ordering one as soon as it is released.

  6. I’m trying to find out from someone at Standard Innovations, but I’m not sure. The charging base is different. The colors are different. It’s now a USB charge, too, instead of wall. But beyond that, I don’t know.

  7. Amorous Newbie says:

    Any word on the newer version of the Tango? Ive been waiting for an announcement to order mine!

  8. I just updated this post with a link to the new review, which just went up this week. You should subscribe to email updates ;)
    Also…..there’s a giveaway!

  9. Amorous Newbie says:

    I will definitely subscribe, and i also entered the contest, but screwed up the tweet about giveaway part ( I read your specific instructions AFTER I submitted it), but there’s always tomorrow to get it right. Thanks for all of your help, as well as the giveaway. I guess I’ll wait 8 more days… sigh…
    Funny thing is my birthday is in 7 days. Could it be fate!?!

  10. Amorous Newbie says:

    So… I received my We-vibe Tango today in the mail, and really couldnt have been more excited. Ive been waiting for what feels like forever for the improved version to come out. I plugged it in and 90 minutes came back to my bedside to find the yellow light off. Yay, I thought, its charged!
    But I (guess) I was wrong. The vibrations were terribly weak, so weak that when I laid it on the night stand it didnt move and couldnt even be heardheard rumbling. Needless to say I’m a bit disappointed. The light is still continuing to go off every so often, so I reconnect it and it stays solid again. I figure eventually the might will not come on anymore, and thats when it’ll be fully charged and awesome. Is this probable, or did I receive a faulty device maybe? Sigh…

  11. This is absolutely a faulty model. This company has a very good warranty and excellent customer service. Like I quoted them saying in my post above, they want to hear back from you. I have no doubt that they will replace this unit for you, no problem. This company actually cares AND stays true to their warranty. Just email them. Or contact the store you got it from if it’s within 30 days.

  12. Amorous Newbie says:

    So, I received my replacement today…. And I’m having the exact same problem. There’s gotta be something I’m doing wrong. No one is so unlucky to get 2 faulty devices, right? I mean, I’ve done extensive research on the Tango, and I don’t think I’ve read one bad review on its power. The charger, yes, but I literally watched the initial charge for the full 90+ minutes to make sure it was charging. I even charged it on 2 different USB ports to make sure it was full. I just don’t know what to do now :(.
    Any suggestions?

  13. I know this is a dumb question and I’m so sorry because it’s probably offensive but as a former tech support person I have to ask the dumb obvious things: You have turned it up past the first setting, yes?

    Beyond that? I don’t have a clue. I really don’t. Truly. This is not normal. I’ve forwarded this to my contact, Tristan, at Standard Innovations.

  14. Amorous Newbie says:

    I understand you have to assume someone who is having such ridiculous issues must surely be an fool, and I’m not offended by that. I don’t blame you. Ive questioned mymy own intelligence several times while holding this little blue stick that is supposed to be super powerfully impressive, assuming it must be me doing something wrong. But all you do is plug it in, how hard can that be?
    And yes, I did go through all the settings, more than once. I tried using different plugs in the house. I cleaned the little stupid magnets although it hadn’t been used (and at this point, probably won’t be).
    Sorry to fill up your comments section with my personal problems, but I really just don’t know who else to ask. I wrote we-vibe’s support team again explaining everything I’ve told you. I appreciate you doing the same, and for your replys.

  15. Well, email for this sort of thing generally is preferred, I do answer fairly quickly :)

    Like I said, I’ve cc’d Tristan Weedmark on the problem. They’ll get it sorted.