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A lot of reviewers have been staring at and sighing at the Zini line of toys for awhile now. They appeared to be unlike any other sex toy, so far as design was concerned. The cheesy lost-in-translation language makes you roll your eyes, but you ignore it because the Zini line isn’t American, it’s Korean.

The Zini Roae is another in the ever-expanding world of “Premium Sex Toys”. High priced, supposedly high-quality, and supposedly “perfect”. In fact, Zini claims (on their website found here) that a lot of the points of the Roae are superior to other sex toys and “perfect for everyone”. The length, the width, the angle of the insertable portion, the vibration, etc. Now, I know I’m jaded. I realize this. But it also makes me expect really super fucking great things from vibrators priced over $100. As of this writing, the Roae sells at Edenfantasys for $139. And I have to be perfectly honest….I wouldn’t recommend you drop that kind of cash for it.

The Roae is a rigid, silicone-covered dual-stimulator vibrator. Dual-stimulator / “Rabbit” vibrators always rope women in with the promises of one toy doing the job of at least two. It’s a trap I’ve fallen into, as well. But the thing is…..most dual-stimulator vibrators are going to work for only a small portion of the population for two reasons – strength of vibration (some women are totally fine with less power) and the design (i.e. your body and the design and measurements of the toy must line up).

It pains me to say that this vibrator fails for me. But again, these are reasons it fails FOR ME. I’ll be getting a second opinion on it in a few weeks, and will post an update from someone else whose taste in sex toys is very different from mine.

1. They say the curve is optimal for g-spot pleasure (nay nay, it’s magical!) but it’s not for me. My g-spot is fairly shallow inside my vagina, just past my pubic bone (and also requires more of a “hook” to the toy)

2. The vibrations are best described as “diffuse”. It says that it has multiple motors but I have yet to translate this into either pin-point clit stimulation or overall power. Here’s a screenshot from the Zini site showing exactly where the motors are….neither are near the clitoris nub. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s weak or buzzy – it’s just not enough vibration/stimulation of the clit for me to really get off.

3. The clit portion appears like the larger “pad” of it will rub your clit, but it doesn’t for me. The only part of the clit portion that comes in contact with me at all is the very itty bitty tip.

4. I have fuller labia, and because the buttons are pretty far down on the top of the clitoral stimulator, the “minus” button is completely buried within my outer labia.

5. I enjoy a girthier toy, sometimes toys that many women wouldn’t be able to tolerate. While I wouldn’t call the Roae ultra-slim, it’s still thin enough that the width can not make up for the gentle g-spot curve that doesn’t work for me. As shown on their site, the Roae is slimmer than traditional Rabbit-style vibrators.

You have to admit, the Zini Roae looks really pretty and cool and sleek. Premium/luxury sex toys hook you on their looks. Their packaging. Their included extras. The Roae comes in a box that seems to be typical now for the higher-end vibrators – colored, pressed cardboard that is very sturdy and looks modern. Zini also includes a very nice storage pouch for the toy. The buttons light up and are fairly easy to use (with the exception of placement on the toy because then for me half the buttons are buried during use). There are 5 levels of power, and 10 pulsating programs. The 3-button design glows white when you’re changing the power level, blinks orange when you click the center button to switch over to pulsation patterns, green when you’re going “up” through the various patterns and red when you’re cycling back down through the patterns. You can lock the vibrations for travel, like Lelo toys do, and when you’ve successfully locked it it will blink red, unlock blinks green (simultaneously pressing the + and – buttons). It is rechargeable, with the charging port located on the curve – the cover for the port fits very snugly so the toy is splash-proof but not for submersion.

Cleaning the toy is fairly simple; it’s silicone and plastic. Use the wipe-down method but keep an eye on the clit portion and the gaping seam between the silicone part and the plastic part – fluids get trapped in there pretty easily and require a careful fingernail covered with a damp cloth/paper towel to fully clean it. This is how I, and pretty much most knowledgeable sex toy sellers and reviewers would tell you to care for this toy (and of course the lube situation). But Zini has other ideas, and I don’t know what their basis is. In the manual as shown below, they tell you to not use any chemical (i.e. bleach) or alcohol-based cleaners on it (therefore making it impossible to sanitize). They also tell you not to use any scented or oil-based lubes/massage oils.

Who might like the Roae? If you: Have a deep g-spot, prefer slimmer insertable vibrators, do not need strong vibrations on your clit, your clit is situated 1.5-2″ from the entrance to your vagina and your clit is larger than a pea and sticks out a bit. If you meet all those or nearly all of those criteria, I think you might enjoy the Zini Roae. But when you get right down to it these types of sex toys aren’t always worth the monetary risk. This is why I’ll always recommend a good bullet vibrator for external stimulation and then a separate vibrator/dildo for internal – because if you have 10 women in a room it’s pretty likely that none of them will have the same preferences of sex toy attributes or the same “layout” of their vulva & vagina.

Thanks to EdenFantasys for letting me try out this toy which was
provided to me at no cost, in exchange for my honest review.

  6 Responses to “Review: The Zini Roae”

  1. Oh man, I’m sad

  2. It looks like you have to have a really deep vagina to even get the clit portion to remotely line up. Is this true?

    ~ Well I think that having a “deep vagina” is a bit of a misnomer. Your vagina stretches to fit things, and especially when aroused. It’s not like it’s 9″ long or something, lol. This would just work better for women whose g-spot is set farther back in the canal. You can’t exactly push down on the vibe to get it to contact with your g-spot if you need more pressure bc that action would just take the vibe away from your clit. Push it down more on your clit and then the insertable part presses the posterior wall of the vagina which isn’t what you want.

  3. Don’t think this would work for me either. Absolutely fantastic review on this, BTW!

  4. Wow, this is an awesome and very thorough review. I have this one on my wish list, and I may need to rethink it. There’s no way ANY sex toy can be perfect for everyone, what an outrageous claim.

  5. That is a pretty outrageous claim. I’m not a huge fan of dual vibrators, but maybe I just haven’t found the right one yet. I doubt the Roae would be it.

  6. I kinda had my doubts about this one already. Very thorough review…and pretty much what I expected for me.

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