Erogenous Zones 2: Face

When I think about my face and what sexual things get to me, it’s really my lips that take center stage. I am very orally fixated. I like doing things with my lips and my tongue; sucking and biting and licking and engulfing. But it goes beyond that. Beyond just how high kissing ranks for me. My lips just simply like touch. I’ve noted before that when I’m highly aroused and not physically near a partner I will find that I unconsciously rub my lips lightly with my fingers. Tracing, touch, brushing. When I’m aroused the one body part that I want attention spent on more than even the very-obvious clitoris is my lips.

I like when other lips hover over my skin and my cheeks. The teasing of the kiss to come.

Many people like having their eyelids lightly kissed but due to some spatial-related eye phobia I can’t tolerate having something that close to my eyeball with no control from me over it.

The forehead is not sexual, to me, it is…loving, at best. Fraternal/paternal/etc. A kiss on the forehead shows caring but not passion.

I like thumbs and fingers and palms on my cheeks. Caressing, holding, cupping. Lifting, making me look. Bringing me in and keeping me there.

My eyes….not what they feel, but what they see….this is something for me that’s an anomaly I’m sure. Yes I like looking at beautiful things and arousing bodies but when I’m receiving pleasure I can’t look anywhere. I have to close my eyes. The ADD has my brain already so scrambled that focus is something I’m always reaching for, like orgasm. So if I close my eyes in order to feel more then my chances for orgasm increase. Yes….I have to concentrate on what I’m feeling to know what I’m feeling.

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6 Responses

  1. I do the weird unconscious lip touching thing too.

    Here’s mine:

  2. John Smith says:

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  3. foxy says:

    This must be the week for erogenous zones! A few other bloggers have put up similar posts. (me included)

    I, like you, find that my eyes must be shut in order to concentrate on that elusive feeling. But unlike you, I love having my eyes kissed. My brow bone, as well.

    I’ll be back to enjoy the rest of your series! :)

  4. emme0704 says:

    My only 2 cents is that I’m an eyebrow nut. I love strong and well-groomed eyebrows and am so lucky my hubs and GF don’t mind me stroking theirs. Ok, that sounds so creepy and weird. But it’s true!