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Blogging prompts for the sex blogger world are really lacking, lately. If there are any I don’t know about them – so point me to them! When you can’t find what you’re looking for (if you’re me, at least) you create your own. So I’m creating my own! Starting in January on Sunday/Monday (very flexible with the day) I’m going to be writing about various body parts / erogenous zones and my take on them; if they’re erogenous for me, and if so how and if not why they aren’t. If you’d like to join me in doing this then go ahead and blog your own version and let me know about it. Feel free to link to my post so that others who read yours can join in.

I haven’t yet decided the order of things. Random? Start at the top? Start at the bottom? My list of body parts/sections:

  • Feet & Ankles
  • Legs (as a whole, I guess? Or should I divide it up between lower legs + knees and then thighs? If I divide it up, then ankles will be part of lower legs….thoughts?)
  • Ass
  • Back
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Sex organs – write about what you have, not your partner
  • Chest/Breasts
  • Neck & Head
  • Face

If you think you’d participate in some/all of these – Too many? Should I combine some? Divide it up further? For those who’d like to join in – This is meant to be a writing exercise, not another photo meme. I won’t have a word count, though. Write as little or as much as you want on the subject. There will be one every week.

Final Schedule:

  • Head & Neck – Week of Jan 2nd
  • Face – Week of Jan 9th
  • Hands & Feet – Week of Jan 16th
  • Chest/Breasts & Back – Week of Jan 23rd
  • Arms – Week of Jan 30th
  • Legs – Week of Feb 6th
  • Sex Organs (yours, not your partner) – Week of Feb 13th
  • Ass – Week of Feb 20th

If you decide to join in on any given week, please comment on my post for that week (not this one, as it’ll soon be buried), mine will always go up on Sundays. If you want to tell others about this writing prompt, link to this post as it has the schedule and the info. Just an FYI – Your post doesn’t have to go up on Sunday, anybody can join in that week or you can even be late if you’ve just come across this writing prompt late into the game and you see topics you’d like to write about. All I ask though is that you don’t skip ahead ;)

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  11 Responses to “Erogenous Zones Series”

  1. I may join in. Perhaps some other-prompted writing will get me out of the blogging rut I feel I’m in.

    ~ That’s exactly why I decided to do it, even if only for myself, I’m in a big rut

  2. I think ankles and wrists should go together as should knees and elbows, and then have thighs and calves separate.

    ~ I think I’m just unimaginative (or just no longer kinky enough) that I can’t think of things I’d like done to my calves or knees, hehe. I’ll consider this though, thanks!

  3. As for blogging prompts, I planned on using some (with a link) out of Susie Bright’s new Sex Journal. Also, there’s Submissive Journal Prompts (Sexual, but not sex blogging):

    I like the idea though. Awesome. :)

    ~ I’ll be interested to see what comes out the Susie Bright’s thing, but the Submissive one I personally wouldn’t be into although I’m sure others would!

  4. I think I’d like to join in. Sounds like it could be fun and interesting.

    As far as the legs, you could leave them all together and people just may have a long post. As a rule for me the upper thigh is altogether different than the rest of my legs, and then knees to ankles would all be similar That could just be me though.

    ~ I’m leaning towards fewer weeks but that’s just me, as I feel people tend to get burnt out on things fairly quickly.

  5. Great idea! I might do this! Please tweet when you do each one so we know to join in.

  6. Sounds fun, I’d love to join in!

  7. I might play along too…. Who can pass up erogenous zones…my favorite topic! ;)


  8. No matter how you decide to move forward with it, i think it’s a great idea. I’m always looking for inspiration to write blog posts and think you are onto a great idea.

  9. Sounds like fun! I’ll watch out for this.

  10. I have my post scheduled to go at midnight!

  11. Oooh…I like this. I’ll play along as much as I can/feel like (I might get lazy, so I make no promises)

    I love this idea though…and I’ll definitely check out your posts even if I write none of my own.

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