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There’s one big thing to be said for the “electric massager” style vibrators. Actually, two big things.

1. They don’t take batteries

2. They’re inconspicuous, because their original purpose is as a muscle massager


But which one should you try? I’ve reviewed a bunch, the most common ones. In these two reviews I’m going to do my best to compare them to each other to help you pick the best one and the right one for you.

In the plug-in style corner we’ve got the Hitachi Magic Wand; the Miracle Massager and the My Miracle Massager (both by CalExotics).
In the rechargeable corner is the Ideal (by Natural Contours); the Acuvibe and the Acuvibe mini.

Should you choose one style over the other? That depends on the environment you’d be using it in and your masturbation style. The plug-in style boasts all power, all the time, always on. However this means you are tethered by a cord and must be near an electrical outlet to use it. The rechargeable style means that you can take it anywhere you please, so long as it’s charged. The downside is that your usage hours will vary depending on how hard you press down on the head, and you could very well find yourself mid-wank with a waning vibrator (been there, done that). The rechargeable is also more expensive. They aren’t lacking on power though. I’d rate that the Acuvibe falls in between the Hitachi and the Miracle Massager. Whereas the MM can’t get me off, the Acuvibe will. My verdict is to start wherever you want but eventually own one of each style.


Plug-in style massagers

The Hitachi Magic Wand is the more well-known and more established in this category. It’s a powerhouse and generally long-lasting. Built like a tank and as powerful as one, too. Like most massagers it has two speeds, both are pretty darn powerful. I’ve known women whose clits are sensitive enough that they can’t tolerate the Hitchi. If you’ve had a number of fairly decent vibrators that you feel are just not strong enough for you, then I’d recommend the Hitachi. The Miracle Massagers, both of them, are not as powerful as Hitachi. However, they’re more cheaply made (they are CalExotic) and I couldn’t see either outlasting the Hitachi.


The difference between the Miracle Massager and the My Miracle Massager seems to be … not much! MMM is pink and white, and the head has a few “ribs” on it. The MM is black and red with a completely smooth head. I don’t think there’s any other design difference or power differences.


  Hitachi Magic Wand
Miracle Massager My Miracle Massager
Price at EdenFantasys
$45.99 $35.99 $41.99
Power Strong! 5000-rpm for low, 6000-rpm for high. The power combined with deep penetrative vibrations means that it can do a very good job at transmitting vibrations through other materials like rope, silicone dildos, etc. High is a bit less power than Low on Hitachi. It doesn’t achieve the same deep throbbing feel-it-to-your-core vibrations as the Hitachi. same as MM
Noise Level Can be noisy. Both low pitch and high pitch sounds to it. Not very discreet through thin walls Quieter than the Hitachi because it’s not as powerful. No high pitch whine like the Hitachi. Probably the same as the MM
Head design Textured “leatherette”. Little bit hard to clean (can use condom over head to negate this). Mostly stationary Head. Can be removed. Head will heat up with extended (past 15 minutes) use but not to the point that it will burn you. I don’t find the heat to be a deterrent. 2.5″ diameter head. Smooth PVC. Easy to clean. Spring mounted head. Head does not heat up. Head size is a bit narrower than the Hitachi, base of head even more narrow. 2 1/8″ diameter head (at widest?) Smooth PVC with 4 ridges/ribs. Relatively easy to clean, take care with cleaning ribs. Spring mounted head. Head does not heat up. Less bulbous head design, slightly narrower than MM at 2″ diameter.
Body design Straight body. Weighs about 1.25 lbs. Entire massager is about 12″ long. Smaller, rocker-style switch is in about the middle of the handle. Curved body. Weighs about 1.1 lbs. Entire massager is about 12″ long. Sliding-style switch is lower on the handle, towards the curved end (which is actually a pain in the ass spot) Curved body. Weighs about 1 lb. Entire massager is about 13″ long. Sliding-style switch is lower on the handle, towards the curved end.
Available Attachments 1 head replacement, 1 head cover, at least 4 internal stimulation, 2 dual stimulation 1 made specifically for it which is dual stimulation, some Hitachi attachments can be used on it with varying success. Likely usable on the MMM. 1 made specifically for it which is dual stimulation, some Hitachi attachments can be used on it with varying success. Likely usable on the MM.

None of these massagers are made of a material that is safe for sharing because they cannot be sterilized. If you’re in a sharing situation, be sure to stretch a condom over the massager head. I clean these with Afterglow Toy Wipes. No risk of getting sensitive electrical parts wet, and they’re tough enough to really scrub the original head of the Hitachi.

My pick? The Hitachi. Not just because the Miracle Massager can’t usually get me off – Hitachi has more attachment options, and the attachments can muffle the powerful vibrations sometimes. If discretion in appearance is a must then definitely pick Hitachi. While the MM and MMM don’t immediately scream “I’m a sex toy”, the “California Exotic Novelties” label does. Perhaps your parents / roommate isn’t familiar with the brand, but the “Exotic” part is a giveaway to me (you could conceal this with electrical tape, however). I also feel the Hitachi is more sturdy and longer-lasting. If any of the following applies to you then I would recommend the Miracle Massager:  you think you’re sensitive enough that any use of the Hitachi would be overkill; you want this as a clitoral vibe and don’t give a shit about attachments for internal or dual stimulation.

I’ll be talking about all the attachment options at length in a separate review next week.

Part 2 is up – the rechargeable massagers!


This is the same video that is in Part 2 but I wanted it on both posts in case someone comes here from a link or search and only looks at this post.


  10 Responses to “A Comparative Review: Top Electric Massager Vibrators – Part 1”

  1. Have you tried the Adam & Eve Magic Massager? It looks a lot like the Hitachi, I actually liked it. It’s not as amazing as the Hitachi, but it’s a good back up toy, as they basically look the same except for colors. The power is nearly the same also. Do check it out if you haven’t.

    ~ No I haven’t, but I’d be interested to get the specs on it, like RPMs or at least a good comparision between it and the Hitachi or the Miracle Massager. Like is it in between the Hitachi and MM, same as MM, etc.

  2. Here’s what I want to know: why are the handles on all of these vibrators so *smooth*, so without any holes or protrusions, that it’s nearly impossible to tie them into place? :-(

    ~ Simple. Because the Hitachi was never even intended for sex toy purposing, and the other two which were, were intended to be a vanilla massager sex toy. So instead, you need to consider that you’re using the wrong equipment for forced orgasm BDSM usage. Try this, its made specifically for these sorts of vibrators: http://www.sub-shop.com/5726aforcedorgasmvibratorharness.aspx

  3. Oh yeah…I’m Hitachi all the way baby!

  4. I agree that the Hitachi still probably wins for me, although it’s more about reliability and attachments than power for me. I just wish it were easier to clean; getting condom lube off of the head when I’m done is always a bitch. T_T

    ~ As I replied to BB in email, there are two ways around this…..both relating to attachments/accessories I’m going to be talking about next week. So…..come back then, everyone else, for the answer ;)

  5. The question that I have to ask, if I upgrade to the super duper amazing wands with the higher rpms, will my pussy get used to the more powerful one and then I won’t even be able to orgasm with just my fingers anymore? I have been using a little tiny pocket rocket sometimes and worry that if I get too dependent on it I won’t be able to get off any other way?
    Weird question I know!

    ~It’s actually not a weird question, and something that I think more women fear. From a recent discussion on EdenFantasys forums on this very thing, the general consensus is no, it doesn’t make you more resistant to lighter stimulation. For example – my little red pocket rocket. It was my first clit vibe, and its effects have not been dumbed down in any way by the hitachi. It’s still every bit as orgasmic to me. One thing I like about these vibes is that they can stimulate a much larger area around the clit, perhaps just the vulva or just the public mound but because of the deeper vibrations….it stimulates the portion of the clitoris that is internal. Which is actually the majority of the clitoris. You can see diagrams of it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clitoris

  6. Have you considered the eroscillator?

    ~ I’ve considered reviewing it. But I don’t think it fits in this category. All of the ones mentioned in today’s post, and the upcoming one, are very similar in function and design. From what I understand, it’s really quite different in design, attachments, etc. It’s also a “luxury” vibe, well over $100. For the purpose of these posts, I don’t believe it fits in.

  7. Actually, it’s not always on… I had a series of power outages. Made me wish I had a battery backup.


    ~ This is a valid point, of course, but what I meant was that the rechargeables will start dying down. They don’t just go at the same power level and then go dead. And if you don’t keep on top of the recharging or you’re at the 16 hour use mark in where you must let it completely drain, then you don’t have a working vibe. The solution? Have one of each ;)

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  9. […] Comparing the Hitachi, Magic Massager & My Magic Massager by Dangerous Lilly […]

  10. Of these, I only have the Miracle Massager and I probably won’t ever invest in another one. I picked it over the MMM mostly because of the colours. It’s the only vibe of this style which doesn’t make me wanna stab my eyes out. LOL I really enjoy its spring head; it works so well for my masturbation style and I know the MMM has one as well but not sure if the Hitachi does.

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