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A Vibratex Comparison Review: Mystic Wand vs. Mystic Rechargeable vs. Mini Magic

Size comparison of Vibratex Mini Magic Wand, Mystic Rechargeable, Mystic Wand

Mini Magic Wand, Mystic Wand Rechargeable, Original Mystic Wand

UPDATE: As of June 2014, Vibratex has officially discontinued the Rechargeable version! 


You all know that I like comparing apples to apples, vibrators to vibrators – even if sometimes it’s like comparing a Granny Smith to a Red Delicious. The reason is because that’s what *I* want to read most in a review: How it might compare in vibration intensity and type to other toys I might own. Today though I’m taking on all three of the Vibratex massager-style vibrators from their more basic, and original, battery-powered Mystic Wand to the tech-savvy Mini Magic Wand that has a handy charger.

I would only classify the Mystic Wands in the “massager style vibrator” class, with their large heads and ability to pull double duty (you just won’t find them in CVS next to the Wahl); The Mini Magic appears to be a shrunken version, looks wise, but it doesn’t have the same type of vibration that the larger Mystics do. Are any of these as powerful as the Hitachi, the plug-in Fairy Wand, or even the Wahl original (on high)? No, not quite. To be fair, the Wahl Massager just really can’t be compared to anything else because both types of vibrations (low vs high) are so unlike anything else I’ve used.

Battery-Powered Massager-Style with Power? Yes!

I have to admit to not always being “green”. I like batteries in my toys. Sure I like cords, too, but I like batteries. You know why? Because I almost always have a bunch on hand and immediately my toy is ready for action again, unlike rechargeables1. The original Mystic Wand uses batteries (4 AA) and gives an impressive level of intensity with that rumbly, deep vibration I love. I don’t find that my skin gets itchy from using it too long, like the Hitachi can. Another thing that I noticed, actually during filming for the video – that blue light isn’t just for pretty looks; when my batteries are dying, it blinks. But then, I can already tell they’re dying because I’d notice the lack of power.

Intensity from a Rechargeable Vibrator? Yes! Well…mostly

ETA: Confirmed June 2014 – Vibratex has discontinued the Rechargeable Mystic Wand. Sorry folks!

The Mystic Wand Rechargeable again delivers on that same exact rumbly, deep vibration and intensity. When you compare a 100% fully charged Mystic to an Original Mystic with fresh batteries it’s almost impossible to say that one is more intense than the other. It keeps up this level of intensity for at least one session on high, maybe two. The decline in battery power doesn’t equal a steady decline in vibration power. 2 My black Mystic flashes purple while it’s charging (via standard wall plug) and goes to steady purple when it’s done. Another really good discovery: With a lot of rechargeable vibrators that I’ve tried in the past, I notice that when you press the vibrator more firmly to your body it immediately drops a little in intensity. I noticed that with the Acuvibe and a few others. This one does not do that. Granted it might mean you have less overall battery time til recharge, but it’s a very good thing for those who like the pressure. Another thing to note: Extended use will warm up the head3, but not nearly as much as the Hitachi.

Charging ports of the Mini Magic Wand and Mystic Wand

Baby Wand = Baby Vibes? Almost

If you prefer more accurate pinpoint vibration, then you might like the Mini Magic Wand (they should have kept in line and called it the Mini Mystic, but I digress). It still has a good amount of power for a rechargeable – I’d say it’s almost as strong as the full size versions and a bit less rumbly. I can still orgasm from it, though, on full charge and high power. The neat thing about the Mini Magic is the charger that comes with it. Unfortunately, Vibratex has yet to get a handle on their English-speaking customers; the instructions for the charger are minimal at best. It plugs into a USB port and they give you a short cable that runs from that charger to the toy. It can only be charged via USB, at least with what they give you. When the Mini Magic is charging properly the light is a steady blue. Use time runs about 30-60 minutes unless you never put it on high power or apply pressure, in which case more like 90 minutes. But keep in mind not all of those 90 minutes are going to give you the same level of intensity as you had in the first say, 20 minutes.

Showing the charging device for the Mini Magic Wand with all the various ports

How They’re Alike
  • All three vibrators have the same visual style (just the mini is, obviously, a mini version).
  • Silicone and plastic: The head, neck and control pads are all made out of true silicone; the body is plastic coated with a velvety soft texture.
  • Splashproof: The don’t fully back up being waterproof but they are splashproof. This means that you can safely take it in the shower, but don’t submerge it. You can wash it under running water.
  • Flexible Neck: Like any massager-style vibrator, the neck has some flex. Unlike the Hitachi or the Ideal these necks are encased in silicone. I always used to worry about the Hitachi neck being so exposed.
  • Ridges on the head & neck: The neck obviously has to have ridges to allow movement. The head though….I will never understand this design method. I’ve seen it in many different types of vibrators. Ridges don’t add anything (to me) as far as stimulation is concerned, they just make it a lot more difficult to clean. Especially if you’re using masturbation as a means of relaxing enough to fall asleep and leave the cleaning till morning. Either way, I have to use my fingernail to go around the ridges (You could also use an old toothbrush).
  • 3 levels of intensity and 3 patterns: The patterns are oddly not identical from model to model, most of them are not annoying. Foreplay, but not orgasm (for me).
  • Clear plastic “boxes” not ideal for storage: These are the flexible-ish type of plastic, and they don’t stay shut very well.
  • Storage bags: They’re not fancy, but they do the job. Simple drawstring closure, vinyl lining (think windbreaker jacket material), and a “velvet” flock that hangs onto pet fur and dust.
  • Silicone that isn’t a magnet for pet fur and lint!: The silicone on these is different from the type used in mold/poured dildos and vibrators; it has a soft feel, matte finish and won’t attract fur
  • Lube: Only water-based lube, please!
  • Good size/weight: Even the full size Mystics are not really very heavy. Easier to hold/lighter than the Hitachi or full-size Acuvibe. Full size are about 8″ overall length, Mini is about 6″ in length.

Size comparison of massager vibrators

Noise Levels

The Mini Magic is the loudest of all, but it’s not the vibration that’s loud – it has this odd rattling sound to all levels of vibration making it quite noisy. I checked and found that others hear the same rattling so it’s not a defective product.

Mystic Wand Original and Mystic Wand Rechargeable are the same in noise level of vibration – a lot less noisy than the Hitachi, not as quiet as the Wahl, but discreet enough under covers or behind closed door. Oddly though the Mystic Rechargeable has noisy buttons – the buttons on the other two are virtually silent, but the Rechargeable one has an audible click that is much more noticeable than the vibrations. I don’t like it.

Comparing & Contrasting, Pros & Cons

Both the Mystics have two buttons: The power button that turns it on to “low” setting, the second cycles through the settings. They both also have two lights: a slightly bigger, steady light that just tells you it is powered on, and then a smaller light that corresponds with the power level and pattern setting. Yellow, Orange, and then Red equally highest power. The power button means you can quickly turn it off.

The Mini Magic has only one button to do everything, which means you either have to cycle past the patterns, or press and hold for 2 seconds to turn it off. Only one small light which never changes color or flashes with the pattern. The charging port though which is silicone (and only a teeny hole) glows blue to let you know that the charging is working – although the control panel light stays on, too, steady all the time.

The heads are all too small to use any Hitachi-compatible accessory. However, there is one head attachment for the full-sized versions.

Discretion: The original Mystic wins for discretion – it only beats the Mystic Rechargeable because of those stupid clacky clicky loud buttons. While the Mini Magic is more portable, it is fairly noisy.

Colors: Original Mystic has a black or hot pink body and a white head. Rechargeable Mystic comes in either mostly-black or mostly-hot-pink; the only white portions are the neck and control pad. Unless you really have to have pink, though, I’d choose black on the Mystic. The Mini Magic comes in pink, dark blue or black – the pink plastic body can get stained. I stored it touching a black leather item, and there are now permanent black smudge marks. Since it didn’t happen to the part that touches my body, it’s not a huge issue but it makes it look dirty.

Showing stains on Mini Magic Wand body from being stored touch a leather item

Traveling with the Rechargeables: For those who own a Lelo toy, we’re spoiled. They can be locked for travel so that they won’t turn on – Vibratex didn’t add that feature.

The Mini Magic comes with a unique charger: You can use it to charge other things. It has a mini-usb port and micro-usb that works with many cell phones, an iProduct style port, a 2.5 and 3.5 DC male end and 2 other odd looking ports that are not for any US-based item I’ve come across. However, you can’t charge more than one thing at a time, so don’t go thinking you can charge up both the Wand and your cell at the same time from it. The downside to this unique charger is that there is no A/C wall adapter.

Who won?

The Original Mystic Wand. Overall the least noisy and it retains the highest of high power for longer than the rechargeables. I prefer the vibration type and intensity over the Mini Magic Wand, although sometimes I do like the smaller head of the Mini Magic better. Original Mystic needs 4 AA batteries. For travel you can take out 1 of the batteries (to prevent it from turning on) and even put a spare set into the pouch. I couldn’t get the charger for Mystic Rechargeable into the included storage bag, so that and the noisy buttons are irksome. All in all though – if travel and the need for a quiet vibrator (and buttons!) aren’t high-ranking for you, I would still recommend the other two. They both have their good qualities and provide non-buzzy non-itchy vibrations.



  1. Because I’m not organized, I don’t clean up after myself immediately and so I don’t remember to go plug the rechargeable back in after use
  2. It went down, up, down, thought it was dying, then back up and repeat. Turned it off, back on and then the power level was noticeably lower. At this point I feel the purple light should have been flashing but it didn’t.
  3. I only noticed this because I left it sitting at my desk buzzing away to test things

5 Responses

  1. Space0ctopus says:

    I don’t understand how this is on your list of vibrators with serious intensity? :(
    These totally suck, hard. Not in the good way at all. I mean I HATED it. They are a giant tease & pretty much cost too much for the tiny punch they pack. I would have put it in the category of weak. It makes me worry about the others in your “serious intensity” category. If I’m someone who finds this weak, is there something out there you might be able to recommend to me under $70 (I simply cant justify more than that on a toy, and even that is a LOT, especially being disabled & having no job)? Would love your suggestion :) Thank you.
    Side note, a comment on batteries not being green….. how come you don’t just use rechargeable AA batteries? Anyone who uses any batteries should make this switch, it’s not hard, the batteries are powerful, last for freaking ever, save tons of money, are easier on the environment, and the best thing is if they die, you’re not out of batteries, you only have to charge them & voila! They’re ready to use again. It’s basically a no-brainer :) I would urge anyone to do so. There are great, cheap, universal chargers out there, too. I like the ones that do AA & AAA batteries. ^_^

  2. I certainly wouldn’t say it’s close to the Magic Wand but I feel that both the Mystic Wands are rumbly and powerful. So if you “worry” about my other choices, then perhaps I’m not the reviewer you should be putting your trust in. If you found these “weak” then perhaps you had duds. Or not. I don’t know. But I’m not gonna justify my opinions here.

    Rechargeable batteries are notorious for being much weaker than the standard ones. If that’s what you’ve been using then no wonder you think battery powered vibes like this are weak. I’ve read from a number of companies NOT to use them and it’s for this reason – because people complain about the vibrator being weak when it’s really a lack of battery power. So no, it’s not a no-brainer to use rechargeables in fact I’d say it’s a no-brainer NOT to, at least with sex toys. But hey, what do I know, right? ;)

  3. Space0ctopus says:

    Oh man, I feel like a complete retard today, so yeah, I should have remembered something. I think the one I had looked exactly like this but wasn’t this brand. I’m pretty sure I’m mistaken, so I sincerely apologize for that. I am totally going to give this toy a try actually, and I’m sure it
    will be fine. Thanks for the comprehensive review on it, I probably
    would have overlooked this & missed out. The toy I had looks almost exactly the same. It was probably a stupid knock-off or something like that. I really wouldn’t be surprised since it’s common as hell to find knock-offs, especially of sex toys, online. They’re everywhere.

    As for recharageables, I have never ever had issues in any of the good toys I’ve had :) It’s a no-brainer to me when I think about the impact regular batteries have on the environment. Why should I be sacrificing the safety of the environment just to get my rocks off when I can lessen the impact?
    The problem with rechargeables is the amount of crappy quality ones there are, I think. I only buy the super expensive, high quality, good ones that hold a great charge. Otherwise you’re probably right about them totally sucking in toys.

    Side note is there are huge forums actually dedicated to battery usage in all kinds of situations, so there’s a ton of information out there. What I don’t understand is why there aren’t any vibrators using the epic 18650 batteries like I use in my personal vaporizer! That would be beyond awesome. They last for EVER & are extremely powerful if you get the right kind. The only downside would be that the batteries do require proper handling & knowledge & most people aren’t willing to put in the effort.

    Anyways, please accept my apology, I really feel stupid today & hopefully you’ll understand, since it happens to all of us at times. It may seem a little like a cop-out, but I’m really on a lot of medication due to chronic pain, so it affects me sometimes adversely. I still really appreciate the way you write & even if I disagree with some things occasionally, I do not find that it means your opinion is any less valid on anything else. That’d be stupid & unfair. The battery thing though, I think it’s just a bit misunderstood by some & probably too many people buying sub-par ones has put them off to the idea. Panasonic Eneloops are probably some of the most expensive, if not _the_ most, but they’re the best ones out there & worth the investment. They hold a charge very well & last for years.

  4. Space0ctopus says:

    (By the way, so you know, I did actually came back to try & fix my comment before you saw it or replied or something, but saw I was too late. Your reply was already here! I was so bummed & embarrassed)

  5. Space0ctopus says:

    I also wasn’t asking you to justify your opinions, I think you assumed a tone I didn’t have. That’s a little unfair being that it’s only text, but so you know, I really just was explaining my thoughts, experiences & asking questions. There is no reason to get defensive or anything like that. I am a really blunt, honest & open person, so maybe that’s what makes it seem like I’m coming on so strong, but I certainly don’t mean it in that fashion. There’s no reason to talk to me like that, especially since I was only asking for your advice & citing my worries & experience. Obviously I respected your opinion enough to ask in the first place, right? :)