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I received the entire line of the new Durex Love-Box condom kits from (free to review), and 14 readers can have a box of their choice too, courtesy of me! These are cute 2.5″x2.5″ hinged color-screen-printed tins that contain 3 Durex condoms (you can buy them here or check out Durex’s site). There are two different lines – the more feminine tins all contain condoms that are super-thin (Feeling line); the masculine designs contain condoms that have strategically placed ribs and raised dots (Pleasure line). It seems that they put the condoms that do the most for the guy in the femme designs, and the condoms that do the most for the woman in the masculine designs.

Want one for yourself? I’ll be happy to personally send you one! Choose from the ones below, and comment with your top 2 favorite designs and tell me why you want one. Simple! All I ask is this:

  1. US and Canada readers only, please, since I’m shipping this.
  2. If you are chosen, I want you to email me with your thoughts on it. Just a few sentences is all that’s needed, and I’ll publish them all here.

I’ll email you to get your address if you’re chosen – I’ll take comments on this until next Sunday the 28th and then get them sent out.

Feeling Line:

Pleasure Line:

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  26 Responses to “Durex Love-Box: Condoms To Go”

  1. Hmm it’s hard to pick because they’re all cool looking. But I like the bloom and passion ones the most (omg did I just pick two flowery things? Sham on me..)

  2. I want one – well I want them all but one will do :)

    I am in need of something cute to store a few condoms in so they aren’t scattered all over the place. My favourites are: Passion and Groove.

  3. I really like Passion and Disco. Both are really cute. I’m honestly not all that fond of most of the feminine line – I think they are a little too pattern-focused for me. However, this is a neat little idea, and they look adorable. More condom storage is never a bad thing.

  4. I think the Cherish and Moonbeam designs are beautiful! I’d love something like this because I don’t yet have any condom storage, and seeing as my boyfriend and I have decided to start having sex after my upcoming birthday, it would be great to have something to carry them in.

  5. My top two favorites are Dazzle and Moonbeam! I’d like one just so that I can have something cute to keep a few condoms in. Right now they are just scattered into several random places :)

    Wish I could sign up for, currently it is US only so thanks for opening this up to Canadians!

  6. Oh, I need one of those, that way Veronica won’t have to carry my condoms in her purse when we go out with other couples! If you’re so inclined, I like the Disco and Smitten cases.

  7. I like the Deco and Pinata styles of the feeling line. I could always use more condoms, as well as storage. I just had a baby, so now my hubby and I are having to use condoms to prevent baby #2 from happening too soon!

  8. My favourite designs are the Disco, very classy and would be the perfect design for a DJ such as myself to carry, and the Moonbeam, because it looks awesome. I would love to have one of these to hold condoms so that they do not end up getting damaged or torn while being carried in a pocket or backpack

  9. Really liking Moonbeam and Rockit. As for why, it seems as though the packaging is small enough to make carrying these for a weekend or something of the like very easy while protecting them, which would definitely come in handy.

  10. disco and moonbeam for the macho man in me. lol

    this would be perfect for my backpack. no more awkward “i found a condom in your bag” moments. :D

  11. My favorite two are the Tickle (peacock feather) and the last of the feeling line–I cant find the name, but the one with the lines creating ‘V’ shapes.

    I’d love to have one of these because I firmly believe you should always be prepared. Having condoms on hand is important, especially if it is your own means of protection.

  12. I like the 2nd and 6th design of the Feeling line, so cute. This would be perfect for my younger sister who has recently become serious and intimate with her BF.

  13. These look great! I love the designs of Bloom and Dazzle. Right now, our condoms just get tossed in the same back as the sex toys, but I’m always a bit nervous that they’re going to get damaged. I hate having condoms just loose in a purse or bag, so I’d really like to try one of these cases to keep them safely on hand.

  14. I’m a fan of Rockit and Dazzle. My husband and I use condoms as our only form of birth control. We find that when we travel, they end up squashed into the most ridiculous places, like socks. I’d rather pack them with a little more respect. A little style doesn’t hurt either.

  15. Oooh, these are so cute. I like the feeling line, Tickle and Dazzle.

    As for why? You can never have too many condoms, I think. :) Not to mention, traveling with loose condoms in purses and bags can end badly… punctures and all that. A little tin would be really handy.

  16. I like Moonbeam and Grove from the Pleasure Line. I had a condom box years ago that I loved, designed by Keith Haring. I eventually wore the design off the front and destroyed the box from overuse. It would very handy to have a Durex box. I wouldn’t have to worry about the wrong person finding them laying around. Thanks for doing this!

  17. Passion and Moonbeam are my favorite. My reasons for, I’ve only begun to re-explore my desire for casual encounters and sexual exploration and, as always, it’s always better to stay on the safe side especially when exploring. Nothing says you have to stay safe and not stylish and this way, I don’t have random condoms falling to the bottom of my purse.

  18. These are adorable! I would like the purple flower one (passion) from the feeling line for my younger sister.

    She’s 21 and is just starting to explore the world of sex and after a lengthy conversation I told her in no uncertain terms that it was time for her to start carrying condoms with her and getting used to carrying them. That way when she doesn’t want him to stop she knows that she has them with her. And it just so happens her favorite color is purple! Her biggest issue with carrying condoms is if someone happens to see them one day while she’s riffling through her purse. I didn’t even know they made these little hidey boxes! This is a great idea!

  19. I like the Classic and Avenue the best. I love the woodgrain of the Classic, it’s so, well…classic. I’ve always liked the popart feeling that paints splatters like on Avenue give. Plus, I tend to be selfish and would enjoy the Pleasure line more than the Feeling line.

  20. I’m not picky and like any of these cute cases – I’d like to have them for traveling. :)

  21. Hard to choose! Several of these just *speak* to me! I like the Passion in the Feeling line and the Smitten in the Pleasure line. I have a little satin embroidered pouch that I carry my “goodies” in now – ironically including Durex lube packets! Enjoy your blog and happy to have a chance to win – regardless of design! Go Lilly, GO!

  22. I love the patchwork and pink floral ones. If I’m going carry some for my man then I want them in a sexy container.

  23. I’d like the Cherish & the Classic. The Cherish would be for me, the Classic for him. I am soon having my IUD removed. We have been fluid bonded for 6 months and now have to go back to condoms for a while. It’s be nice if we could always have some with us nicely contained. We like to be spontaneous and somewhat public! :)

  24. I like the Rock it and The Classic, but I’mn simple that way.

  25. Oh wow. I really love the Passion and the Disco.

  26. Disco and moonbeam would be my favourite. I love the idea of these, it would be great to have a container to have when I travel to partners houses. Crossing my fingers on this one

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