Review: Doc Johnson Black Magic Bullet

DocJohnsonBlackMagicBulletThis is possibly the easiest sex toy review I’ll ever write.


Because I’ve basically already reviewed this toy before. Not one to step too far out on a limb, Doc Johnson changed the coating and gave it a new name. Voila, another product for their massive category!

Despite the differences in the size as listed in the descriptive reviews for each of these two bullets, both the bullet and the handpack are exactly the same size and shape. If I had to find a difference, the cord on the Doc Johnson Black Magic Bullet is 1/2″ shorter. Otherwise, they are both plastic bullets with 4 settings and they light up the same. The Harmony Bullet is shiny, slippery plastic while the Black Magic Bullet is “velvet cote” plastic. They both take 2 AAA batteries and the bullet motors are almost identical.


But you know what, I cannot tell you that it’s definitely a difference between the two over all. Perhaps just between my two. If you gave me two Harmony bullets I might notice the same difference. The Black Magic Bullet, when it’s just buzzing away untethered in the palm of your hand, sounds a bit louder. When the bullet is grasped for use, however, they both seem the same. Not near-silent but under your comforter it’s pretty quiet.

There’s one major difference: The price. For some reason the Black Magic Bullet, as of this writing, is a full $6 cheaper than the Harmony Bullet.

When I first reviewed the Harmony bullet I didn’t feel that it was the most powerful bullet I’d owned. While both of these do nail it perfectly on the vibration pitch for me (lower, rumbly) I think I was too quick to judge. There has been only one other bullet that was more powerful AND cheaper, but it hasn’t been in stock for a long time and I don’t think it ever will be again (the Vital Bullet). Both of these Doc Johnson bullets have something that the cheaper “silver bullet” handpacks don’t – 4 discernible vibration intensity levels. And because of the rumbly pitch of the vibrations I have actually been able to orgasm on the 2nd setting (and once on the first!!) when I was extremely aroused and had had it tucked against my clit for awhile watching porn or reading porn or something.

If I were forced to choose just one to recommend I’d pick the Black Magic, and not only because it’s cheaper. I quite like the velvet-cote that’s on both the bullet and handpack. It seems to look cleaner after use for some reason and I personally just think that the black velvety look is more visually appealing. Either way you go, though, I truly do highly recommend either the Doc Johnson Black Magic or the Harmony (but make sure to get the Harmony in black).


The Fine Print:

  • Not to be used anally
  • If you use it vaginally, please put the bullet in a condom for easier retrieval to extend the life of the cord
  • Follow cleaning instructions for plastic

8 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    How embarrassing for these two companies to show up at the party wearing the same vibrator. I guess that’s what they get for shopping off of the rack? (LOL)

    ~ it’s the same company…Doc Johnson…..

  2. dirty-gardener says:

    I’ve had 2 of these fail. It’s a great, inexpensive little vibrator out of the box ;) However, each of the 2 I’ve purchased had the same problem. After an hour or so of cumulative use, they would only stay on for about 30 seconds. Both times I let the bullet vibe rest for a day or 2 and changed the batteries. I didn’t smell any overheating odors. I love your site.

  3. That’s so weird! I’ve owned 2, both served their time well and lasted me 6 months of HEAVY use. I’ve also recommended it to a bunch of other readers, those I hear back from don’t seem to have that problem. I’m so sorry you’ve had problems! Sadly, it’s always a crapshoot with vibrators, whether they cost $20 or $200.

  4. dirty-gardener says:

    I only commented after reading your updated post about the Lelo Smart Wand Large. You mentioned problems you’d experienced, but had never heard from your readers of such problems. Perhaps I was too aggressive with my cleaning.

  5. Oh if people have problems, I definitely want to hear about it! Did you use it externally only? Internally? Did you pull on the wire connecting the bullet to the handpack? (that was what killed my first one)

  6. dirty-gardener says:

    hmmmm – I know the first one was used internally, therefore wire was tugged on to remove. The second one was only used externally and only a couple of sessions. I don’t recall pulling on the wire, but I am notorious for that with electrical appliances, so I may be the cause of the demise of both. Since you’ve heard of no other problems, I may give it another go. Thank you.

  7. Space0ctopus says:

    I don’t know, every toy I’ve ever had with anything less than 2 AA batteries just did *not* suffice. They always left way too much to be desired & made it take at least 4x longer to get off- something I can’t stand. Plus there’s the fact their other toy, which is quite similar I’d think in terms of battery power & vibration most likely, the Mood (so-called) “Powerful”, totally sucks my imaginary dick. Not in a good way, either. I imagine you may have tried the Mood, I’m wondering if it actually is similar to that? Would love to know :) Thank you for your nicely, as well as brutally, honest reviews, they are extremely rare in this climate of ever-increasing, bullshit fake-ass liars & advertisements masquerading as reviews.

  8. Their Mood line might suck, I haven’t tried it. I can only report on what I HAVE tried, which at the time of this review was quite a number of similar bullet vibes. It sounds like you’re doubting my assessments so I’m not real sure what else to say except that my opinion on this particular vibrator stands.