Jan 182009


It’s all about what I can do with my mouth. And lips. And tongue.

The need starts before anything else, before I even meet the person. When they arouse me, my mind first and foremost craves a kiss. As flirtation and seduction continue, even though I might crave a whole host of sexual things, when my desire is at its deepest my need to make-out with that person is nearly overwhelming. Even in dreams this is evident. For some reason my sexual dreams never include actual penetration. I rarely remember what anyone’s hands were doing or what they felt like. It’s just the kissing.

One last thought on the kissing aspect – how a person kisses is a make-or-break for me. If they can never get beyond soft, gentle and tame…yawn. Loose and sloppy….blech. Worse are the guys whose style is akin to a retarded lizard. They just open their mouths wide, the only thing moving is their tongue in my mouth, flopping around wildly like a fish out of water…..holy geezus a big fat Next!! Perfection is a changing combo – sometimes restrained hovering/brushing of lips, building up the lust; soft and gentle mixed with deep and passionate; mix it up with moderate quick mingling of tongues, teeny bites and sucking of bottom lips. Oh and of course this blissful perfection would be punctuated by some hair-pulling here and there, the occasional hand around my throat if he’s dominant, and sometimes hands touching my face.


I’m sorry, where was I?

The oral fixation isn’t limited to just kissing, no no. I’ve already waxed poetic on my love for cock sucking. But I find that when I’m receiving intense pleasure, my mouth just needs to be occupied. My favorite? I’m masturbating with a vibrator and sucking a cock. That’s near heaven. I might lose my concentration when I’m nearing orgasm and forget to keep up the rhythm, but my varying moans with my mouth full of cock are more than enough to make up for that, I think.

Oral fixations are certainly not reserved for cocks….luckily, female bodies are meant for lip to skin contact. Smooth and soft skin. Breasts and nipples can lull me into occupation for a little bit. Complex cunts to explore orally. When I spy photos (particularly at HNT time) of delectable naked breasts, my tongue immediately reacts and wants to get busy. There was a recent (very) young woman with whom I flirted for a short bit – I sadly never saw full nudity but I saw quite enough to set me off. I don’t know if it was her curvy lush body or pale skin but oh fuck I could have feasted on her body for hours….literally.

Speaking of curves and lush – you can imagine the salivating I did this morning upon seeing my girl Coy Pink‘s latest photo post. I am a bit envious of these photos…not only do I not have a husband who’s a wonderful photographer, but I simply could not look this delectable. I won’t link directly to it, for I want you to see all of the photos but you should be sure to check out the last one, the click-thru. I’m surprised I didn’t try to lick the screen, this is how badly I felt the need to bury my face in her cunt.

I think my need for oral is a big driving force behind wanting a threesome or more. Adding in another body and especially adding in yet another body makes it so that my mouth is almost guaranteed to find solace in skin.

There’s something that I do when I’m alone and aroused, like reading a steamy piece of erotica on someone’s blog or in a novel. I’ll find myself subconsciously running the pad of my thumb lightly and slowly over my bottom lip as I’m reading. As I become increasingly more aroused, my mouth will open a very slight bit and my lips part…..the caressing thumb meets the soft tippy-tip of my tongue. Back over wet lips for a bit, and so on. It isn’t anything very obvious to anyone else I don’t think. It’s subtle and might come off as a bored fidget. For, you see, when I’m aroused my mouth just needs to be occupied.

And you should see me when I’m consuming a popsicle or lollipop or similar…whenever my partner spies me with any of those, it’s a near-instant erection for him. Even when I’m not doing anything intentionally. I can’t think why….

For more of the oral fixation pics, see this week’s HNT

  • damn I love that pic!!!!
    I think I have the oral fixation too.

    If you need to “badly bury your face in her cunt”, I spect I’ll be hitting that link.

    ~ From all that you’ve told me, Sage, I KNOW you have an oral fixation :)

  • Kannon

    Wonderful writing to accompany such a suggestive and inviting photo…

    Thanks for sending us to coy pink; clearly milk does a body good, eh? Wow.

    ~ Yeah….I consider myself very lucky to count her as a friend….

  • TUG

    Damn…you lost me after that first paragraph. Goood thing…or maybe not…that we haven’t met :)

    ~ I’m thinkin its NOT a good thing we haven’t met! I do love test-driving a new set of lips ;)

  • Cheating Wife

    That was a great photo. Really, I loved it. I have a real passion for taking photos like yours…fantastic, Lilly!


    ~ Thanks very much :) I quite like the effect it’s had on the guy in my life.

  • When I stop blushing and drooling, then I’ll come back and post an intelligent comment.

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures! ;-)

  • That is one smokin’ photo, sexy lady. I’m shocked at the lack of comments! Oh well, excuse me while I go and look again…

  • I SO envy your lips. I really like the color combo of the lips to the tootsie roll…very enticing. Oh, and you’re so right about the kissing. The first kiss can make or break the rest of the date…

  • Wow Lilly: verrrry seducing photo! I could just imagine you let the lolly go down on your body, and finally disappearing between your other lips… ;-P Hmmm, something for another HNT…?