Quickie Review: Tantus Cush O2 and Flurry O2

TantusO2CushThe Tantus Cush O2 is one of those dildos that I love, but can’t easily put into words just exactly WHY I love it. There are indeed some mysterious properties about the O2 Cush. But be warned: it’s not for those who prefer something slim.

Tantus Cush 02 is a dual-density silicone dildo. The core (which is the blue part in these photos) is solid, dense silicone. But the frosty white part is a soft, pliable silicone with a lot of give. It’s not as squishy as the Vixskin, but it does make a dildo much more comfortable to use. Users should be prepared to tolerate a 1.75″ wide dildo, but this one is so much more comfortable to the masses than say the Tantus Anaconda, which is the same width but made up entirely of a seriously firm silicone. The O2 layer provides a bit of ….cushion. The ridges of the semi-realistic looking head give a soft but noticeable graze to the g-spot or prostate.  For me, the combination of this ridge and the fullness that the Cush provides, results in a wonderful sensation to my g-spot.

The O2 layer does have a bit more “drag” to it than standard, shiny Tantus silicone, so even I (who nearly never uses lube) needs lube with the O2 line. I’ve successfully used a silicone-water hybrid lube with no ill effects, but if you feel more comfortable you can stick with just water-based lubes.

I’d recommend keeping any of the O2 dildos in a plain, non-dyed storage pouch or plastic bag. The softer silicone layer is slightly more porous than the harder silicone (naturally–although it is still considered “non-porous”, safe material), and I’ve had it absorb dye from a plastic sex toy. Another reviewer, ages ago, got stains on the O2 layer of her Cush by storing it in a sub-quality For Your Nymphomations sex toy storage bag that had a dyed fabric liner. If this dye transfer does happen to you, it’s nothing to worry about. I don’t think it’ll harm you any.

Tantus O2 Flurry – A little smaller version of the Cush

TantusO2FlurryI also want to mention the Tantus Flurry O2. It is made in the same way as the Cush, but it is smaller. At 1.5″ at the widest portion, it’s still not a small dildo but it is more amenable to most than a 1.75″ dildo. Flurry has two ridges closer together than the Cush, which will press against the g-spot during thrusting. I prefer a little more pressure on my g-spot, hence why I slightly prefer the Cush, but the Flurry is going to behave the same way for you. In fact, I really liked Flurry until I tried Cush, and found that I liked Cush just a little bit more. I pretty much see the Flurry as the Cush’s little sister.  Both are awesome dildos for g-spot or prostate stimulation. Both are harness compatible and anal play safe.  Both are simply wonderful. Go with your width preference and you’ll end up loving either one of these.

You can get the Tantus Cush O2 and Flurry O2 from Tantus directly. You can also find Cush and Flurry at Shevibe, my favorite retailer.